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  • Image marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in marketing communications. In the fall of 2003, Time Magazine published a special supplement entitled “The Business of Image Marketing.” The publication is timely and clearly illustrates the public’s growing interest in the making and application of image. Although the emphasis of the supplement was on style, fashion, and design, the concept of image marketing also encompasses brands, individuals, and countries.

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  • Creating economic development is connected to increasing productivity and investments in areas such as education, nutrition and health. Population momentum joined with declining fertility rates provides a unique chance to spur economic development as the work force increases and the dependency burden of society decreases. However, this requires policies that create jobs for the growing work force.

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  • The pathology report answers questions about a breast abnormality Breast tissue can develop abnormalities that are sometimes cancerous. Usually breast cancer begins either in the cells of the lobules, which are milk-producing glands, or the ducts, the passages that drain milk from the lobules to the nipple. Breast cancers have many characteristics that help determine the best treatment. is the breast abnormality a cancer? A lump or spot in the breast can be made of normal cells or cancer cells. Cancer cells are cells that grow in an uncontrolled way.

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  • Late in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, U.S. newspapers were filled with speculation as to whether New Orleans would continue to exist as a great and unique American city. Levee and floodwall failure had inundated large parts of the city and resulted in more than 1,500 deaths and catastrophic damage to property and the economy. In 2011, extreme amounts of precipitation, inadequate levees, and possible mismanagement of reservoirs contributed to widespread flooding around Bangkok, Thailand.

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  • We have attempted to improve and update this text while retaining the features that make it unique, namely, an emphasis on physical understanding, and the ability to estimate, evaluate, and predict results without blind reliance on computers, while still maintaining rigorous connection to the mathematical basis for quantum chemistry. We have inserted intomost chapters examples that allowimportant points to be emphasized, clarified, or extended. This has enabled us to keep intact most of the conceptual development familiar to past users.

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  • Gene therapy offers many conceptual advantages to treat muscle diseases, especially various forms of muscular dystrophies. Many of these diseases are caused by a single gene mutation. While the traditional approaches may ameliorate some symptoms, the ultimate cure will depend on molecular correction of the genetic defect. The clinical feasibility of gene therapy has been recently demonstrated in treatment of a type of inherited blindness. By delivering a therapeutic gene to the retina, investigators were able to partially recover the vision in a disease once thought incurable.

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  • In the natural sciences, there has long been a continuous conceptual battle between the ‘‘lumpers’’ and the ‘‘splitters’’—those who wish to lump together phenomena with similarities as variations of an overriding mechanism and those who wish to split observed events into multiple independent phenomena with their own unique mechanisms. Nowhere is this lumper versus splitter dichotomy more apparent than in the field of pain research. Some would extrapolate all findings related to one type of painful stimulus to all types of painful stimuli in all sites.

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