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  • This detailed guide for programmers, developers, and computer enthusiasts shows how to get the most from parallel port in any application or project. The Visual-Basic code and circuit designs include examples that use the new enhanced (EPP) and expanded (EPC) modes.An excellent resource for Visual Basic programmers looking to interface hardware through standard ports. Anyone designing hardware to work with a parallel port is well advised to add this book to their library.

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  • In the last five years, the Internet has vastly enhanced our ability to display images to each other, and we can now think of ourselves not just as viewers and consumers of images but as makers and users of them ourselves. Indeed, if on the Internet we do not use images, we appear stuck in print culture and oblivious to the possibilities of the new medium. We can of course avoid giving these impressions by including some wallpaper and a few bits of eye candy, without thereby getting very far at all into graphics as a mode of conveying meaning....

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  • In Practical Vim, I demonstrate by showing examples rather than by describing them. That’s not easy to do with the written word. To show the steps taken during an interactive editing session, I’ve adopted a simple notation that illustrates the keystrokes and the contents of a Vim buffer side by side. If you’re keen to jump to the action, you can safely skip this chapter for now. It describes each of the conventions used throughout Practical Vim, many of which you’ll find to be self-explanatory. At some point, you’ll probably come across a symbol and wonder what it stands for.

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  • việc viết chương trình trong mode này nhằm giúp cho người học từng bước làm quen với môi trường lập trình VB.NET một cách vững chắc trước khi học cách thức xây dựng ứng dụng môi trường Windows. Đầu tiên người học phải cài đặt bộ Visual Studio 2005 lên máy tính của mình, đây là điều kiện tiên quyết để thực hành tất cả những kiến thức được trình bày trong sách.

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  • Để cài đặt SQL Server 2005 chạy trên HĐH Window XP các bạn mua version SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition hoặc sử dụng version SQL Server 2005 Express Edition kèm theo đĩa cài đặt Visual Studio 2005. Để có thể đăng nhập vào SQL Server bằng 2 cách Windows Authentication và SQL Server Authentication các bạn phải chọn chế độ Mixed Mode khi cài đặt.

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  • SP.NET MVC 4 contains a number of significant advances over previous versions. New mobile and desktop templates (employing adaptive rendering) are included together with support for jQuery Mobile for the first time. New display modes allow your application to select views based on the browser that's making the request while Code Generation Recipes for Visual Studio help you auto-generate project-specific code for a wide variety of situtations including NuGet support.

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  • Creating the animation in a movie clip symbol Your button symbols in this interactive restaurant guide already contain a movie clip symbol of a gray information box in their Over states. You will edit each movie clip symbol to add an animation inside it. 1 In the Library panel, expand the restaurant previews folder. Double-click the movie clip symbol icon for gabel loffel over info. Flash puts you in symbol-editing mode for the movie clip symbol called gabel loffel over info. 2 Select all the visual elements on the Stage (Ctrl/Command+A).

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  • NGHIÊN CỨU PHƯƠNG PHÁP ĐIỀU KHIỂN TẮC NGHẼN TRONG NGN BẢNG TRA CÁC TỪ VIẾT TẮT A ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subcriber Line Đường truyền thuê bao số bất đồng bộ AIAD Additive Increase Additive Decrease Tăng cộng giảm cộng AIMD Additive Increase Multiplicate Decrease Tăng cộng giảm nhân API Application Program Interface Giao diện ứng dụng AGC Access Gateway Controller Bộ điều khiển cổng truy cập ARWND Advertised Receiver Window Cửa sổ nhận quảng bá ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode Mode truyền dị bộ C CATV Comm...

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  • A study on French learning, with university students as participants, by Jones and Plass (2002) supported the proposition that simultaneous visual and auditory presentations can cause the modality effect, which lowers extraneous cognitive load and enhances learning performance. Another study about English learning, also with university students as participants, by Daio et al. (2007) revealed that double modes, such as sound and complete paragraph, and ...

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  • In his book Righting the Educational Conveyor Belt (1989), Michael Grinder reviews the ties between ace, brain hemispheres and preferences in learning styles. He concludes that some people process, store and recall information more easily if it is presented visually, while others prefer auditory or kinaesthetic (movement and touch) modes.

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  • The clear message here is that teachers need to know how to balance their reliance on visual, auditory and kinaesthetic input modes if they are to cater successfully for individual learning styles within a group. One of our major concerns has been to show ways of providing such balance.

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  • Most information about the external world enters the human mind via the visual system; when seeing and looking are impaired, important aspects of life may elude us or the world becomes disturbingly distorted. While the globe may be likened to a camera, it is the brain that constructs an image of the world. It does this by making sense of the signals it receives from the retina, in which it is helped by data stored in memory as well as data gathered through other modes of perception.

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  • Frustrated with networking books so chock-full of acronyms that your brain goes into sleep mode? Head First Networking's unique, visually rich format provides a task-based approach to computer networking that makes it easy to get your brain engaged. You'll learn the concepts by tying them to on-the-job tasks, blending practice and theory in a way that only Head First can.

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  • As cinema first evolved in the early 20th century, a particular style of shooting and editing geared towards making film narratives easier to understand developed. This became known as the continuity style and from the very outset, it proved popular with both filmmakers themselves and with audiences. The continuity style has since become the moving image’s most conventional and dominant mode of visual storytelling.

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  • The impacts of different media presentation modes on learning remain inconclusive. According to the working memory model proposed by Baddeley (2000), working memory can simultaneously receive information from different channels, such as auditory and visual. Thus, when the efficiency of the working memory is improved, learning performance will also be enhanced. However, Kalyuga, Chandler and Sweller (2000) suggested that some multimedia learning software can lead to cognitive overload,...

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  • Cognitive load and listening in foreign language learning From the perspective of the modality effect, double mode, including visual and auditory, will be expected to enhance learning performance. A study done by Markham (1999) revealed that foreign language learners who learned with double mode had better listening comprehension. However, from the perspective of the redundancy effect, double mode will not be beneficial to learning. Research...

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  • You need to adjust the hand a little so it tilts away from the body. Many Blender animators prefer to use the manipulators for bone rotations like this, as they give excellent visual feedback. If the Transformation Manipulator isn’t showing, enable it on the 3D header, or with Ctrl-Space. When the manipulator is visible, set it to Rotation mode. With the manipulator set to the default Global mode on the header, it’s not very useful. Change it to Normal, which will cause the manipulator to align itself with the active bone.

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  • RMB click on the armature to select it. The first thing you will notice is that you can’t see the armature when it is inside Hank’s mesh. How can you work with it if you can’t see it? One solution would be to just work in wireframe mode. That could be handicapping, though, as character animation relies on visual feedback from the character itself. The better the visualizations of a character’s poses are, the better the final animation will be. With the armature selected, check out the Armature panel in the Edit buttons (F9). Enable the X-Ray option.

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  • Following this, i switch modes to analyze the sample prototypes that i helped design to test these theoretical concepts. Chapter 6 introduces the applications section of this thesis, while Chapters 7 and 8 detail Social Network Fragments and SecureId, including the conceptual theory, the algorithms and the design approach. Chapter 7 reflects on the design and concepts behind Social Network Fragments, a visualization tool that i built in collaboration with Jeff Potter.

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  • Multimodal interfaces combining, e.g., natural language and graphics take advantage of both the individual strength of each communication mode and the fact that several modes can be employed in parallel, e.g., in the text-picture combinations of illustrated documents. It is an important goal of this research not simply to merge the verbalization results of a natural language generator and the visualization results of a knowledge-based graphics generator, but to carefully coordinate graphics and text in such a way that they complement each other. ...

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