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  • The book embraces a wide spectrum of problems falling under the concepts of "Quantum optics" and "Laser experiments". These actively developing branches of physics are of great significance both for theoretical understanding of the quantum nature of optical phenomena and for practical applications.

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  • In 29 states and the District of Columbia, renewable portfolio standard (RPS) policies require that utilities or load-serving entities include a certain percentage of renewable energy within their power generation mix; the percentages required and eligibility requirements vary among the states. Eligible renewable energy may either be purchased by load-serving entities to meet their RPS requirements, or may be bought by consumers or businesses wanting to buy renewable energy on a voluntary basis.

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  • In this essay we propose a model capturing the major components of the interaction existing between the advertising and audience markets. Our main objective consists in analysing how the linkage between these markets shapes the TV-programs selected at equilibrium, when these programs follow from oligopolistic competition in the TV-broadcasting sector. This analysis is de- veloped in the framework of a three-stage sequential game involving two com- panies, their TV-viewers and the advertising agencies buying ad-spots to be inserted in their programs.

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  • This is a photocopiable resource book for teachers which covers everyday topics, and provides a varied collection of challenging vocabulary quizzes and games. All the activities contain a strong element of competition and speed.Covers 15 useful everyday topics such as food and drink, shopping, transport, the media, jobs, and health and fitness

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  • Content marketing is all the rage. In a distracted world, where consumers are bombarded with advertising and overwhelmed by media and device choices, brands are searching for a new ways to connect—ideally over the long term. And many marketers are turning to content with varying degrees of success.

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  • Frequently asked questions, or FAQs are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be frequently asked in some context, and pertaining to a particular topic. Since the acronym FAQ originated in textual media, its pronunciation varies; "fack," "fax," "facts," and "F.A.Q." are commonly heard. Depending on usage, the term may refer specifically to a single frequently asked question, or to an assembled list of many questions and their answers.

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  • A new type of semiconductor laser is studied, in which injected carriers in the active region are quantum mechanically confined in localized finite self-assembled wire-like quantumdash (Qdash) structures that are varied in sizes and compositions. Effects of such carrier distribution and quasi three-dimensional density of states contribute to a quasisupercontinuum interband lasing characteristics, which is a new laser design platform as compared to continuous broad emission spectrum generated by nonlinear media pumped with ultrashort laser pulse....

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  • Statuses—Other Media Changes to the view Since all of the media types we are going to support require at least one additional database field in a table that extends the statuses table, we are going to need to display any additional fields on the post status form. The standard type of status doesn't require additional fields, and new media types that we haven't discussed, which we may wish to support in the future, may require more than one additional field. To support a varying number of additional fields depending on the type, we could use some JavaScript (in this case, we will...

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  • Clinical Presentation and Differential Diagnosis Most head and neck cancers occur after age 50, although these cancers can appear in younger patients, including those without known risk factors. The manifestations vary according to the stage and primary site of the tumor. Patients with nonspecific signs and symptoms in the head and neck area should be evaluated with a thorough otolaryngologic exam, particularly if symptoms persist longer than 2–4 weeks. Cancer of the nasopharynx typically does not cause early symptoms.

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  • This report focuses on a set of tools to address youth exposure that has been largely ignored: State laws that restrict youth expo- sure to alcohol advertising in both measured and unmeasured media venues. States have systems already in place for administer- ing alcohol advertising regulations, usually (but not always) housed in an Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) state agency. Alcohol producers, distributors, and retailers must obtain state licenses to do business in a state.

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  • The last edition of the report came out soon after the onset of the global financial crisis, leaving out little scope for incorporating a detailed analysis of its impact on the media industry. We have tried to more than compensate for that in the present edition, providing a much more focused assessment of the media industry against the backdrop of the financial meltdown. The impact of the crisis, needless to say, varies from country to country, depending on the extent to which each market is exposed to global markets.

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  • Rucht (forthcoming) argues that stark generalizations about media and movements are difficult to support, as different protest eras have been characterized by different media patterns. Gamson (2001) observes that media coverage of collective action movements even varies considerably from issue to issue. Finally, media access also varies with the public communication strategies and organization models adopted by cause movements, as indicated in a comparative analysis of abortion discourse in Germany and the United States (Feree, Gamson, Gerhards, and Rucht, 2002).

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  • Scope of license The extent of the license that you grant will vary based on the type of work involved. The rights may be limited to use on certain products, in particular media, in a certain territory, and/or for a specifi ed time period. Other basic limitations include whether or not you will allow the client to modify your work in any way, or to turn around and license the work to a third party without your permission. If the client later decides that they need additional rights, they will have to come back to you, renegotiate and pay additional...

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  • While effective media communication always aims to strengthen trust, its specific objectives can vary. The intention in some situations may be to proactively raise awareness of actual or potential risk, or to inform people prior to an emergency so they are better prepared to respond. In other cases, it may be a more reactive response to an existing situation. Other purposes include informing individuals and disseminating information on how to mitigate the effects of an emergency. In yet other cases, the purpose may be to build consensus and engage people in a public dialogue....

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  • Open issue trackers are a type of social media that has received relatively little attention from the text-mining community. We investigate the problems inherent in learning to triage bug reports from time-varying data. We demonstrate that concept drift is an important consideration. We show the effectiveness of online learning algorithms by evaluating them on several bug report datasets collected from open issue trackers associated with large open-source projects. We make this collection of data publicly available. ...

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