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  • There anr thousands of pharasal verbs in english, some are very common. Some are rare. Some have more than one meaning. This book practises over 700 with more than 1,000 meanings. This book organises them in diffenrent ways by particle, by verb and by topic. The more diffenrenr ways you meet these verbs, the more you will learn.

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  • The inspiration for The Ultimate Phrasal Verb Book came about when a student asked me for a textbook to help her learn the meanings of common phrasal verbs. I had nothing to offer. The only textbook focusing on common verbs that I could give her contains not one phrasal verb — it teaches arise but not get up, awake but not wake up, seek but not look for. differentiation is made between recognized adjectives derived from past participles and past participles with adjectival meaning.

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  • Getting Started Verbs with UP Verb with DOWN Verbs with OUT Verbs with INTO Verbs with IN Verbs with ON Verbs with OFF Verbs with OTHER PARTICLES Verbs with TWO PARTICLES Common Verbs Verbs by Topic Nouns, Adjectives and Opposites Test yourself

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  • Phrasal Verb ( C ) Phrasal Verb call for + call * off + call * off + call on + call on + call * up + calm * down + care for + care for + carry on + carry on about + carry on with + carry * out + carry * over + catch on catch up catch up with + Definition require (as in a recipe) cancel something order to stop (an invasion, guard dogs) visit invite someone to speak in a meeting or a classroom telephone make someone relax nurse someone or something like someone...

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  • Phrasal Verb ( D ) Phrasal Verb die away die down die off/out disagree with + do away with + do * over + do without + draw * up + dress * down dress down dress * up + dress up drive * back + drop in drop in on + drop out drop out of + Definition diminish in intensity diminish in intensity become extinct cause to feel sick due to food or drink abolish repeat manage without something one wants or needs create ( a contract) reprimand severely dress casually decorate wear elegant clothes repulse visit someone unexpectedly...

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  • Whales are in danger of dying off. cause to feel sick due to Spicy food disagrees food or drink with me. abolish Some Americans want to do away with the death penalty. repeat You made many mistakes, so I want you to do the report over. manage without I couldn't do without a something one wants or car in California. needs create ( a contract) Let's draw an agreement up before we go any further with this project. reprimand severely The mother dressed her son down for skipping school. dress casually I am dressing down because we're going to...

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  • 130 Phrasal verbs (3) Here up has the sense of 'increasing', and on has the sense of connected'. B Adverb meanings Look at these adverbs and their meanings. Remember that an adverb can have a number of different meanings. down = becoming less turn down the music bring down the cost oj living down = completely to the ground knock a house down cut down a tree down = stopping completely the car broke down a factory closing down down = on paper copy down the words write down the message note down the details off = away, departing set off on a...

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