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  • The Need for Application Control The wide adoption of social media and Web 2.0 applications changes the way people use the Internet. More than ever, businesses struggle to keep up with security challenges. The use of internet applications comes with problems that administrators must know about: UserCheck CLI Malware threats - Application use can open networks to threats from malware. Popular applications like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube can cause users to download viruses unintentionally. File sharing can easily cause malware to be downloaded into your network.

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  • Chương 4. Bộ lọc (Filter) 80 Chương 4. Bộ lọc (Filter)

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  • A recent report by Drexel University [Eisenstein et al., 2003b] addresses the complex issue of life safety systems tied into the BCS—a scenario that does not fit well with the scenarios presented above. Presently all life safety systems (fire) are in parallel to the HVAC and other elements of the BCS, with separate wiring and only connections at the highest controller level to allow the BCS to get status information.

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  • The widespread use of credit scores to underwrite and price automobile and homeowners insurance has generated considerable concern that the practice may significantly restrict the availability of affordable insurance products to minority and low- income consumers. However, no existing studies have effectively examined whether credit scores have a disproportionate negative impact on minorities or other demographic groups, primarily because of the lack of public access to appropriate data.

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  • Impersonation is closely related to unauthorized access but is significant enough to be discussed separately. Impersonation is the ability to present credentials as if you are something or someone you are not. These attacks can take several forms: stealing a private key or recording an authorization sequence to replay at a later time. These attacks are commonly referred to as man-in-the-middle attacks, where an intruder is able to intercept traffic and can as a result hijack an existing session, alter the transmitted data, or inject bogus traffic into the network.

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  • Blend: -File New Chọn size ava gì tuỳ bạn,ở đây tt chọn size 120x120 -Chọn hình(tt chọn hình này Image Image size để dc kết quả size mà bạn mún(120x179),sau đó drag qua file avatar 120x120,bạn sẽ có: -Ctrl + J để dub layer đó lên,sau đó vào Filter Gausssian Blur 2px ok - Hạ mức change opacity của layer blur đó thành 50%,merge 2 layer lại thành 1 (CtrlG),bạn sẽ có: -Sau đó,change size của hình [URL=http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/2505/shortimg655628kv5xo.

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  • Cấu hình HTTP policy. ISA Server Link Translator: Link Translator là một trong những kỹ thuật được xây dựng sẵn trong ISA firewall Web filter để thực hiện biến đổi địa chỉ URL cho các kết nối của user bên ngoài truy xuất vào Web publishing nội bộ, Link Translation dictionary được tạo khi ta kích hoạt (enable) link translation cho Web Publishing Rule.

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  • Part of an overall Firewall strategy Sits between the local network and the external network Originally used primarily as a caching strategy to minimize outgoing URL requests and increase perceived browser performance Primary mission is now to insure anonymity of internal users Still used for caching of frequently requested files Also used for content filtering Acts as a go-between, submitting your requests to the external network Requests are translated from your IP address to the Proxy’s IP address E-mail addresses of internal users are removed from request headers Cause an actual br...

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