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  • MyXerver combines the functionality of a file server, together with a host of other value added features such as the Bit Torrent download feature which allows you do continuous download of internet content without turning on the PC, and an embedded media server, which enables streaming of audio or video to a compatible UPnP player. It is also an iTunes server, allowing music files on the network storage to be played on any PC or notebook in the network with iTunes software. Connect a USB printer*, and you are able to use the print server function to share the printer...

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  • The EMCO WinNC GE SERIES FANUC 21TB Turning Software is part of the EMCO training concept on PC-basis. This concept aims at learning the operation and programming of a certain machine control on the PC. The milling machines of the EMCO PC TURN und CONCEPT TURN series can be directly controlled via PC by means of the EMCO WinNC for the EMCO TURN.

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  • The venerable Warner Brothers antagonist Wile E. Coyote famously demonstrates a law of cartoon physics. He runs off a cliff, unaware of its ledge, and continues forward without falling. The Coyote defies gravity until he looks down and sees there’s nothing under him. His mental gears turn as he contemplates his predicament. Then: splat. Both the Internet and the PC are on a similar trajectory. They were designed by people who shared the same love of amateur tinkering as the enterprising Coyote.

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  • This lab will focus on the ability to connect a PC to a router or a switch in order to establish a console session and observe the user interface. A console session allows the user to check or change the configuration of the switch or router and is the simplest method of connecting to one of these devices. This lab should be performed twice, once with a router and once with a switch to see the differences between the user interfaces. Start this lab with the equipment turned off and with cabling disconnected. Work in teams of two with one for the router and one for...

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  • Root of Trust in a PC Operations or actions based on the TPM have measurable trust. Flexible usage model permits a wide range of actions to be defined. Doesn’t Control PC (About DRM) User still has complete control over platform. It’s OK to turn the TPM off (it ships disabled). User is free to install any software he/she pleases.

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  • FreeNAS is free software that turns a PC into a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server. It supports client connections from Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD. It has a web interface for administration and includes support for RAID (0, 1, 5), iSCSI, drive encryption, and UPnP. Based on FreeBSD, it has modest system requirements but is scalable for the enterprise. This book will show you how to work with FreeNAS and set it up for your needs. You will learn how to configure and administer a FreeNAS server in a variety of networking scenarios. You will also learn how...

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  • The EMCO WinNC GE SERIES FANUC 21TB Turning Software is part of the EMCO training concept on PC-basis. This concept aims at learning the operation and programming...

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