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  • Social funds are expanding in all parts of the developing world. The attractive feature of social funds is that they use the comparative strengths of each of the government, private sector, and community organization partners and coalesce them into an integrated whole. The communities identify, design, and help implement projects such as schools, health clinics, roads, and water supply that will serve their needs. The govern- ment provides financing, monitors and supervises the projects, and en- sures that the operation and maintenance of these facilities is adequate.

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  • The vast amount of information available on the Internet, coupled with the diversity of user information needs, have urged the development of personalized systems that are capable of distinguishing one user from the other in order to provide content, services and information tailored to individual users. Recommender Systems (RS) form a special category of such personalized systems and aim to predict user’s preferences based on her previous behavior.

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  • Developmental Psychology for Family Law Professionals: Theory, Applica- tion, and the Best Interests of the Child is a practical application of developmental theory to the practice of family law. It intends to help you to ask questions that are developmentally informed and to better understand the breadth of experience, reams of reports and depth of emotion that must be digested in the course of seeking to understand each child’s unique needs.

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  • I'm not advocating abandoning the study of the figure. Anatomy is a vital tool in drawing—but don't mesmerize yourself into thinking that knowing the figure is going to make an artist of you. What is going to make an artist out of you is a combination of a few basic facts about the body, a few basic principles of drawing and an extensive, obsessive desire and urge to express your feelings and impressions. Yehudi Menuin, the violinist started out at the "top" of his profession. He played in concerts at a very young age and in his late teens...

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