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  • Market efficiency prevails when many investors are willing to depart from maximum diversification, or a passive strategy, by adding mispriced securities to their portfolios in the hope of realizing abnormal returns. The competition for such returns ensures that prices will be near their “fair” values. Most managers will not beat the passive strategy on a riskadjusted basis. However, in the competition for rewards to investing, exceptional managers might beat the average forecasts built into market prices....

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  • Trading the stock futures markets is more complex than most traders realize.Tranding is a vast pespecitve made up of chart interpretation, entry methods, protective stops, money management, diversification, and psychology. Each of these subjects requires the sevelopment of a perspective.

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  • The IT Governance Institute (ITGI) ( was established in 1998 to advance international thinking and standards in directing and controlling an enterprise’s information technology. Effective IT governance helps ensure that IT supports business goals, optimizes business investment in IT, and appropriately manages IT-related risks and opportunities. The IT Governance Institute offers symposia, original research, and case studies to assist enterprise leaders and boards of directors in their IT governance responsibilities....

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  • We all are writers. Yes, you read that correctly. WE ALL ARE WRITERS! And as we take something for our colds or headaches, what we take to remedy writer's block is a large dose of journaling. I'll bet that you want to be healthier and happier. Most of us do. People spend lots of money each year on self-help books, retreats, and therapy. What you might not realize is how simple it is to advance toward health and happiness through journaling. Journaling empowers you to be your own Primary Care Provider. It provides you with a structure to explore your...

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  • Comparing the total air pollution related health costs per capita (see Figure 14) the results of the three countries stay within the same range, although the central estimates indicate differences between the three countries. The highest per capita costs are shown for Austria. For the road traffic-related health costs, the per capita results differ much less between the three countries: The highest value is obtained in France with about 370 EUR per capita, followed by Austria with about 360 EUR per capita and Switzerland with about 310 EUR per capita.

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  • Scratches and stonechips, although insignificant in terms of physical damage, can greatly detract from the overall looks and the value of almost any car. With a little time and attention to detail most damage of this type can be repaired with the minimum of cost. Check that the damage is confined to the paint/primer layer itself, i.e. there is not a shallow dent beneath the paintwork damage! Smooth out the scratched/chipped area with wet/dry abrasive paper 180 grit, finishing with 320 grit until a level surface is achieved, with a visible "contour" at least 1cm wide showing...

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  • The nutritional knowledge and practical skills of small scale farm holders must be improved in order to ensure that PNG can take advantage of the benefits of aquaculture. An increase in this knowledge base will also directly benefit other agricultural industries reliant on the feeding of stock such as the rapidly expanding poultry industry. These needs have been addressed in a three day Feed Manufacturing Workshop funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

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  • A number of other governments, including a rather desperate Greek government, have tried to raise money through the issuance of diaspora bonds. In March 2011 Greece announced that it was looking to raise $3 billion in a series of quarterly sales, primarily from wealthy members of its diaspora population, and began bond sales to investors in the United States. Credit rating agencies, including Moody’s, have downgraded Greece, giving it a junk rating.

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  • A strategic plan helps guide the development of the internal audit function. The plan is more than a point-in-time risk assessment. It formally defines the value proposition of the new function, the customers it serves and the value it will create now and into the future. It outlines operational tactics to achieve key objectives as well as functional management responsibilities. The plan also addresses funding and human resource needs both initially and over a three-to-five year horizon. Key assumptions and benchmarks comparing the plan against third-party data are generally included.

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  • These different sources of propaganda and/or violence vary in their intellectual underpinnings, sectarian and political aims, and in their internationalist or nationalist orientations. But what they have in common is an assault on the values of the West – on its democratic processes and its freedom of religion – and an exultation over the murder of Jews, Americans, Hindus, ‘unbelievers’, ‘infidels’, ‘apostates’ and various ‘infe- rior’ others.

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  • We also suggest that interventions providing associated benefits in kind may be less likely than those offering a straightforward financial reward to be perceived as a 'purchase' of a body part: indeed, for egg-sharing we have noted the argument that the benefit being received is not financial at all in nature but rather the opportunity to bear a child. Given that one of the key concerns around any form of non-altruistic-focused intervention is the risk of material being mis- valued, we distinguish between these two approaches through rungs 5 and 6 on the Intervention Ladder.

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  • The work reported here was conducted in the Penn Exchange Simulator (PXS), a novel stock-trading simulator that takes advantage of electronic crossing networks to realistically mix agent bids with bids from the real stock market [1]. In preparation for an open live competition, we developed three parameterizable trading agents and defined several instantiations of each strategy. We optimized each agent independently, and then conducted detailed controlled experiments to select the strongest of the three for entry in the live competition.

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  • PHC was not just a blueprint for organizing a public health system. It was a fundamental approach to health itself, which included key values: services to be delivered as close to the community as possible, in a system that the country could afford, in an integrated manner, with the participation of the community. Health was understood in its full social and economic dimensions and health care was understood as an essential part of what good governance should mean. These were optimistic times: the commitment to PHC and to “Health for All by the Year...

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  • Chapter 8 - Receivables. In this chapter, you will learn: The methods used to estimate uncollectible accounts and the net realizable value of accounts receivable; how firms estimate and record sales returns and allowances; how to evaluate whether or not receivables arose from real sales.

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  • After completing this chapter you should be able to: Describe and apply the lower-of-cost-or-market rule, explain when companies value inventories at net realizable value, explain when companies use the relative sales value method to value inventories, discuss accounting issues related to purchase commitments...and other contents.

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  • To apply our grayscale process to the realization of functional devices, we considered the material in which the device was to be fabricated, and began with the height profile for the device that we wished to produce in this material. If the device material is other than photoresist, it is necessary to transfer the device profile from the resist into the desired material via etching. For a grayscale process, the photoresist etch mask must be removed in a smooth and controllable fashion, so that the underlying material is gradually exposed and etched. The result is a translation...

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  • 18 Understanding the Numbers • Cash Equivalents are near-cash securities such as U.S. Treasury bills maturing in three months or less. • Accounts Receivable are amounts owed by customers and should be reported on the balance sheet at “realizable value,” which means “the amount reasonably expected to be collected in cash.” Any accounts whose collectibility is in doubt must be reduced to realizable value by deducting an allowance for doubtful debts. • Inventories in some cases may not be liquid in a crisis (except at fire-sale prices).

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  • In an age when our society relies so heavily on electronic communication, the need for information security is imperative. Given the value and confidential nature of the information that exists on today’s networks, CIOs are finding that an investment in security is not only extremely beneficial but also absolutely necessary. Corporations are realizing the need to create and enforce an information security policy.

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  • This is a FREE sampling of just one question in the very helpful interview guide. After reading this one, you will realize the value in being prepared. Register today and start reading the other 49 questions in this popular question and answer guide!

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  • I have known Michael Donaldson since our days in law school together. We share fundamental values about our human community, and I agree about how honest negotiation can help us realize those values. Now that I’ve reviewed the final text, it is gratifyingly obvious that this is not merely a book about techniques. It is not a book about cheap tricks. As far as I know, it is the only book on negotiating that begins with creating a personal or business mission statement that explores and then incorporates your values and beliefs.

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