Victims of rape

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  • For many years, women were not systematically included in biomedical research and clinical trials, in part because of concern that if women became pregnant during the course of the study, the fetus might be harmed. Unfortunately, though, the policy meant that researchers simply did not know certain facts about women’s health.

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  • The impact of an earthquake, flood or war on reproductive health can be devastating. Communities in crisis are suddenly deprived of reproductive health information and services. Access is cut off, yet needs persist, even escalate. A large number of refugees and internally displaced women will be pregnant, facing delivery under dangerous conditions; others may be victims of violence including rape. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is committed to assisting and protecting women, men and youth made vulnerable by natural disaster, armed conflict, persecution and other causes.

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  • The legal definition of rape varies from state to state, but for medical purposes, rape is physical assault or penetration of the genital, oral, or anal cavities by the assailant’s body or foreign object with force or without consent of the victim. Thus, in medical environments, rape is better termed sexual assault. Sexual assault is perpetrated primarily against women or children. Far fewer rape victims are males. Rape is increasing, especially the number of elderly victims.

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