Voltage regulators

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  • Dạo gần đây trong các bài đánh giá sản phẩm bộ nguồn, bạn thường hay nghe nhắc tới các danh từ như Voltage Regulator Module hoặc VRM hoặc “DC to DC”. Vậy tính năng này hoạt động như thế nào trong PSU?

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  • The switching regulator is increasing in popularity because it offers the advantages of higher power conversion efficiency and increased design flexibility (multiple output voltages of different polarities can be generated from a single input voltage). This paper will detail the operating principles of the four most commonly used switching converter types: Buck: used the reduce a DC voltage to a lower DC voltage. Boost: provides an output voltage that is higher than the input. Buck-Boost (invert): an output voltage is generated opposite in polarity to the input....

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  • This book is a departure from those that have gone before it. The Resource Handbook of Electronics is intended to provide quick access to basic information, mostly through figures and tables. For each of the 20-plus chapters, a broad-brush overview is given, followed in most cases by extensive tabular data. The Resource Handbook of Electronics is intended for readerswho need specific data at their fingertips, accessible in a convenient format

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  • The book “Testing Electronic Components” is a highly condensed course in electronics repair. Read, study and implement the various techniques and see for yourself. If you complete all the exercises in the book, you’ll have enough knowledge and information to work in an electronic repair shop as an apprentice. Now you have a way to pay for your school if you decide you really like electronics. This is a great electronic repair guide.

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  • • Bias = phân cực • Capacitor-input filter = Mạch lọc ngõ vào (dùng) tụ • Choke-input filter = Mạch lọc ngõ vào (dùng) cuộn dây • Clamper = mạch kẹp • Clipper = mạch xén pp ạ • dc value of signal = giá trị DC của tín hiệu • Filter = mạch lọc bộ lọc lọc, • Half-wave signal = tín hiệu bán kỳ Từ Vựng (2) • IC voltage regulator = Mạch ổn áp IC • I t Integrated circuit = IC = vi mạch = mạch t d i it i h h tích hợp • P Passive...

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  • VOLTAGE REGULATION A voltage regulator circuit automatically maintains the output voltage of a power supply constant, regardless of - a change in the load - a change in the source voltage ZENER DIODES The simplest of all voltage regulators is the zener diode voltage regulator. A zener diode is a special diode that p is optimized for operation in the g breakdown region. ZENER DIODE CIRCUIT The zener diode is typically connected reverse biased, in parallel with the load. Resistor Rs limits current to zener.

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  • A buck converter is a step-down DC to DC converter. Its design is similar to the step-up boost converter, and like the boost converter it is a switched-mode power supply that uses two switches (a transistor and a diode), an inductor and a capacitor. The simplest way to reduce the voltage of a DC supply is to use a linear regulator (such as a 7805), but linear regulators waste energy as they operate by dissipating excess power as heat.

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  • 3.1 Theory and Principles Harold Moore 3.2 Power Transformers H. Jin Sim and Scott H. Digby 3.3 Distribution Transformers Dudley L. Galloway 3.4 Underground Distribution Transformers Dan Mulkey 3.5 Dry Type Transformers Paulette A. Payne 3.6 Step-Voltage Regulators Craig A. Colopy 3.7 Reactors Richard Dudley, Antonio Castanheira, and Michael Sharp 3.8 Instrument Transformers Randy Mullikin and Anthony J. Jonnatti 3.9 Transformer Connections Dan D. Perco 3.10 LTC Control and Transformer Paralleling James H. Harlow 3.11 Loading Power Transformers Robert F. Tillman, Jr. 3.

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  • Automatic Voltage Regulator adjusts the excitation so that at the system design power factor, the voltage is correct whatever the current. If however it adjusts the excitation to give the correct voltage at other power factors, then two machines will not run in parallel. One can supply a huge leading current and the other a huge lagging current. A “droop” is needed to give a lower voltage if the power factor lags by more than the system design. This is achieved by the compounding. Faulty Compounding causes unstable sharing of kVAr which can be quite violent....

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  • Synchronous Ca 2+ oscillation occurs in various cell types to regulate cell-ular functions. However, the mechanism for synchronization of Ca 2+ increases between cells remains unclear. Recently, synchronous oscillatory changes in the membrane potential of internal Ca 2+ stores were recorded using an organelle-specific voltage-sensitive dye [Yamashita et al. (2006) FEBS J273, 3585–3597], and an electrical coupling model of the synchro-nization of store potentials and Ca 2+ releases has been proposed [Yamash-ita (2006) FEBS Lett580, 4979–4983]....

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  • The voltage-gated potassium channel Kv4.3 was coexpressed with itsb-sub-unit Kv channel-interacting protein 2 and the angiotensin type 1 receptor in HEK-293 cells. Proteomic analysis of proteins coimmunoprecipitated with Kv4.3 revealed that Kv4.3 is associated with Rap guanine nucleotide exchange factors MR-GEF and EPAC-1.

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  • The AS1110 is a new 16-channel constant-current LED driver with advanced error diagnostics to detect open and shorted LEDs. The AS1110 uses the serial data I/O lines for error-information read back so no additional PCB tracks are needed for LED error diagnostics. The AS1110 features 16 regulated ports that provide constant current for driving LEDs within a wide range of forward voltage variations.

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  • In practice, consumption devices are not only resistive but also reactive and this reactance varies with time. Therefore, grid voltage is not stable and coefficients always change in spite of using Automatic Reactive Power Regulator. To regulate voltage and cosφ in an expected range, it is necessary to change the parameters of regulators as the loads change.

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  • TRPM4b is a Ca 2+ -activated, voltage-dependent monovalent cation chan-nel that has been shown to act as a negative regulator of Ca 2+ entry and to be involved in the generation of oscillations of Ca 2+ influx in Jurkat T-lymphocytes. Transient overexpression of TRPM4b as an enhanced green fluorescence fusion protein in human embryonic kidney (HEK) cells resulted in its localization in the plasma membrane, as demonstrated by confocal fluorescence microscopy.

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