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  • This activity begins with the development of executive consensus on the importance of reengineering and the link between breakthrough business goals and reengineering projects. A mandate for change is produced and a cross-functional team is established with a game plan for the process of reengineering. While forming the cross- functional team, steps should be taken to ensure that the organization continues to function in the absence of several key players[5].

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  • Governing bodies must deine events that require the highest levels of law enforcement attention to security. For example, the Secretary of DHS, after consultation...

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  • In the winter of 1998, Kate Roberts found herself on a much-needed vacation in Cape Town, South Africa. The 29-year-old British citizen was then a Managing Director at the leading advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi for Eastern Europe. Only the day before, the busy executive was preoccupied with the firm’s latest youth-focused marketing scheme – creating campaigns for cigarettes, candy and soda. The trip to South Africa, originally planned as a relaxing tour of vineyards and game reserves, would in fact be a life changer for her.

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  • The European microfinance market is characterized by varying legal and regulatory frameworks, different economic realities, differing political philosophies towards socio-economic activity, and different financial sector structures (and history). 5 Banks are subject to comprehensive regulation, even though local differences exist given that EU directives may not have been fully transposed into national law. In some European countries, only regulated banks may engage in micro- lending. Non-banks are typically not subject to banking regulation.

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  • Four years after the launch of the euro in January 1999 and while the European Central Bank (ECB) plans a review about its monetary policy strategy, it seems interesting to study the link between monetary policy, the long-term perception of ináation and long-term interest rates. In the European case, it is possible to use the German term structure as a benchmark.

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  • Another early-stage mandate in support of the European microfinance sector was the European Parliament Preparatory Action (“EPPA”), a EUR 4m envelope under which the EIF has, since April 2010, made four risk capital investments and loans to non bank MFIs. While these windows served as an opportunity for market testing, their pilot nature and limited scale and scope represented a constraint on the market impact that these EU initiatives could deliver.

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  • Thanks to their traditional decentralised organisation and large distribution network, savings banks have built strong local roots and gained extensive experience in developing relation- ships with major stakeholders in the local communities. Thus, they are deeply involved in the life of the area where they operate and have a thorough understanding of the socio-eco- nomic challenges and environment. They actively contribute to local and regional economic and social development, including in the most remote areas and underserved communities.

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  • Direct users of the information Apheis produces and disseminates include the scientists who appear just to the right of the Apheis box and who receive information directly from Apheis. These scientists in turn pass that information on to other scientists and to committees, seen in the box further to the right, all of whom thus become pass-on users, because they receive the information Apheis produces indirectly from Apheis. Then, the individual scientists and committees pass Apheis information on to the policy advisors below them, who form another group of pass-on users.

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  • These accounts measure the capacity or potential of ecosystems to deliver ecosystem services in a sustainable way. Typical indicators are Landscape Ecosystem Potential (LEP), Green Accessible Landscape Infrastructure (GALI) and Rivers Ecosystem Potential (REP).

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  • In 1978, China had only one bank. This acted both as the central bank and the commercial bank, but today there are six commercial banks, a few regional banks, and urban and rural credit co-operations, as well as the central bank. The further reform in China's financial system is still in progress. Before 1978, there were no advertisements in China, but today advertisements are part of the daily life of China's masses.

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  • We view this increasing inverse correlation ofmotion and shot length as an amplifying effect. That is, short shots likely increase viewer response to films and film segments, forcing observer eye movements to quickly reevaluate each new visual depiction and increasing heart rate and other bodily responses (Carruthers and Taggart 1973). Addingmoremotion to these short shots is likely to increase viewer response all the more.We suggest that this increasing correlationmay help to couple attention to broader physiological responses.

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  • his plan sets the course toward realizing a healthy, prosperous, and resilient future for our city. It calls on us all to rise to the challenge of transforming our community to create a better life for future generations. As with other cities around the world, Vancouver faces challenges that call for decisive action and innovation, and every resident and business will play a crucial role in helping us, as a community, to reach our goals.

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  • For the purposes of this report, an FMI is defined as a multilateral system among participating institutions, including the operator of the system, used for the purposes of clearing, settling, or recording payments, securities, derivatives, or other financial transactions. 5 FMIs typically establish a set of common rules and procedures for all participants, a technical infrastructure, and a specialised risk-management framework appropriate to the risks they incur.

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  • A payment system is a set of instruments, procedures, and rules for the transfer of funds between or among participants; the system includes the participants and the entity operating the arrangement. Payment systems are typically based on an agreement between or among participants and the operator of the arrangement, and the transfer of funds is effected using an agreed-upon operational infrastructure. A payment system is generally categorised as either a retail payment system or a large-value payment system (LVPS).

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  • The emergence of a corporate culture of sustainability raises a number of fundamental questions for scholars of organizations.

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  • So, in summary, traction is important for transmitting the forces from the wheels to the road. If any of your wheels are spinning rather than rolling, you probably need more traction. Traction can be increased by adding a non-slip material around the wheels (like a tire) or by moving weight over the driven wheels. But, remember, it is also important to have efficient wheels, which are usually thin and lightweight. Bearings When you have two things rubbing against each other and you want them to move freely, friction slows things down and wastes energy.

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  • Steve Jobs was driven by a nearly messianic zeal to create new experiences. He didn’t sell computers — he sold the promise of a better world. When Jobs introduced the iPod in 2001, he said, “In our own small way, we’re going to make the world a better place.” Where most people saw the iPod as a music player, Jobs saw it as tool to enrich people’s lives. Of course, it was important to have great products. But passion, enthusiasm and a sense of purpose beyond the actual product are what set Jobs and Apple apart. Jobs was also...

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  • The first bronze, Marie, 1982, was made by wrapping plaster soaked burlap around itself to form an elongated, cigar-shaped mass. There are no preparatory sketches or models which are then enlarged. Since scale and spontaneity are of central importance a model can have no place in the creation of the sculptures. “I make things the size the are”. The methodology of the first sculptures is a direct extension of Schnabel’s wish to produce a shape as the result of a process rather than as the rendering of a precise vision in his head....

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  • As detection of relationships improves with more samples and better methodology, families and super- families can become more populated. At present, structur- al relationships provide the highest level of classification, and structure-based databases classify proteins with similar ‘folds’. These classifications reveal that whenever structures are known for two proteins that are considered members of the same family or superfamily, the structures are similar, whereas the converse is often not true.

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  • The laser has a range of pulse widths from 5 to 100 milliseconds, which is longer than the thermal relaxation time of the epidermis and comparable to that of the follicle. This pulse width range can effectively damage the follicle. However, the epidermis also contains some melanin and must be protected. A sapphire window (ChillTip) with high thermal conductivity is put in direct contact with the skin. It cools the epidermis before, during, and after each laser pulse. Because of index matching, it also reduces internal reflection of back-scattered light.

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