Understanding gender

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  • Globalization exerts positive and negative impacts on health and has been linked to reduced government expenditures on health, education, and social programs, and restructured workplace and home life. Globalization is altering gender roles and relationships and influencing health determinants. Asymmetric rights and responsibilities, labor market segregation, consumption patterns, and discrimination are influenced differently by globalization and affect men and women’s health in distinct ways.

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  • I’m always amazed where I find ideas and support for book projects, invariably in the oddest of places. Who’d have thought that the very earnest young man I interviewed for The 80% Minority five years ago from Mountain Equipment Co-Op would become a crucial member of my company’s team, let alone become my talented co-author. Sean’s retail expertise, but more importantly, his innate understanding of women consumers never ceases to amaze me. He teaches me every day.

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  • BackGround Balanced, equitable and sustainable development of the fisheries sector must take all social groups into account. However, the role of women in the sector has, for a long time, gone unrecognised and their voice is heard rarely among managers, policy makers and legislators.1 The lack of recognition and representation is not only unfair, but it also leads to an incomplete understanding of how the sector as a whole operates and functions.

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  • As you worked your way through high school, or otherwise worked to prepare yourself for college, you were probably unaware that an information explosion was taking place in the field of biology. This explosion, brought on by advances in biotechnology and communicated by faster, more powerful computers, has allowed scientists to gather data more quickly and disseminate data to colleagues in the global scientific community with the click of a mouse.

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  • Education. The adult literacy rate in Afghanistan is estimated to be 36%, while for adult women it is estimated at 21%2 (2001). A significant leap in school enrollment has taken place during the last couple of years, and more than four million children are now in school, one-third of them girls, but this still represents only a little more than half of school-age children and 40% of girls. These figures hide dramatic regional disparities, with girls representing less than 15% of the total enrollment in nine provinces in the east and south.

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  • This book is designed as a course text for students of Irish Politics and Public Administration. It may also be used to accompany courses in introductory politics, policy analysis and comparative politics or public administration. A range of Irish public policy topics are presented and explained—each by reference to a distinct framework for analysis. The book is intended to highlight (through readily presented Irish examples) the variety of alternative explanations available to students of politics and public administration who are interested in understanding how policy is made....

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  • According to Rubinow, the “one receptor-one action” model of hormone action has been overturned by the robust evidence for action of steroid hormones through both nuclear and membrane receptors, and by the mounting evidence for the role of co-regulators in modulation of hormone action. Rubinow argued that the same hormone may simultaneously exert opposite effects on the same system (e.g., cell survival), and these effects can change with time. More research in this area is needed to understand why women respond differently to the same hormonal stimuli.

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  • We would like to express appreciation to our project partners, the Urban Family Health Partnership, Kanchan Samity, Ananya Samaj Kallyan Sangostha and Unnata Paribar Gathan Mohila Sangostha. Their support and cooperation have been crucial in carrying out the research project. The twenty-four schoolteachers along with facilitators and peer educators as well as adolescents, parents and community leaders from the project areas deserve our sincere thanks.

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  • This analysis of East Asian corporations allows us to study the subject of earnings informativeness in a different ownership context from that of the research on U.S. corporations. Our research results are also rich in policy implications. In general, our results support Ball, Kothari, and Robin (2000) by finding that policy makers should consider a country’s overall institutional environment before prescribing a comprehensive set of rules and regulations for corporate reporting.

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  • A book such as this would not have been written twenty years ago.An awareness of men as gendered is fairly new in health and social welfare. It took some years after the early development of social scientific interest in the social construction of masculinity for academics and practitioners to show an interest in practical engagement with men as gendered – that is, in engaging with men in such a way as to recognise how their identities and conduct are shaped by the way they are raised as men.

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  • A series of evaluations conducted by the World Bank’s Opera- tions Evaluation Department has shown that attention to gender issues helps to enhance the Bank’s development effectiveness. A 1997 desk review of projects conducted in the mid-1990s found that Bank projects that took gender relations into account in their design and implementation tended to achieve their objectives more often than projects that ignored gender issues.

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  • Management has clarified standards for conducting the CGAs, and the Gender and Development Board will provide technical sup- port and advice. In countries where the Bank has an active lending program and where no CGA has recently been completed, an initial CGA will be completed early in the program’s implementation peri- od.

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  • Many World Bank Country Offices have a designated gender resource person. The effectiveness of these resource persons in assist- ing their colleagues and counterparts can, in some cases, be enhanced, and this will be one focus of capacity building for Bank staff. Building staff experience and competency in gender analysis and gender mainstreaming—rather than relying primarily on con- sultants—is central to the mainstreaming approach. Budget. Gender mainstreaming requires additional effort on the part of analytical and operational staff. Additional resources are therefore required.

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  • This volume is the third to be published of a series on "The World's Living Religions," projected in 1920 by the Board of Missionary Preparation of the Foreign Missions Conference of North America. The series seeks Buddhism is a religion which must be viewed from many angles. Its original form, as preached by Gautama in India and developed in the early years succeeding, and as embodied in the sacred literature of early Buddhism, is not representative of the actual Buddhism of any land today.

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  • The Government understands that IPTV will indeed play an important role in the future of television broadcasting. It is Government‘s expectation that local TV will develop in two phases, the first as outlined in this paper through services carried on the DTT platform; the second through IPTV. The inherent limitations of spectrum, including the geographic interleaved spectrum proposed in this framework, mean that not all viewers will be able to receive local TV in the first phase. However, the Government aims to have the best superfast broadband in Europe by 2015.

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  • Once again, Leanor Johnson and Robert Staples, who combine more than sixty years of writing and research as family sociologists, have produced a work that greatly enhances the understanding of the complexity and diversity in the functioning of Black families today. This revised edition provides rare insights regarding how the cultural values, attitudes, and aspirations of African American families interact with structural conditions and social policies to produce a wide range of positive and negative outcomes.

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  • Besides the previously discussed papers about impacts of shocks at birth, our results are related to research on gender bias during early childhood. Much of the literature finds evidence favoring boys over girls (see Rose (1999) for evidence from India that gender bias in infant mortality drops significantly when districts experience higher rainfall or Dercon and Krishnan (2000) for evidence from Ethiopia that poor households are unable to smooth their consumption, with women bearing the brunt of adverse shocks).

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  • A key component of the strategy is the CGA, a country-level gender analysis that identifies critical areas in which gender-respon- sive actions are likely to enhance growth, poverty reduction, and well-being in a particular country context. Country Directors will ensure the completion of these assessments in a timely manner in countries with an active lending program (and in which an assess- ment has yet to be conducted). In line with the ongoing reform of the Bank’s analytical work, the methods for carrying out these assess- ments will be flexible.

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  • As organizations move ahead with their virtualization programs, they need to understand the security and audit implications in the layers and features presented by virtual machine farms, and their VMMs (virtual machine managers). For starters, virtualization introduces a new layer known to most as Hypervisor, which is VMware’s virtual machine manager.

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  • The authors examined the online construction of identity and sexuality in a large sample of conversations from monitored and unmonitored teen chat rooms. More than half of the 583 participants (identified by a distinct screen name) communicated identity information, most frequently gender. In this way, participants compensated for the text-based chat environment by providing information about themselves that would be visible and obvious in face-to-face communication.

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