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  • The Curriculum Vitae is a Latin expression and translates to ones course of life, more commonly known as a CV in the modern world. In some countries e.g. The United States and Canada it is generally called a Resume, but the contents remain the same and need to capture a number of key areas, including: • A Personal Profile Statement. • Roles undertaken, clearly showing responsibilities, but more importantly achievements, quantifiable wherever possible. • Skills and Abilities. • Educational qualifications and ongoing personal development. • Hobbies and Interests....

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  • Welcome to the ultimate Interview E-book. In this book you will learn all the secrets you need to know to help nail your job interview and get the job. Follow our steps and make sure that you are well prepared to answer every possible interview question when the opportunity presents itself. This E-book is a compilation of many months of research and discussions with hiring managers and career experts in recruitment, career counselling and interviews.

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  • The European standard EN 877 is valid for prefabricated parts of cast iron pipes for construction - normally as non-pressure pipelines - of building drainage systems as well as connecting drains. The nominal diameter range covers DN 40 up to and including DN 600. This standard contains requirements for material, dimensions and tolerances, mechanical features, composition, standard coatings for cast iron pipes, fittings and accessories. Further it contains functional requirements for all prefabricated parts including couplings.

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  • MyLifeBits has at its heart a SQL Server database that can store content and metadata for a variety of types, including contacts, documents, email, events, photos, songs, and video. Figure 2 illustrates the MyLifeBits schema. All captured entities that are exposed to the user are called “Items.” Each item has about 20 common attributes, registered in the _Items table. Items are of one or more types: the _Item- ItemSubtype table indicates the specific the type(s) of each item. _ItemSubTypes enumerates the valid types.

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  • Although the type-2 ribosome-inactivatingproteins (SNA-I, SNA-V, SNLRP) from elderberry (Sambucus nigraL.) are all devoid of rRNAN-glycosylase activity towards plant ribosomes, some of them clearly show polynucleotide– adenosine glycosylase activity towards tobaccomosaic virus RNA. This particular substrate specificity was exploited to further unravel the mechanism underlying the in planta antiviral activity of ribosome-inactivating proteins. Trans-genic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacumL.

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  • Published results from the UKPDS were included in this review if they specifically reported results on the relationship between HbA1c and microvascular and/or macrovascular complications. One prospective observational study28 was identified which analysed the UKPDS glucose control results in terms of both macrovascular and microvascular complications. A meta-analysis29 was also identified which assessed the association between glycosylated haemoglobin and cardiovascular (CV) disease in people with diabetes. This included an analysis of 10 studies specifically of people with Type 2 diabetes.

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  • Starting with release 2.0, OpenCV has a new Python interface. This replaces the previous SWIGbased Python interface. Some highlights of the new bindings:  single import of all of OpenCV using import cv  OpenCV functions no longer have the ”cv” prefix  simple types like CvRect and CvScalar use Python tuples  sharing of Image storage, so image transport between OpenCV and other systems (e.g. numpy and ROS) is very efficient  complete documentation for the Python functions

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  • One of the subjects of Ni-MH batteries studies is justly the electrochemically active material for the positive electrode-hydroxide nickel. This hydroxide Ni(OH)2 has been prepared in laboratory by chemical sedimentation from NiCl2 and NaOH solutions. The obtained product has been examined using different techniques, such as X ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) and electrochemical polarisation (cyclic voltammetry CV). The obtained results of obtained Ni(OH)2 show -type crystal, with grains of about 15 µm.

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