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  • The aspectual makeup of Perfect participles and the. interpretations of the Perfect ... tual makeup of the participial VP – both in terms of the Aktionsart of the ...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí Department of Mathematic dành cho các bạn yêu thích môn toán học đề tài: Enumeration of perfect matchings of a type of quadratic lattice on the torus...

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  • CONTENTS CONTENTS C H A P T E R 19 1. Introduction. 2. Types of Pulleys for Flat Belts. 3. Cast Iron Pulleys. 4. Steel Pulleys. 5. Wooden Pulleys. 6. Paper Pulleys. 7. Fast and Loose Pulleys. 8. Design of Cast Iron Pulleys. .lat Belt Pulleys 19.1 Introduction The pulleys are used to transmit power from one shaft to another by means of flat belts, V-belts or ropes. Since the velocity ratio is the inverse ratio of the diameters of driving and driven pulleys, therefore the pulley diameters should be carefully selected in order to have a desired velocity ratio.

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  • The so called portfolio approach to credit supply (for an overview see Fase (1995)) starts with the assumption that banks maximize a utility function under a set of balance sheet constraints which allows to derive directly credit supply functions. However, the derivation assumes a perfect financial market while treating the private sector (comprising the corporate and household sectors) as one homogeneous entity. These limitations restrict the use of this model when trying to address the specific issues related to corporate finance in imperfect markets.

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  • Sums of two squares near perfect squares by R. C. Vaughan∗∗∗ In memory of Pritish Limani (1983–2003) Abstract Let C be a nondegenerate planar curve and for a real, positive decreasing function ψ let C(ψ) denote the set of simultaneously ψ-approximable points lying on C. We show that C is of Khintchine type for divergence; i.e. if a certain sum diverges then the one-dimensional Lebesgue measure on C of C(ψ) is full. We also obtain the Hausdorff measure analogue of the divergent Khintchine type result. ...

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  • For an -adic sheaf on a variety of arbitrary dimension over a perfect field, we define the Swan class measuring the wild ramification as a 0-cycle class supported on the ramification locus. We prove a Lefschetz trace formula for open varieties and a generalization of the Grothendieck-Ogg-Shararevich formula using the Swan class. Let F be a perfect field and U be a separated and smooth scheme of finite type purely of dimension d over F . In this paper, we study ramification of a finite ´tale scheme V over U along the boundary, by introducing a map (0.1)...

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  • While one doubts that works of art are ever deeply prized for their aesthetic qualities alone, it is probably true that in Western societies, and in others with highly developed art traditions, aesthetic notions are most perfectly manifested in works of art, and are given their most refined expression in that type of discourse known as the philosophy of art. But the aesthetic notions so manifested and refined are those of members of the art world, not necessarily those of the general population.

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  • Boxing As you have just seen, variables of type object can refer to any object of any reference type. That is, they can refer to any instance of a class. However, variables of type object can also refer to a value type.

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  • 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Gilt Top, $1 25. ... The love affairs of an old maid are not her own, but other people's, and in this volume we have the love trials and joys of a variety of persons described and analyzed.... The peculiarity of this book is that each type is perfectly distinct, clear, and interesting.... Altogether the book is by far the best of those recently written on the tender passion.--_Cincinnati Commercial-Gazette_. THE UNDER SIDE OF THINGS. A Novel. 16mo, Cloth, Ornamental, Uncut Edges and Gilt Top, $1 25. A tenderly beautiful story.... This book...

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  • In the following, we identify the unique subgame perfect equilibrium of the sequential game described above. Furthermore, government’s regulation is shown to reduce the diversity in the programs offered by the channels at equilibrium: the lower the upperlimit imposed by the government to the ad- vertising rate, the weaker the diversity in the programs! There are at least three papers closely related to the present analysis. Vaglio (1995) proposes a Hotelling-type model of the audience for TV- broadcasting which shares several properties with ours.

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  • Chapter 29 provides knowledge of security interests in personal property. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Describe types of collateral for a security interest under UCC Article 9, explain how to create and perfect a security interest in debtor’s property, recall priority rules for security interests, list steps creditor can take if debtor defaults.

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  • Chapter 13 - Government regulation and intervention (Part 1). This chapter presents the following content: Introduction, criteria for perfect competition, types of government intervention, public goods, externalities, smokers also impose health care costs on nonsmokers,...

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  • Chapter 6 - The business-investment sector. In this chapter, you will learn to: The three types of business firms, how investment is carried out, the difference between gross investment and net investment, how capital is accumulated, the determinants of the level of investment, the graphing of the C + i line.

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  • Chapter 7 - The government sector. This chapter include objectives: Government spending, the graphing of the C + I + G line, types of taxes, the average and marginal tax rates, sources of government revenue, principles of taxation, the economic role of government.

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  • Chapter 10 - Economic fluctuations, unemployment, and inflation. The topics discussed in this chapter are: Examine the business cycle, consider various business cycle theories, show how economic forecasting is done, measure the GDP gap, learn how the unemployment rate is computed look at the types of unemployment, construct a consumer price index, consider the theories of inflation.

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  • Chapter 26 - Corporate mergers and antitrust. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: The explanation of antitrust, major antitrust laws, modern antitrust, types of mergers, the effectiveness of antitrust, the trend toward bigness, the microsoft case.

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  • Chapter 29 - Security interests in personal property. After studying this chapter you will be able to: Describe types of collateral for a security interest under UCC Article 9, explain how to create and perfect a security interest in debtor’s property, recall priority rules for security interests, list steps creditor can take if debtor defaults.

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  • Chapter 1 - Analyzing economic problems. This chapter presents the following content: Defining Microeconomics, who should study microeconomics? Microeconomic modeling, the types of microeconomic analysis.

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  • Di®erent types of numbers ¯nd di®erent application in the physical world. Whole numbers work well for counting discrete objects, such as the number of resistors in a circuit. Integers are needed when negative equivalents of whole numbers are required. Irrational numbers are numbers that cannot be exactly expressed as the ratio of two integers, and the ratio of a perfect circle's circumference to its diameter (¼) is a good physical example of this.

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  • Manufacturers base the performance of electronic devices on a perfect battery, a condition that only exists when the battery is new. By reading Batteries in a Portable World, you will acquire a better understanding of the strengths and limitations of the battery, learn about different battery types and discover what conditions are best for a battery. The book is easy and entertaining to read and makes minimal use of technical jargon.

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