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  • The gene 4CL1 was isolated from Chinese red pine (Pinus massoniana Lamb) and ligated into vector pPTN289 to perform transformation vector pPTN289-4CL1. This construction was transformed into Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain C58, and then transformed into Chinaberrytree (Melia azedarach L.). The transgenic Chinaberrytree was screened on selection medium (MS + 0.5mg/l 6-BA + 1mg/l vitamine B5 + 30g/l sucrose + 8g/l agar + 500mg/l Cefotaxime + 1mg/l PPT) and then extracted total DNA and tested the existence of interested gene using PCR method. ...

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  • Generalized Vector Space Models (GVSM) extend the standard Vector Space Model (VSM) by embedding additional types of information, besides terms, in the representation of documents. An interesting type of information that can be used in such models is semantic information from word thesauri like WordNet. Previous attempts to construct GVSM reported contradicting results. The most challenging problem is to incorporate the semantic information in a theoretically sound and rigorous manner and to modify the standard interpretation of the VSM.

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  • This paper examines what kind of similarity between words can be represented by what kind of word vectors in the vector space model. Through two experiments, three methods for constructing word vectors, i.e., LSA-based, cooccurrence-based and dictionary-based methods, were compared in terms of the ability to represent two kinds of similarity, i.e., taxonomic similarity and associative similarity.

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  • Traditional vector-based models use word co-occurrence counts from large corpora to represent lexical meaning. In this paper we present a novel approach for constructing semantic spaces that takes syntactic relations into account. We introduce a formalisation for this class of models and evaluate their adequacy on two modelling tasks: semantic priming and automatic discrimination of lexical relations.

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  • I am an admitted object-oriented fanatic. I have been designing and implementing object-oriented software for more than twenty years. When I started designing and implementing object-oriented MATLAB ® , I encountered many detractors. They would say things like “The object model isn’t complete,” “You can’t have public variables,” “The development environment doesn’t work well with objects,” “Objects and vector operations don’t mix,” “Object-oriented code is too hard to debug,” and “MATLAB objects are too slow.

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  • Semantics is the research area touching the diversified domains such as: Philosophy, Information Science, Linguistics, Formal Semantics, Philosophy of Language and its constructs, Query Processing, Semantic Web, Pragmatics, Computational Semantics, Programming Languages, and Semantic Memory etc. The current book is a nice blend of number of great ideas, theories, mathematical models, and practical systems in diversified domains.

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  • While there is a study guide (available from Ventus) that focuses largely on objects and their characteristics, it will be instructive to the learner (of the Java programming language) to understand how the concept of an object is applied to their construction and use in Java applications.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Construction of Metabolically Biotinylated Adenovirus with Deleted Fiber Knob as Targeting Vector

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  • Lysine is one of the limiting essential amino acids because it is not synthesized in the body of animals and human. They must obtain lysine from their diet. Recent results of gene transfer research showed the possibility of overexpression of genes encoding natural lysine-rich proteins in crops such as rice and corn, to improve protein quality by increasing the lysine content.

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  • Let G be a connected, real, semisimple Lie group contained in its complexification GC , and let K be a maximal compact subgroup of G. We construct a KC -G double coset domain in GC , and we show that the action of G on the K-finite vectors of any irreducible unitary representation of G has a holomorphic extension to this domain. For the resultant holomorphic extension of K-finite matrix coefficients we obtain estimates of the singularities at the boundary, as well as majorant/minorant estimates along the boundary. ...

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  • This paper describes methods for relating (threading) multiple newspaper articles, and for visualizing various characteristics of them by using a directed graph. A set of articles is represented by a set of word vectors, and the similarity between the vectors is then calculated. The graph is constructed from the similarity matrix. By applying some constraints on the chronological ordering of articles, an efficient threading algorithm that runs in O(n) time (where n is the number of articles) is obtained. ...

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  • This lecture describes the construction of binary classifiers using a technique called Logistic Regression. The objective is for you to learn: How to apply logistic regression to discriminate between two classes; how to formulate the logistic regression likelihood; how to derive the gradient and Hessian of logistic regression; how to incorporate the gradient vector and Hessian matrix into Newton’s optimization algorithm so as to come up with an algorithm for logistic regression, which we call IRLS.

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  • To my knowledge, this paper is the first to find evidence that news media content can predict movements in broad indicators of stock market activity. Using principal components analysis, I construct a simple measure of media pessimismfromthe content of theWSJ column. I then estimate the intertempo- ral links between this measure of media pessimism and the stock market using basic vector autoregressions (VARs). First and foremost, I find that high lev- els of media pessimism robustly predict downward pressure on market prices, followed by a reversion to fundamentals.

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  • Constructing an encoding of a concept lattice using short bit vectors allows for efficient computation of join operations on the lattice. Join is the central operation any unification-based parser must support. We extend the traditional bit vector encoding, which represents join failure using the zero vector, to count any vector with less than a fixed number of one bits as failure.

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  • We introduce two ways to detect entailment using distributional semantic representations of phrases. Our first experiment shows that the entailment relation between adjective-noun constructions and their head nouns (big cat |= cat), once represented as semantic vector pairs, generalizes to lexical entailment among nouns (dog |= animal). Our second experiment shows that a classifier fed semantic vector pairs can similarly generalize the entailment relation among quantifier phrases (many dogs|=some dogs) to entailment involving unseen quantifiers (all cats|=several cats). ...

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  • A clone encoding farnesyl diphosphate synthase (FPPS) was obtained by PCR from a cDNA library made from young leaves of Artemisia annua. A cDNA clone encoding the tobacco epi-aristolochene synthase (eAS) was kindly supplied by J. Chappell (University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, USA). Two fusions were constructed, i.e. FPPS/ eAS and eAS/FPPS. The stop codon of the N-terminal enzyme was removed and replaced by a short peptide (Gly-SerGly) to introduce a linker between the two ORFs.

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  • In this paper, we introduce a new encoding for a given binary relation, by using adjacency matrix constructed on the relation. Therefore, a coatom of a concept lattice can be characterized by supports of row vectors of adjacency matrix. Moreover, we are able to compute a poly-sized sub-relation resulting in a sublattice of the original lattice for a given binary relation.

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  • The herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase⁄ganciclovir (HSV-tk⁄GCV) sys-tem that selectively depletes cells expressing HSV-tk upon treatment with GCV has provided a valuable tool for developing a new animal model expressing the desired tissue damage. In this paper, an HSV-tk vector with an albumin promoter⁄enhancer was constructed. Based on the favourable killing effect on Hep-G2 cells by the recombinant construct, the HSV-tk transgenic mouse strains were developed.

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  • In this paper we study unsupervised word sense disambiguation (WSD) based on sense definition. We learn low-dimensional latent semantic vectors of concept definitions to construct a more robust sense similarity measure wmfvec. Experiments on four all-words WSD data sets show significant improvement over the baseline WSD systems and LDA based similarity measures, achieving results comparable to state of the art WSD systems.

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  • We present a learning framework for structured support vector models in which boosting and bagging methods are used to construct ensemble models. We also propose a selection method which is based on a switching model among a set of outputs of individual classifiers when dealing with natural language parsing problems.

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