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  • Effective pronunciation involes accurate production of individual sounds in a total lânguge situation including tress and intônatin.Sounds english is a course which trains in this complex area of language learning in this complex area of language learing.Each unit stars with intensive practive in hearing and saying particular sounds, then moves on to reat- life

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  • Engaging, explicit lessons using mini-excerpts from books and students’ writing show you how to teach grammar strategically. Zero in on the common grammar glitches, and model for students how to use nouns, verbs, and adjectives effectively, catch mismatched pronoun references; make prose lively with clauses and phrases, use the active voice, and more. From learning the parts of speech to the skill of paragraphing, this book covers it, and gives you what you need to teach grammar in the context of reading and writing. For use with Grades 4-8....

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  • PERIOD 16 LESSON 3 : LISTEN A/ Aims and Objectives : By the end of the lesson , Ss will be able to identify the right item by listening . B / Teaching aids : Cassette , textbooks , chalks , .... C / Procedure : I / Warm up : Bingo - Ask Ss to write down on their notebooks 5 things you can eat . - Prepare a list of food . Then call out each word in a loud voice . - Ss listen to the teacher carefully . If anyone has the same things , they cross them out...

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  • As a clinical student, I never felt I gained much from didactic teaching. The greatest exception to this was a lesson taught by Peter Ellis, Consultant ENT Surgeon at Addenbrooke’s hos- pital. He had the daunting prospect of taking an uninspired group of students for the whole afternoon in a small, stuffy lecture room. He made us take our seats, then, sitting on a table at the front, he announced, ‘I am going to teach you something today that you are never going to forget. Any patient with hoarseness of the voice for 3 weeks has carcinoma of the larynx until proven otherwise.

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  • Lecture Chapter 3 How to manage teaching & learning presented content: Physical presence in class, teacher’s voice, marking stages of the lesson, seating arrangement, groupings, evaluating a lesson (success or failure).

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  • Some facilitation techniques may work out differently, depending on the particular situation. For instance: • You may need to deal with some participants and their contributions in a particular way because of their status, gender, age or communication style; Example 1 - If the community includes both senior managers and more junior staff, you may need to emphasize that everyone has a "right" to participate in the discussions, and make special efforts to encourage junior staff to make their voices heard....

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  • In order for members of an online community to participate freely, offering their opinions and experiences, they need to trust that the space is safe and that their contributions will be respected. How to build trust in an online discussion? A good set of ground rules will go some way toward making sure that members respect each other’s voices, but more needs to be done by the facilitator to build trust…

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  • UNIT 5 : TECHNOLOGY LANGUAGE FOCUS - Objective : by the end of the lesson , ss will be able to give the correct form of the verb in present perfect passive voice - Materials : textbook , chalks , handouts , projector, laptop,…

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  • This book captures the experiences and voices of over 6,000 people who have received international assistance, observed the effects of aid efforts, or been involved in providing aid. Over time, across very different contexts and continents, people’s experiences with international aid efforts have been remarkably consistent. While there was a wide range of opinions on specifics, the authors were struck by the similarity in people’s descriptions of their interactions with the international aid system.

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