Ventricular ejection

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  • The risk of sudden death from cardiac causes is increased among survivors of acute myocardial infarction with reduced left ventricular systolic function. We assessed the risk and time course of sudden death in high-risk patients after myocardial infarction. methods We studied 14,609 patients with left ventricular dysfunction, heart failure, or both after myocardial infarction to assess the incidence and timing of sudden unexpected death or cardiac arrest with resuscitation in relation to the left ventricular ejection fraction....

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  • In the developed world, the cost of medical care is rapidly rising and practically every clinical, pharmacological or technological breakthrough brings not only an improved quality of life and prolonged patient survival but also a significant burden on healthcare providers irrespective of whether they are privately organised or government controlled. Despite the differences in the economies and healthcare arrangements of the Western world countries, the discussions about the ever rising cost of medical care are everywhere similarly heated.

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  • Trong việc ước định (estimate) nhiệm vụ (function) cuả tim trước khi cho dùng thuốc này (tức là đo sức đẩy cuả tim trái - Left ventricular ejection fraction - LVEF): hiện nay có hai cách đo: 1. hoặc là dùng y khoa hạch tâm (nuclear medicine) để đo bằng MUGA (multi-gated). 2. hoặc là đo bằng cách estimate trong khi đọc echocardiogram. Theo kinh nghiệm riêng, hai lối này đều có những nhược điểm (drawbacks) và không hoàn toàn tin vào một lối được.

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  • It is estimated that approximately 20 million people suffer from heart failure worldwide. Moreover, the prevalence of heart failure still tends to increase. A signifi cant proportion of patients with this condition have normal left ventricular systolic function, as measured by the ejection fraction. It is believed that in these patients, heart failure is the result of diastolic dysfunction. This condition is, therefore, frequently referred to as diastolic heart failure.

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