Vipera ammodytes

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  • Ammodytoxins are neurotoxic secretory phospholipase A2molecules, some of the most toxic components of the long-nosed viper (Vipera ammo-dytes ammodytes) venom. Envenomation by this and by closely related vipers is quite frequent in southern parts of Europe and serotherapy is used in the most severe cases.

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  • Since the method of treating snakebite-poisoning by hypodermic injections of strychnine, discovered by the writer and published but a few years ago, has already been adopted by the medical profession throughout the Australian colonies, and practised even by laymen in cases of urgency with much success, it has been repeatedly suggested to him that the subject calls for further elucidation at his hands; that the morbid processes engendered by the snake venom and the modus operandi of the antidote should be explained by him in a manner satisfying the demands of science, and at the same time wi...

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  • The molecular mechanism of the presynaptic neurotoxicity of snake venom phospholipases A2(PLA2s) is not yet fully elucidated. Recently, newhigh-affinity binding proteins for PLA2 toxins have been discovered, including the important intracellular Ca 2+ sensor, calmodulin (CaM). In the present study, the mode of interaction of group IIAPLA2swiththe Ca 2+ -bound form of CaM was investigated by mutational analysis of ammodytoxin A (AtxA) from the long-nosed viper (Vipera ammodytes ammodytes).

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