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  • We extend the classical single-task active learning (AL) approach. In the multi-task active learning (MTAL) paradigm, we select examples for several annotation tasks rather than for a single one as usually done in the context of AL. We introduce two MTAL metaprotocols, alternating selection and rank combination, and propose a method to implement them in practice. We experiment with a twotask annotation scenario that includes named entity and syntactic parse tree annotations on three different corpora. ...

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  • This paper introduces a new method for identifying named-entity (NE) transliterations within bilingual corpora. Current state-of-theart approaches usually require annotated data and relevant linguistic knowledge which may not be available for all languages. We show how to effectively train an accurate transliteration classifier using very little data, obtained automatically. To perform this task, we introduce a new active sampling paradigm for guiding and adapting the sample selection process.

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  • I. AIMS By the end of the lesson, students will be able to talk about what sports they do in different seasons Teaching aids: textbook, pictures Anticipated problemsII. CONTENT 1. Revision: Matching      always usually often sometimes never

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  • In this companion text to Analog Circuit Design: Art, Science, and Personalities, seventeen contributors present more tutorial, historical, and editorial viewpoints on subjects related to analog circuit design. By presenting divergent methods and views of people who have achieved some measure of success in their field, the book encourages readers to develop their own approach to design. In addition, the essays and anecdotes give some constructive guidance in areas not usually covered in engineering courses, such as marketing and career development....

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  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13 percent of women aged eighteen years and older are in poor, or merely fair, health. More than 12 percent of women face a limitation in their usual activities due to chronic health conditions. In addition, 62 percent of women aged twenty years and older are overweight, a key predictor of future health problems. Moreover, the medical concerns women face often differ from those of most concern to men.

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  • The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates that during the pandemic 15 to 35 percent of the population will become sick and be unable to go to school or work. This does not include those that may contract the virus and feel ill, but continue their usual activities. The most significant impact on the private sector is likely to be disruption due to employee absenteeism. Employees will be off work due to sickness or having to stay home and care for sick family members. Schools may also be closed forcing parents to stay home and care for children. Personal...

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  • In food matrices, bioactivity of polyphenols like all dietary antioxidants in the human body, depends firstly on their bioaccessibility (i.e. the release from the food matrix) and bioavailability (i.e. absorbable fraction that can be used for specific physiological functions in organs). Polyphenols of comparatively high bioavailability include isoflavonids (absorption cover 50%, Bohn, 2010), while e.g. anthocyanins are of very low bioavailability, usually ca. 1.7% (Sakakibara et al., 2009). The prerequisite for bioavailability of any compound is its bioaccessibility in the gut.

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  • Brain serine racemase contains pyridoxal phosphate as a prosthetic group and is known to become activated by divalent cations such as Ca 2+ and Mg2+ , as well as by ATP and ADP. In vivo, brain serine racemase is also activated by a multi-PSD-95⁄discs large⁄ZO-1 (PDZ) domain glutamate receptor interacting protein (GRIP) that is usually coupled to the GluR2⁄3 subunits of the a-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methylisoxazole-4-propionic acid Ca 2+ channel.

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  • This uncommon type of skin cancer develops from neuroendocrine cells (hormone-making cells that resemble nerve cells in some ways) in the skin. They are most often found on the head, neck, and arms but can start anywhere. These cancers are thought to be caused in part by sun exposure and in part by Merkel cell polyomavirus (MCV). About 8 out of 10 Merkel cell carcinomas are thought to be related to MCV infection. MCV is a common virus. Many people are infected with MCV, but it usually causes no symptoms. In a small portion of people with this infection,...

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  • IHE ACS SYMPOSIUM SERIES was first published in 1974 to provide a mechanism for publishing symposia quickly in book form. The purpose of this series is to publish comprehensive books developed from symposia, which are usually "snapshots in time" of the current research being done on a topic, plus some review material on the topic. For this reason, it is necessary that the papers be published as quickly as possible. Before a symposium-based book is put under contract, the proposed table of contents is reviewed for appropriateness to the topic and for comprehensiveness of the collection.

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  • We begin with an assumption about the sales generating process rather than the operating cash flow generating process because the sales contract determines both the timing and amount of the cash inflows (and often related cash outflows) and the recognition of earnings. The sales contract specifies when and under what conditions the customer has to pay. Those conditions determine the pattern of cash receipts and so the sales contract is more primitive than the cash receipts.

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  • To me, workflow engines such as Microsoft BizTalk always seemed like a really expensive thing that I didn't need for many projects. I always thought, “How hard can it be to actually code the logic you draw on the screen?” As a result, I spent a lot of time not learning what a workflow engine could do for me and, instead, lived with “just code.” Still, I was intrigued and would bug my friends about what they saw as the value of BizTalk. They would usually get me excited enough to try installing the product and learning how it worked. Every time I tried to make...

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  • American men face a staggering array of health concerns. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 70 percent of American men are overweight, a key predictor of future health problems. Almost 25 percent smoke, another key risk factor. One in five American men has heart disease, and 29 percent aged twenty and older suffer from hypertension. More than 11 percent of men face a limitation in their usual activities due to chronic health conditions. In addition, the medical concerns men face often differ from those of most concern to women.

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  • Uracil in DNA is usually considered to be an error, but it may be used for signaling in Drosophiladevelopment via recognition by a novel uracil-DNA-degrading factor (UDE) [(Bekesi Aet al. (2007) Biochem Biophys Res Commun355, 643–648]. The UDE protein has no detectable similarity to any other uracil-DNA-binding factors, and has no structurally or func-tionally described homologs.

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  • Professor de Meza draws attention to recent literature which indicates that, in the context of widespread behavioural biases, two modes of financial capability work appear to be the most promising. These are the use of 'norms', which means directing people to a particular action such as higher saving, and the use of active intervention by a councillor and/or individualised advice, rather than passive information or education.

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  • For many companies, social media use is still viewed as an experiment, where discrete projects are launched, usually by a few individuals in marketing or communications. Some said they limit their activities because they are in a “test” mode and lack resources to do more. Others said the organizations are wary because they perceive dangers in exposure and lack of control of the conversation on the Web. “Social media is a big ocean and we are pulling in a little bay where we are more protected,” said a global partner in a health and benefits consulting company.

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  • In vertebrates, multiple microsomal retinol dehydrogenases are involved in reversible retinol⁄retinal interconversion, thereby controlling retinoid meta-bolism and retinoic acid availability. The physiologic functions of these enzymes are not, however, fully understood, as each vertebrate form has several, usually overlapping, biochemical roles.

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  • Antimicrobial peptides are an abundant group of proteinaceous com-pounds widely produced in the plant kingdom. Among them, thec-thionin family, also known as plant defensins, represents one typical family and comprises low molecular mass cysteine-rich proteins, usually cationic and distributed in different plant tissues.

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  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a major clinical disorder usually associated with cigarette smoking. A central feature of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is inflammation coexisting with an abnormal protease/anti-protease balance, leading to apoptosis and elastolysis. In anin vitro study of rat lung alveolar L2 cells, cigarette smoke extract (CSE) induced apoptotic cell death. Expo-sure of L2 cells to CSE at a concentration of 0.25% resulted in a 50% increase of caspase-3 and matrix met-alloproteinase (MMP) activities.

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  • All limited firms in Sweden are legally bound to submit an annual report to the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV). This study uses data collected from MM (Market Manager)-Partner, now merged with PAR, a Swedish consulting firm that gathers economic information from PRV. This information is primarily used by decision-makers and stakeholders in Swedish commercial life. Our data comprise all Swedish limited companies active at some point between 1997 and 2005, in total 288,757 firms, and include all variables that can be found in the annual reports, e.g.

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