Treatment priorities

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  • Women were among the first documented cases of AIDS (Corea, 1992; Shilts, 1987), and have continued to become infected, develop AIDS, and die, throughout the course of this pandemic. Women have consistently constituted more than half of those infected with HIV globally, while in the United States their representation among those struck by AIDS has been increasing dramatically in recent years; more new infections occur among women than men at the present time.

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  • Overall development objectives may include employment creation, productivity, competitiveness, GDP growth, price stability; and external payments equilibrium; as well as social, sectoral and regional equality including poverty reduction. Positioning SME development policy against national targets makes it easier to co-ordinate the relevant activities of different ministries and to prioritise goals. It also establishes the basis for a tighter process of decision-making.

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  • At the other end of the food chain agricultural practices are going to change. The increased focus on environmental sustainability in society is reflected in the rapid growth for organic agriculture, while the use of modern biotechnology might be offering many new opportunities for agriculture in the EU. The enlargement process and further reforms of the CAP could lead to a drastically changed market and production situation.

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  • Program Director Michele Cohen maintains “consulting a conservator in the process of designing a public sculpture is a precautionary measure which can only result in a more durable finished product. We can’t foresee all problems, but we can certainly minimize them by thoroughly investigating materials and fabrication methods.” Preserving the integrity of the artwork should be the highest priority during the design process. In the United States, federal and state laws address issues of preservation and artists’ and moral rights.

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  • Rapid population growth by itself may not always result in environmental degradation. There is case study evidence that some farm households and communities develop technical and institutional innovations in natural resource management in response to increasing pressures on resources. Such responses do not happen in all areas however, and need to be induced and supported through policy measures and other development interventions (for example in the areas of tenure, reorientation of agricultural research and extension, etc.).

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  • The key objectives of the Apheis Communications Strategy Project call for ultimately providing the different users of our work with information chosen and presented in such a way that it is relevant to the needs of each group of users, or audience, and that each audience would find our information easy to use, thus ensuring it has an impact on policy making. Successfully achieving this objective thus meant understanding the information needs of each of our audiences.

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  • Even a well-resourced, well-designed evaluation study is unlikely to be able to address all of the above thematic areas. Deciding what to monitor should be demand-driven, informed by the target audience and evaluation objectives as well as the thematic priorities of an organization. Similarly, the characteristics of a project or programme (such as type of intervention, scale, stage) and feasibility issues (such as institutional capacity, financial and human resources and time) are important considerations.

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  • The 2001 White Paper "European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to Decide" sets out the ambitious target of reducing  the number of road fatalities with 50 percent by 2010. This requires a rapid increase in the efforts of all safety  stakeholders. To support these actions, the European Commission officially launched the eSafety initiative in April  2002.

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  • The production of harmonized datasets covering all the ESPON space (31 countries) at NUTS 2 or NUTS 3 level has been recognized as the first challenge to be solved with an absolute priority as it is a condition of continuity with previous work realized in ESPON 2006 program. It is obvious that the new ESPON 2013 project needs immediately basic information at this level like area, population, GDP, employment, which will be used as reference for more sophisticated analysis where this project will produce more precise information in their specific fields.

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  • In discussing the Lisbon Strategy, we pose the following question: why has the Lisbon Agenda only limited success? One reason may be the institutional setting. The high priority that is given to fiscal and monetary stabilisation policies is reflected in the existence of sanctions if the members of the Euro Area do not meet the Maastricht criteria. In contrast, the low priority given to the Lisbon strategy can be seen in the absence of institutions to enforce the achievement of targets. ...

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  • The OECD is developing a strategic response to the crisis focusing on two priority areas: finance, competition and governance; and restoring long-term growth. As part of this strategic response, the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI) has analysed the likely impact of the downturn on the drivers of long term economic growth and the innovation-related items in policy responses of major countries.

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  • Three interactive workshops were conducted on the first day: “Psychopharmacological update in child psychiatry” by Dr Avinash De Souza; “Treatment planning – don’t get caught in categorical diagnoses” by Dr Gordon Harper; and “Parenting techniques in the management of oppositional-conduct disorders” by Dr Anula Nikapota. A training course on “Psychoactive medication in children: paradigm shift” was also conducted by Dr Gordon Harper.

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  • There are disadvantages to this approach. It does not readily take into account broad environmental changes that may require a shift in priorities, particularly when the board does not recognize the changed situation and will not adjust policy measures accordingly. It does not lend itself to assessing less tangible aspects of management that lead to organizational success. Its focus on means (getting results) could also result in executive behavior that contradicts other important organizational values, if those values have not been expressly stated in board policies.

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  • The objectives of the project are to expand plant quarantine activities in Vietnam through provision of facilities and equipment, and training to staff to standards required for participation in international trade. The project will also develop training materials to provide ongoing training and reference ensuring self-sufficiency. On completion of the project, staff will be competent in the current methods used in disinfestation research, familiar with equipment and technology and able to prepare submissions for international quarantine authorities.

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  • Health is everybody’s business. We have a population that is living longer and is likely to carry a burden of chronic disease. An increasing number of products, treatments and information are available to an informed health consumer and ‘health’ is discussed by those as diverse as Kylie Minogue in relation to breast cancer, Jamie Oliver in relation to healthy food for children and Bill Gates in relation to human immunodefi ciency virus/acquired immune defi ciency syndrome (HIV/ AIDS) treatments.

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  • Cherry Creek Reservoir, Colorado. Representatives from the county, local communities, and water and sanitation districts surrounding the reservoir formed a trading authority to help address phosphorus pollution from nonpoint sources, After authority members achieve a SO-percent reduction of annusl phosphorus loadings from nonpoint sources, they may make excess reductions available to sewage treatment plants in the form of a pollution credit. Trading will likely be delayed because anticipated land...

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  • Today, research and technology play a decisive role for the European food sector for the development of new products as well as for improved safety measures. In July 2000, DG RTD requested a study on potential future European research priorities in food technology and food safety from the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS), Joint Research Centre. The study design comprised the involvement of external expertise from industry as well as from academia: The results of the study were derived from two experts workshops held in Sevilla at the IPTS in December 2000 and May 2001.

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  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 10 to 20 percent of children die before turning five, and maternal deaths from pregnancy-related events, rare in most industrialized countries, occur far too frequently. As of 2010, only 19 of the 68 Countdown to 2015 priority countries—which account for more than 90% of maternal and child deaths worldwide— were on track to meet the target on child survival. Maternal mortality continues to remain high with little evidence of progress.

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  • The Health Information System (HIS) in Mozambique is still facing numerous challenges in terms of quality and use of data, mainly due to insufficient and poorly-trained health workers, scarce financial resources, inadequate tools for data management and inadequate supervision and feedback. The HIS represents a crucial area for development in health, as it provides essential information for decision-makers, and is the source of data for half of the indicators included in the M and E Performance Assessment Framework of the health sector.

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  • In Mali, Minister of Health Madeleine Ba Diallo demonstrated support for government action on pneumonia by presiding over a public rally outside a community health center in Bamako that drew more than 500 participants and engaged youth volunteers from the School of Public Health to spread out across the city, disseminating information about the causes of pneumonia.

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