Troubled loving

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  • As a teacher, speaker, and author I've listened to countless grieving persons in the last twenty-five years. Most of what I know about grieving I've learned from their stories. I've never spoken to anyone who mourns for someone they love who does not want to continue loving them in some way. Not knowing how to continue to love brings great pain and anguish. Recently a man came up to me at a conference to say, "I want you to know how much I hated you years ago." I'd never been approached quite like that before by someone with such gentle eyes. He seemed as eager to explain as I...

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  • Love allows life to become the effortless dance it was always meant to be. It opens the doors to happiness, joy and dreams come true, and returns you to a place of clarity and truth. It is the ultimate consciousness raiser and purifier. Love lies at the heart of all that you seek, and separation from it at the root of your troubles and pain. There is ultimately nothing that enough love can not heal, transform and transcend.

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  • Introduction 'Where do you think I've been these last eight years?' He looked quite pleased with himself. 'Prison. Malloy's the name. Moose Malloy. The Great Bend bank job - that was me. On my own, too. Forty thousand dollars.' If anyone could rob a bank on his own, it's Moose Malloy. He's as hard as stone and as big as a bus. Now he's out of prison, and he wants two things: to know who gave his name to the police eight years ago, and to find his girlfriend. Moose means trouble, and it's the sort of trouble a private...

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  • We did—and found the rest of the girl mech. All of her, that is, except the head. The working parts were lightly oiled and wrapped in cotton waste while the other members and sections of the trunk were neatly packed in cardboard boxes with labels like Solenoids FB978 or Transistors Lot X45—the kind of boxes robots bought their parts in. We even found a blue dress in one of them. "Check her class and series numbers," Min suggested. I could have saved myself the trouble. They'd been filed off. "Something's funny here," I said. "We'd better keep an eye on...

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  • IN In love : đang yêu In fact : thực vậy In need : đang cần In trouble : đang gặp rắc rối In general : nhìn chung In the end : cuối cùng In danger : đang gặp nguy hiểm In debt : đang mắc

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  • 1. Gerund (V-ing) a. Thường theo sau các động từ: love, enjoy, mind, can’t stand, practice, suggest, keep, regret, fancy, finish, avoid, carry on,……. Ex: - I enjoy playing soccer. - My uncle kept talking about his farmlife. b. thường theo sau các động từ: in, on, at, of, for,…….. Ex: - The children are interested in playing soccer. - He has the trouble with doing this research.

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  • GRETA January 18, Earth Time I WISH Max would treat me like a woman. An hour ago, at dinner, John Armitage proposed a toast, especially for my benefit. He loves to play the gallant. Big man, silver mane, very blue eyes, a porcelain smile. The head of WSC, the perfect example of the politician-scientist. "To the colony," he announced, raising his glass. "May Epsilon love them and keep them. May it only be transmittal trouble." "Amen," Max said. We drank. Taylor Bishop put down his glass precisely. Bishop is a gray little man with a diffident voice that belies his...

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