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  • Our Lives seeks to make available previously unheard voices from the past and present. Social history in general contests the construction of history as the story of elites and the act of making available the lives of everyday people, as seen by themselves, subverts even further the contentions of social historiography. At the same time, Our Lives aims to make available books that are good reads.

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  • This war has been described as "Months of boredom, punctuated by moments of intense fright." The writer of these sketches has experienced many "months of boredom," in a French military field hospital, situated ten kilometres behind the lines, in Belgium. During these months, the lines have not moved, either forward or backward, but have remained dead-locked, in one position. Undoubtedly, up and down the long-reaching kilometres of "Front" there has been action, and "moments of intense fright" have produced glorious deeds of valour, courage, devotion, and nobility.

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  • The name of Daniel Boone is a conspicuous one in the annals of our country. And yet there are but few who are familiar with the events of his wonderful career, or who have formed a correct estimate of the character of the man. Many suppose that he was a rough, coarse backwoodsman, almost as savage as the bears he pursued in the chase, or the Indians whose terrors he so perseveringly braved. Instead of this, he was one of the most mild and unboastful of men; feminine as a woman in his tastes and his deportment, never uttering a coarse word, never allowing himself...

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  • MISS BURNEY PUBLISHES HER FIRST NOVEL AND FINDS HERSELF FAMOUS -- 59-110 Evelina'.' and the Mystery attending its Publication--A First Visit to Mrs. Thrale and an Introduction to Dr. Johnson--Fanny Burney Interviews her Publisher -- Conversation with Mrs. Thrale and Dr. Johnson--Dr. Johnson on some "Ladies" of his Acquaintance--A Learned Man on "Evelina"--Curiosity regarding the Author of "Evelina"--The Members of Dr. Johnson's Household--Anticipated Visit from Mrs. Montagu--Fanny Burney's Introduction to a celebrated "Blue-Stocking"--Dr.

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  • VISITS BRIGHTON AND TUNBRIDGE WELLS -- 111-164 A Queer Adventure--An Evening at Sir Joshua Reynolds's: a Demonstrative "Evelina" Entbusiast--Fanny Burney's Introduction to Sheridan--An Aristocratic Radical of the Last Century--Mr. Murphy, the Dramatist--A Beauty Weeping at Will--Mr. Murphy's concern regarding Fanny Burney's Comedy--A Scene on the Brighton Parade--Mr. Murphy finds the Dialogue charming: a Censorious Lady--A Militia Captain officiates as Barber--"Hearts have at ye all"--Giddy Miss Brown--Sophy Streatfield weeps again to order0- -"Everything a Bore"--Proposed Match between Mr.

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  • When the year 1665 began, the French colony on the shores of the St Lawrence, founded by the valour and devotion of Champlain, had been in existence for more than half a century. Yet it was still in a pitiable state of weakness and destitution. The care and maintenance of the settlement had devolved upon trading companies, and their narrow-minded mercantile selfishness had stifled its progress. From other causes, also, there had been but little growth.

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