Unity concepts

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  • Apple's iOS has taken the world by storm and provided a game development platform, which for the first time gives average developers an opportunity to compete in the global multi-billion dollar entertainment software space. While there are several viable solutions for developing games for this platform, Unity has emerged as a leading platform for iOS and other platforms as well. With Unity's toolset, and this book, you will take the first steps on your journey to producing commercial quality games for the iOS platform....

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  • Cisco Unity Connection presents all the concepts and techniques you need to successfully plan, design, implement, and maintain Cisco Unity Connection voice messaging systems. For every stage of the system lifecycle, enterprise voice expert David Schulz offers clear explanations, practical examples, realistic case studies, and best-practice solutions.

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  • This book is about making 2D games using the Unity engine. It will focus not only on the central concepts critical to 2D games, such as 2D space and projections, but also on the practical workflow that can be followed in Unity for creating 2D games. This book included 13 chapter and are devided 2 part, part 1 provide content: Unity basics for 2D games, materials and textures, quick 2D workflow, customizing the editor with editor classes, procedural geometry and textured quads, generating atlas textures.

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  • In each writing assignment, the students are introduced gradually to the writing process and encouraged to improve their writing through prewriting and careful revision. They are also introduced to the basic concepts of academic writing—thesis statements, topic sentences, unity, specificity, completeness, order, and coherence. However, the main purpose of the writing instruction is to give the students an opportunity to use their new knowledge of grammar and sentence structure to communicate their own thoughts and ideas....

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  • In 2005, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), UK, defined well-being as ‘a holistic notion of achieving a state of health, comfort and happiness’ (RCP, 2005). Other societies have however for a very long time throughout the history of Western society addressed the holistic aspects of health and the concept of ‘feeling’ or of ‘being well’.

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