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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'truyện ngắn tiếng anh: call of the wild', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng đọc tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu 'truyện ngắn tiếng anh: dragon heart', ngoại ngữ, kỹ năng đọc tiếng anh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This time the Cheshire Cat vanished quite slowly. First its body went, then its legs. Then all of it vanished, and there was only its smile. 'There are a lot of cats without a smile, but a smile without a cat! Sow that's very strange! 'Alice said. One hot summer day, Alice and her sister are sitting under a tree. Alice sees a white rabbit and runs after it. The rabbit goes down a rabbit-hole and Alice follows it.

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  • And Buck really was crazy now. He had fire in his eyes, and he wanted to kill . . . In the end, Buck couldn't stand up. He couldn't see or hear. He was almost dead. In this way, Buck's new life in the cold north of Canada begins. He has to learn many new things, and the lessons are hard. But Buck is a strong, intelligent dog and he wants to live. Buck meets dangerous men—and dogs—in this difficult, snowy country. He changes because he has to change. But can he really be happy there?

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  • 1.1. Trong văn học đương đại Việt Nam, chưa có nhà văn nào lại làm thiên hạ tốn bút mực như Nguyễn Huy Thiệp, ông đã làm cho dư luận phải sôi lên, nóng bỏng không chỉ là sự quan tâm của dư luận trong nước mà cả dư luận nước ngoài. Các ý kiến tranh cãi về Nguyễn Huy Thiệp tuy có sự đối lập nhưng dù phê bình hay ngợi khen thì giới phê bình, nghiên cứu đều phải thừa nhận: Nguyễn Huy Thiệp là một tài năng độc đáo. Nói như nhà nghiên cứu văn...

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  • Then something moved on my foot. It moved over my body and up to my face. I looked down and I saw a man. He was smaller than my hand. Forty more little men followed him. This is Gulliver in Lilliput. He travels across the sea from England and has an accident. He arrives in a country of very, very small people. What will they do with him? How will he talk to them? And why are the Big-enders fighting the Little-enders? Is their fight really important? Readers know that the stories about the country of Lilliput and the...

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  • This time the Cheshire Cat vanished quite slowly. First its body went, then its legs. Then all of it vanished, and there was only its smile. 'There are a lot of cats without a smile, but a smile without a cat! Sow that's very strange! 'Alice said. One hot summer day, Alice and her sister are sitting under a tree. Alice sees a white rabbit and runs after it. The rabbit goes down a rabbit-hole and Alice follows it. Down the rabbit-hole, everything is different. Alice is in 'Wonderland'. Her size changes all the time. Caterpillars can talk and rabbits have watches. The Queen wants...

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  • 'I won't be a cruel king. I won't kill dragons and peasants. I'll love my people and be kind to them. I'll always live by the Old Code.' Young Prince Einon is dying. His mother wants Draco, the Great Dragon, to help him. Draco says that he will help. But first the boy has to repeat these words. When Einon is king, he forgets the dragon's words. He is cruel to the peasants, and everybody in the country is unhappy and afraid. Draco and good Sir Bowen, a Knight of the Old Code, want to help the peasants. But...

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  • What can you do if you are thirty and, suddenly, turning the corner of your own street, you feel perfectly happy, as if you had swallowed a piece of the late autumn sun? Berthas feelings show her love of the moment and her satisfaction with her home, her family and her interesting circle of friends. Yet pain is not far away. Before the day is over, Bertha's safe, happy world has been destroyed and she faces an uglier, crueller reality.

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  • Listen, Paul,' Harry said. 'We have a problem. That volcano's getting ready to explode.' Dreyfus stopped smiling. 'I know it was hard for you up there, Harry,' he said, 'but you mustn't get excited. Nothing much happened.' 'Nothing much happened? said Harry. 'Paul, I was there. That was a big earthquake.' Harry Dalton is a scientist. He knows a lot about volcanoes. His boss, Paul Dreyfus, sends him to the small town of Dante's Peak on a mountain in the north of the USA. Harry thinks that the town has problems: he thinks that the volcano above the...

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  • Hercules! Half man, half god! Stronger than any man in the world! He fights for the weak and is always ready to help others when they are in danger. It is festival time in the city of Themon, and Hercules and his friend Iolaus must choose a beautiful girl to be the festival queen. But there were other beautiful young women before, and they all died after becoming the festival queen. Why did they die? And is Hera — the lover of Zeus, Hercules' father — behind it all? Why does Hera want to kill Hercules? Before all these...

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  • There was a sound above my head. I jumped and looked up —at an old gun, at one of the windows. 'I — I'm here with a letter,' I said. 'A letter for Mr Ebenezer Balfour of Shaws. Is he here?' 'Put it down outside the door, and go away,' said the man with the gun. After his parents die, young David Balfour starts his journey to the strange House of Shaws. He is going to live with his uncle. But people look strangely at him when he talks about the place. ' Stay away from there. Stay away!' a man on the road tells...

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  • Claire looked across the fields and saw a tall stone building. 'An old castle!' she said. 'I must go and see that before I go home again.' Aunt Min didn't look at the castle. 'It - it's not a nice place to visit,' she said. 'Genny Castle is dangerous.' 'Dangerous?' said Claire. 'Why?' When Claire's mother and father go away for Christmas, Claire goes to stay with her Aunt Min. Aunt Min lives in the village of Little Genny and near it is an old castle. Claire is very interested in the castle and she wants to know more about it. But the people in the...

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  • He learned only about hate. Nobody gave him love, so he did not learn about that. A young wolf, White Fang, is born near the Mackenzie River, in north-west Canada, in about 1893. One day he meets some Indians and they take him and his mother to their camp. They know his mother because she is half-dog. White Fang begins to learn the ways of men—and of other dogs. The dogs hate him, so he hates them. He learns to fight and to kill. It is a hard life, but will it change? Can White Fang learn to love?...

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  • 'Harriet Smith has no family and no money. Robert Martin was a good match for her, Emma. Until she met you, she thought of nothing better for herself, but you have filled her head with ideas of high society and of how beautiful she is.' Emma Woodhouse is beautiful, clever and rich. She has never thought of getting married herself. Instead, she amuses herself by trying to arrange marriages between her friends and neighbours. But Emma makes a lot of mistakes and causes more problems than happy marriages.

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  • I said, 'Hi! Donna, this is Jack. Jack, this is Donna.' Donna gave him a big smile. Her smile usually makes men weak in the legs. Susie has freckles, and she hates them! 'When I'm older they'll be one BIG freckle, all over me!' she thinks. And Susie has problems with boys. 'Great legs, but I don't like the freckles,' one boy says about her. Her best friend, Donna, never has problems with boys. Donna has pretty hair, nice teeth and blue eyes — and she hasn't got freckles! Boys fall at her feet. But now there's a new...

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  • Specially for Daniel Funkner Jaws Introduction The boy stopped, and the shark swam below him. Then it turned again. The shark swam up fast. Its mouth opened... Amity is a quiet town near New York. Nothing happens there. One night a young woman goes for a swim in the sea. She doesn't come back. The next morning the police find her dead on the beach. Brody is a good policeman, and he thinks there's a shark near Amity. Young Matt Hooper says it's a Great White shark - the fish they call the 'man-eater'. Brody tries to close the...

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  • Sheherezade stopped. 'Well?' said the sultan. 'What happened next? What was behind the door?' 'Sir, there's light in the sky,' said Sheherezade. 'You're going to kill me now! 'But you can't stop there.You have to finish the story.' Sheherezade is beautiful and clever. She also knows many wonderful stories. Night after night, she tells them to Sultan Shahriar. She always stops in an exciting place, so he wants to hear the end of the story. She knows stories for a thousand and one nights. The Arabic name for these stories (Alf Leila wa Leila) means The Thousand and One Nights....

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  • 'As you know, it's a long way to Canterbury. You need to stay happy on the journey. I've got an idea. You must all tell a story on the way. We'll give a free dinner to the person who tells the best story. Now, put up your hands if you agree.' The pilgrims all held up their hands and cried out, ' Yes!' A group of pilgrims are travelling together for five days from London to Canterbury. On the way, each pilgrim has to tell a story. Some stories are happy, and some are sad. But they all have a message, and we can learn from...

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  • There, on a bed of earth, was Count Dracula. At first Jonathan thought he was dead. His eyes were open, and his face was pale. No breath came from his mouth or nose, and there was no sign of a heart in his chest. But there was something about his eyes that frightened Jonathan. They did not have the glassy look of death. They looked up into the air above him, but they were filled with a terrible hate.

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