Unprecedented war

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  • One of the minor peculiarities of this unprecedented war is the Tour of the Front. After some months of suppressed information—in which even the war correspondent was discouraged to the point of elimination—it was discovered on both sides that this was a struggle in which Opinion was playing a larger and more important part than it had ever done before. This wild spreading weed was perhaps of decisive importance; the Germans at any rate were attempting to make it a cultivated flower.

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  • The end of the Cold War ushered in an era of profound change in the international arena and hence in the policymaking environment as well. Yet the changes that have characterized the post-Cold War era have often proceeded at different paces and have at times moved in opposing directions, placing unprecedented strain on policymakers seeking to shape a new

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  • The United States program of development of atomic energy has been described by Major General L. R. Groves, who, as Commanding General of the War Department's Manhattan Project, directed the program from mid-1942 until December 31, 1946, as "a generation of scientific development compressed into three years.

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  • The most important accomplishment of the European Union is that it made war among its members impossible. Their in- terconnected economies have led to unprecedented prosperity for the EU’s 45 million citizens and have created the most profitable consumer market in the world. Other regional or- ganisations are studying the model of the EU, and may choose some elements – even if they are unlikely to adopt the same model, because no nation seeking to increase its economic power would be willing to see its national sovereignty dimin- ished.

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  • A family is torn apart by fierce belief and private longing in this unprecedented journey deep inside the most insular Hasidic sect, the Satmar.Sweeping from the Central European countryside just before World War II to…

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  • The brutalities of World War II Nazi concentration camps gave rise to a new degree of humanism that led to unprecedented cooperation as the world vowed to prevent repetition of such suffering. As is evident, many of the early events leading up to modern-day international health were focused on health crises in the Americas and Europe. In 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) was created out of the UNís desire to have a single global entity charged with fostering cooperation and collaboration among member countries to address health problems. The mission of WHO...

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