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  • Một Internet troll, hay đơn giản là troll trong tiếng lóng Internet, là người đăng các thông điệp gây tranh cãi tại một cộng đồng trực tuyến, chẳng hạn diễn đàn thảo luận trực tuyến, với mục đích đặt bẫy để những người dùng khác bị xúc động hay kích động và phản ứng lại. Định nghĩa rộng hơn của khái niệm troll là người đăng các thông điệp với mục đích chính là phá rối hoặc phá vỡ một cộng đồng Internet.

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  • Đáp ứng nhu cầu ngày càng tăng để cầu các khía cạnh của Troll, địa lý và sinh thái (1950, 1968) đặt ra là "sinh thái cảnh quan, hạn đã được thông qua như một khoa học kỷ luật. Theo Troll (1968), cảnh quan có thể được nghiên cứu theo của hình thái, phân loại, và những thay đổi trong thời gian (lịch sử), cũng như các chức năng mối quan hệ giữa các thành phần của nó, mà ông gọi là sinh thái cảnh quan.

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  • In response to a growing need to bridge aspects of geography and ecology, Troll (1950, 1968) coined the term “landscape ecology,” which was adopted as a new scientific discipline. According to Troll (1968), the landscape can be studied in terms of its morphology, classification, and changes in time (history), as well as the functional relationships between its components, which he called landscape ecology. Troll also considered that problems of landscape protection as well as management should be included in geographical analyses of landscapes.

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  • A self-respecting Google hacker spends hours trolling the Internet for juicy stuff. Firing off search after search, they thrive on the thrill of finding clean, mean, streamlined queries and get a real rush from sharing those queries and trading screenshots of their findings. I know because I've seen it with my own eyes. As the founder of the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) and the Search engine hacking forums at, I am constantly amazed at what the Google hacking community comes up with.

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  • Getting the DbContext API into Your Project Looking at Some Highlights of the DbContext API Reducing and Simplifying Ways to Work with a Set Retrieving an Entity Using ID with DbSet.Find Avoiding Trolling Around the Guts of Entity Framework Working with the BreakAway Model Getting the Sample Solution Getting DbContext from an EDMX Model Ensuring DbContext Instances

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  • With nearly one billion online videos viewed everyday, an emerging new frontier in computer vision research is recognition and search in video. While much effort has been devoted to the collection and annotation of large scal- able static image datasets containing thousands of image categories, human action datasets lag far behind. Cur- rent action recognition databases contain on the order of ten different action categories collected under fairly con- trolled conditions.

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  • Ở độ cao cao (3.900-4.800 m) đồng cỏ của dãy núi Andes, được biết đến như Puna, chăn thả rộng diện tích đất đã được sử dụng bởi người nông dân nông thôn (campesinos) cho hơn 10.000 năm (Burger, năm 1992; Bỏng, 1994). Troll (1968) đã phân loại các Puna thành ba tỉnh: Puna ẩm, Puna khô, và Puna sa mạc. Lượng mưa trong Puna là tập trung trong mùa mưa (từ tháng Mười và tháng tư), có chiều dài thay đổi, vào khoảng từ 150 trong Puna sa mạc đến 1200 mm.

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  • When an investor controls an investee, consolidation is required. The parent investor must prepare consolidated statements, to enable investors (and others) to see the assets, liabili- ties, revenues, and expenses of the entire economic entity, consisting of the parent and all of its subsidiaries. When consolidated statements are prepared, the investment account relating to a con- trolled subsidiary disappears entirely from the balance sheet. Instead, the subsidiary’s assets and liabilities are added to those of the parent and reported together as a single economic entity.

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  • Evidence is accumulating that oxygen access in proteins is guided and con-trolled. We also have recently described channels that might allow access of oxygen to pockets at the active site of the flavoproteinD-amino acid oxi-dase (DAAO) that have a high affinity for dioxygen and are in close prox-imity to the flavin.

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  • From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond 2. The Read-Write Web 3. The Gates Come Down 4. Newsmakers Turn the Tables 5. The Consent of the Governed 6. Professional Journalists Join the Conversation 7. The Former Audience Joins the Party 8. Next Steps 9. Trolls, Spin, and the Boundaries of Trust 10. Here Come the Judges (and Lawyers) 11. The Empires Strike Back 12. Making Our Own News

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  • “ Abuse is different from dissent. So long as you have a clear terms-of-use policy in place (or the social media tool you are using does) then this is simply a case of evaluating comments and posts against that policy. Where possible explain to the commenter why his or her comments are unacceptable, particularly if the commenter might simply not have understood or has just got carried away in a discussion. The exception here is someone who is simply out to ‘troll’ you. This means the person is being inten- tionally rude, challenging and disrespectful.

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  • Evidence has accumulated that amino acids play an important role in con-trolling gene expression. Nevertheless, two components of the amino acid control of gene expression are not yet completely understood in mammals: (a) the target genes and biological processes regulated by amino acid avail-ability, and (b) the signaling pathways that mediate the amino acid response.

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  • Atomic models of the myosin motor domain with different bound nucleotides have revealed the open and closed con-formationsof the switch2 element [Geeves,M.A.&Holmes, K.C. (1999)Annu. Rev. Biochem.68, 687–728]. The two conformations are in dynamic equilibrium, which is con-trolled by the bound nucleotide. In the present work we attempted to characterize the flexibilityof themotor domain in the open and closed conformations in rabbit skeletal myosin subfragment 1.

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  • Induction of CYP3A genes by the ligand-activated preg-nane-X-receptor (PXR)involves the interaction of other as yet unidentified liver transcription factors. Here we show that the CYP3A1promoter contains two active sites con-trolled by the CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein a (C/ EBPa), previously shown to regulate a number of liver stress response genes. We have identified two functional C/EBP binding sites at theCYP3A1promoter that confer luciferase activity to C/EBPacotransfected CHO cells.

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  • Chapter 6 - Communications, networks, & cyberthreats. The topics discussed in this chapter are: From the analog to the digital age; networks; wired communications data; wireless communications media; cyberintruders: trolls, spies, hackers, & thieves; cyberattacks & malware; concerns about privacy & identity theft.

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  • Schroe der, Bar kley, and Schroe der did not re- port price elas tici ties or the ef fects of other struc- tural changes on per cap ita con sump tion. Del gado and Cour bois (1998) es ti mated ex pen di ture, price, and ur bani za tion elas tici ties based on data from 64 de vel op ing coun tries for 1970–95. They used a sys tem of equa tions that sorted out rela tive price effects among ani mal prod ucts and that con trolled for many cul tural, geo graphic, physi cal, and eco - nomic dif fer ences be tween...

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