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  • Joe, a conscientious, informed planner, always gets his reports in before they’re due. His presentations sound like commodities futures reports, and his audience looks half asleep. Frank, also a planner, hands in reports at the last minute, and they’re not always complete. But when he speaks, people listen. He sounds as though he knows what he’s talking about. Clearly, Frank has an edge when it comes to plum assignments and even promotion. His advantage is the ability to make highly effective presentations to public officials, citizens, peers, and businesses....

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  • How to Speak So People Will Listen: Tips for better verbal presentations. By Pauline Gravier From Planning, December 1992 Joe, a conscientious, informed planner, always gets his reports in before they’re due. His presentations sound like commodities futures reports, and his audience looks half asleep. Frank, also a planner, hands in reports at the last minute, and they’re not always complete. But when he speaks, people listen. He sounds as though he knows what he’s talking about. Clearly, Frank has an edge when it comes to plum assignments and even promotion.

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  • Over the years, world-renowned success expert Brian Tracy has delivered more than 4,000 presentations and spoken personally to more than 5,000,000 people in 46 countries. His ability to deliver a winning speech and verbally communicate his ideas effectively has helped to transform his life and career, making him the person others look to when deciding to take control of their own lives. Now, in Speak to Win, Tracy tells listeners how to master the art of the winning speech

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  • W e present a method for automatically identifying verbal participation in diathesis alternations. Automatically acquired subcategorization frames are compared to a hand-crafted classification for selecting candidate verbs. The m i n i m u m description length principle is then used to produce a model and cost for storing the head noun instances from a training corpus at the relevant argument slots.

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  • This paper addresses the issue of designing embodied conversational agents that exhibit appropriate posture shifts during dialogues with human users. Previous research has noted the importance of hand gestures, eye gaze and head nods in conversations between embodied agents and humans. We present an analysis of human monologues and dialogues that suggests that postural shifts can be predicted as a function of discourse state in monologues, and discourse and conversation state in dialogues.

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  • On completion of this chapter students will know how to: identify the most appropriate presentation style use strategies to engage and interact with an audience, prepare effective slides, use knowledge about non-verbal factors to improve a presentation, appreciate the value of preparation, understand the importance of voice in presenting effectively.

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  • Body language is non-verbal communication involving body movement. People in the workplace convey a great deal of information without even speaking through gesturing, posture, expressions,... Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • Chapter 16 introduces you to culture and cross - Cultural variations in consumer behaviour. In this lecture we will discuss the concept of culture, how culture is acquired, the 3 categories of cultural values, and the importance of non-verbal communications in cross-cultural and ethnic marketing.

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  • Chapter 12 - Communicating in organisational settings. Chapter learning objectives: diagram the communication process, identify four common communication barriers, describe problems with communicating through electronic mail, explain how non-verbal communication relates to emotional labour and emotional contagion, identify two conditions requiring a channel with high media richness, summarise four communication strategies in organisational hierarchies, describe characteristics of the organisational grapevine,...

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  • Accountants also need to be good communicators, not just in the way they present accounting information on paper, but also in how they verbally communicate the significance of the information they prepare. An accountant can obviously arrange the financial figures so as to present the information in as meaningful a way as possible for the people who are going to use that information.

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  • Nearly all of Steve Jobs’ presentations were divided into three parts. For example: When Jobs took the stage on September 9, 2009, he told the audience he would be talking about three products: iPhone, iTunes and iPod. Along the way he provided verbal guideposts such as “iPhone. The first thing I wanted to talk about today. Now, let’s move on to the second, iTunes.” The number three is a powerful concept in writing. Playwrights know that three is more dramatic than two; comedians know that three is funnier than four; and Steve Jobs knew that three is more memorable than...

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  • No matter where you are on the organizational ladder, the odds are high that you've delivered a high-stakes presentation to your peers, your boss, your customers, or the general public. Presentation software is one of the few tools that requires professionals to think visually on an almost daily basis. But unlike verbal skills, effective visual expression is not easy, natural, or actively taught in schools or business training programs. slide:ology fills that void.

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  • Our first set of results does not allow the effect of an MBA to vary across the three types of programs or with program quality. Table 5 presents the results for men. The OLS results without ability controls yield an estimate of a 9.4% return for obtaining an MBA. The return falls to 6.3% when GMAT scores and undergraduate grades are included in the regression. There is a positive and significant return to math ability but no return to verbal ability. 29 For males, one standard deviation increase in math ability, 8.66 points, yields an 8% increase in wages. ...

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  • If understanding and grasping the meaning is essential, as proposed in the model, then information which helps to interpret the image must affect aesthetic processing. Here we present a study in which we investigate how verbal information affects cognitive and affec- tive components in the processing of abstract and representational artworks. However, the temporal structure of the model is not yet clear.

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  • The results for women are presented in Table 6. Unlike Montgomery and Powell (2003), the estimated returns to an MBA are consistently lower for women. The return to an MBA for women is estimated to be 10.4% with no ability controls and falls to 6.7% with ability controls. The fixed effect estimate is a little under 4%. The return to math ability is higher for women than for men, with again no return to verbal ability.

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  • Related sensations during eating such as somatic sensations of coolness, warmth, and irritation are mediated through the trigeminal, glossopharyngeal, and vagal afferents in the nose, oral cavity, tongue, pharynx, and larynx. Flavor is the complex interaction of taste, smell, and somatic sensation.

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  • We investigate the verbal and nonverbal means for grounding, and propose a design for embodied conversational agents that relies on both kinds of signals to establish common ground in human-computer interaction. We analyzed eye gaze, head nods and attentional focus in the context of a direction-giving task. The distribution of nonverbal behaviors differed depending on the type of dialogue move being grounded, and the overall pattern reflected a monitoring of lack of negative feedback.

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  • This paper pinpoints some of the problems faced when a computer text production model (COMMENTATOR) is to produce spontaneous speech, in speech. This paper discusses some of the problems in the light of the computer model of verbal production presented £n Sigurd (1982), Fornell (1983). For experimental purposes a simple speech synthesis device (VOTRAX) has been used. The Problem of producing naturally sounding utterances is also met in text-to-speech systems (see e.g. Carlson & Granstr~m, 1978). ...

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  • The purpose of this paper is to present LX-Suite, a set of tools for the shallow processing of Portuguese, developed under the TagShare1 project by the NLX Group.2 The tools included in this suite are a sentence chunker; a tokenizer; a POS tagger; a nominal featurizer; a nominal lemmatizer; and a verbal featurizer and lemmatizer. These tools were implemented as autonomous modules. This option allows to easily replace any of the modules by an updated version or even by a third-party tool. It also allows to use any of these tools separately, outside the pipeline of the suite. ...

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  • AI dialog systems are now developing from question-answering systems toward advising systems. This includes: - structuring dialog - understanding a n d generating a wider range o f speech acts than simply information request and answer user modelling discussed here, but see (Jameson, Wahlster 1982). The second part o f this paper presents user modelling with respect to a dialog strategy which selects and verbalizes the appropriate speech act of recommendation.

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