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  • Mac OS X combines the Unix power developers need with Mac's ease of use, offering a unique combination of technical elements with enhanced performance, compatibility, and usability. Shows readers how to use the Terminal application and the command interface, and explores the many Unix applications using step-by-step screen shots. Readers will learn how to manage, create, edit, and transfer files; configure the Unix environment; navigate permissions, directories and files; run Unix utilities; and configure and run the Apache Web server...

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  • We designed this book to be used as both a tutorial and a reference. If you’re a Unix newbie, you should start at the beginning and work forward through the first several chapters. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll build on concepts and commands you learned in previous chapters. Then, as you become more proficient, you can start picking and choosing topics, depending on what you want to do. Be sure to reference the table of contents, index, and the appendixes to find information. Each chapter covers several topics, each of which is presented in its own section.

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  • For many users, working in the UNIX environment means using vi, a full- screen text editor available on most UNIX systems. Even those who know vi often make use of only a small number of its features. This handbook is a complete guide to text editing with vi. Quickly learn the basics of editing, cursor movement, and global search and replacement. Then take advantage of the more subtle power of vi. Extend your editing skills by learning to use ex, a powerful line editor, from within vi. Topics covered include: Basic editing Moving around in a hurry Beyond the basics...

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  • Before a database is created, the UNIX environment must be configured and the Oracle9i server must have already been installed. Four environment variables must be set: ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_SID, PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH. ORACLE_HOME is the full path to the top directory in which the Oracle9i Server is installed. The directory for ORACLE_HOME should be supplied by the person who installed the server, usually the UNIX administrator or the DBA. ORACLE_SID is a user-definable name assigned to an instance of a database.

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  • New to UNIX and looking for a book to help you get acquainted with UNIX? Not so new to UNIX but looking to expand your knowledge? A programmer looking for a guide to UNIX as a reference and a teaching guide for Perl, awk, and the shells? A beginning system administrator looking to learn how to install UNIX or how to connect your UNIX to a network? A system administrator looking for a reference guide or maybe just wanting to expand your knowledge? A curious soul wanting to know everything about UNIX? If any of these is true, you are holding the right book.

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  • This book is a large step forward in facilitating that combined knowledge. While introducing UNIX developers to the tools available under Mac OS X at a favorite price point (i.e., free), it also shows Macintosh developers how to adapt to this new environment and make the most of the new tools now available to them. While the transition from UNIX to Mac OS X may seem daunting, this book is a gentle guide, highlighting the development issues found along the way and smoothing the sometimes serpentine path of coding we all travel.

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  • Debugging là nghệ thuật của loại bỏ các lỗi từ phần mềm. Các phần mềm có thể được code, tài liệu, hoặc bất kỳ sản phẩm trí tuệ khác. Ở đây, chúng tôi sẽ xem xét lý lỗi của chương trình máy tính (hoặc thư viện) viết bằng C hoặc C + + trong môi trường Unix. Hầu hết nó cũng áp dụng đối với các thủ tục và biên soạn ngôn ngữ hướng đối tượng như Pascal, Modula và Mục tiêu C.

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  • Unix for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference By Donald K. Burleson Copyright Chapter 1. Unix for Oracle DBAs Pocket Reference Section 1.1. Introduction Section 1.2. Understanding Unix Section 1.3. Building Unix Commands Section 1.4. Unix Server Environment Section 1.5. Process Management Section 1.6. Server Values Section 1.7. Memory and CPU Management Section 1.8. Semaphore Management Section 1.9. System Log Messages Section 1.10. Server Monitoring Section 1.11. File Management Section 1.12. Disk Management Section 1.13. Miscellaneous Shell Scripts...

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  • All operating systems provide services for programs they run. Typical services include executing a new program, opening a file, reading a file, allocating a region of memory, getting the current time of day, and so on. The focus of this text is to describe the services provided by various versions of the UNIX operating system. Describing the UNIX System in a strictly linear fashion, without any forward references to terms that haven't been described yet, is nearly impossible (and would probably be boring).

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  • The book has a number of aims as: To teach the use of the standard UNIX C libraries and other facilities as specified by the UNIX98 standard created from the earlier IEEE POSIX and X/Open (SPEC 1170) specifications; to show how to make the most of advanced development tools; to give concise introductions to popular rapid development languages like the shell, Tcl and Perl; to show how to build graphical user interfaces for the X Window System; having given you firm grounding, to progress to topics of real−world applications which you want to program

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  • As a reader, you are the most important critic and commentator of our books. We value your opinion and want to know what we’re doing right, what we could do better, what areas you’d like to see us publish in, and any other words of wisdom you’re willing to pass our way. You can help us make strong books that meet your needs and give you the computer guidance you require.

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  • This book is a gentle introduction to Linux, and as such, it is not intended as a comprehensive guide. On the contrary, great effort has gone into this book to keep it from becoming yet another comprehensive reference guide. I’ve been selective about covering the topics you are most likely to use early in your Linux hacking career. One of the interesting things about Linux, and UNIX in general, is that learning new ways and tools is almost an endless task. There are many tools—too many to cover even in several “comprehensive” volumes.

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  • Linux History Design Principles Kernel Modules Process Management Scheduling Memory Management File Systems Input and Output Interprocess Communication Network Structure Security To explore the history of the UNIX operating system from which Linux is derived and the principles which Linux is designed upon To examine the Linux process model and illustrate how Linux schedules processes and provides interprocess communication To look at memory management in Linux To explore how Linux implements file systems and manages I/O devices...

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  • Where specific products, books, or laboratories are mentioned, no official U.S. government endorsement is intended or implied. Digital format users: No software was independently developed for this project. Technical questions related to software should be directed to the manufacturer of whatever software is being used to read the files. Adobe Acrobat PDF files are supplied to allow use of this product with a wide variety of software, hardware, and operating systems (DOS, Windows, MAC, and UNIX)....

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  • Giới thiệu tổng quát về XFCE Trong bài viết sau, chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau tìm hiểu về những tính năng của Linux desktop environment khá phổ biến hiện nay, đó là XFCE. Khá đa dạng và phong phú như Gnome nhưng lại sử dụng ít footprint hơn, đó là những điểm dễ nhận thấy nhất ở XFCE. Hầu hết các distributor với repository trực tuyến đều có sẵn XFCE.

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  • A modern computer system that's not part of a network is even more of an anomaly today than it was when we published the first edition of this book in 1991. But however widespread networks have become, managing a network and getting it to perform well can still be a problem. Managing NFS and NIS, in a new edition based on Solaris 8, is a guide to two tools that are absolutely essential to distributed computing environments: the Network Filesystem (NFS) and the Network Information System (formerly called the "yellow pages" or YP).The Network Filesystem, developed by Sun Microsystems, is...

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  • he Art of Debugging illustrates the use three of the most popular debugging tools on Linux/Unix platforms: GDB, DDD, and Eclipse. The text-command based GDB (the GNU Project Debugger) is included with most distributions. DDD is a popular GUI front end for GDB, while Eclipse provides a complete integrated development environment.

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  • UNIX History First developed in 1969 by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie of the Research Group at Bell Laboratories; incorporated features of other operating systems, especially MULTICS The third version was written in C, which was developed at Bell Labs specifically to support UNIX The most influential of the non-Bell Labs and non-AT&T UNIX development groups — University of California at Berkeley (Berkeley Software Distributions - BSD) 4BSD UNIX resulted from DARPA funding to develop a standard UNIX system for government use Developed for the VAX, 4.

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  • Befor e you can use Unix, a system staff person has to set up a Unix account for you. The account is identified by your user name, which is usually a single word or an abbreviation. Think of this account as your of fice—it’s your place in the Unix environment. Other users may also be at work on the same system. At many sites, there will be a whole network of Unix computers. So in addition to knowing your username, you may also need to know the hostname (name) of the computer that has your account. Alternatively, your account may be shared between all computers on the local...

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  • Trong bài viết sau, chúng ta sẽ cùng nhau tìm hiểu về những tính năng của Linux desktop environment khá phổ biến hiện nay, đó là XFCE. Khá đa dạng và phong phú như Gnome nhưng lại sử dụng ít footprint hơn, đó là những điểm dễ nhận thấy nhất ở XFCE. Hầu hết các distributor với repository trực tuyến đều có sẵn XFCE. Người dùng Ubuntu có thể tìm tại Ubuntu Software Center hoặc sử dụng lệnh sau: sudo apt-get install xfce4 ......

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