Water transmission

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  • This book incorporates selected topics on theory, revision, and practical application models for water supply systems analysis. A water supply system is an interconnected collection of sources, pipes, and hydraulic control elements (e.g., pumps, valves, regulators, tanks) delivering consumers prescribed water quantities at desired pressures and water qualities. Such systems are often described as a graph, with the links representing the pipes, and the nodes defining connections between pipes, hydraulic control elements, consumers, and sources.

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  • Water requirements of camels, although low in comparison to other livestock species, are still quite high in absolute terms. At the height of the dry season, when the ambient temperatures are high and the vegetation is dry, an adult camel needs approximately 80 to 100 litres of water every five to seven days. If the pasture consists mainly of halophytic plants and/or the available water is rich in minerals, the requirement will increase. It will also increase in lactating animals. A herd of 100 camels during the dry season might require as much as 10,000 litres of water three...

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  • Bathroom surfaces, such as faucets, handles, and toilet seats should be washed and disinfected several times a day, if possible, but at least once daily or when obviously soiled. The bleach and water solution or chlorine-containing scouring powders or other commercial bathroom surface cleaners/disinfectants can be used in these areas. Surfaces that infants and young toddlers are likely to touch or mouth, such as crib rails, should be washed with soap and water and disinfected with a nontoxic disinfectant, such as bleach solution, at least once daily and more often if visibly soiled.

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  • By stating that all isolators and equipment bases shall be of the same manufacturer and shall be supplied to the mechanical contractor, the consulting engineer has placed the responsibility on a single source who will be concerned with the vibration transmission from all mechanical equipment in the building, rather than only those which they supply.

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  • TB is an airborne disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) (Figure 2.1). M. tuberculosis and seven very closely related mycobacterial species (M. bovis, M. africanum, M. microti, M. caprae, M. pinnipedii, M. canetti and M. mungi) together comprise what is known as the M. tuberculosis complex. Most, but not all, of these species have been found to cause disease in humans. In the United States, the majority of TB cases are caused by M. tuberculosis. M. tuberculosis organisms are also called tubercle bacilli....

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  • The charging process can be speeded up by applying swabs dipped in warm water to the refrigerant cylinder. Never heat cylinders with a blowtorch or immerse them in boiling or very hot water. A rapid charger is available. This device, fitted between the hose and the cylinder, acts as a restrictor or limit valve, maintaining a higher constant pressure in the cylinder and preventing early frosting. The vapour passing through the device is less superheated when it reaches the compressor, so less time is taken to charge the system....

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  • In everyday parlance a ‘filter’ is a device that removes some component from whatever is passed through it. A drinking-water filter removes salts and bacteria; a coffee filter removes coffee grinds; an air filter removes pollutants and dust. In electronics the word ‘filter’ evokes thoughts of a system that removes components of the input signal based on frequency.

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  • Wang et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:241 http://www.nanoscalereslett.com/content/6/1/241 NANO EXPRESS Open Access High-quality reduced graphene oxidenanocrystalline platinum hybrid materials prepared by simultaneous co-reduction of graphene oxide and chloroplatinic acid Yinjie Wang, Jincheng Liu*, Lei Liu, Darren Delai Sun* Abstract Reduced graphene oxide-nanocrystalline platinum (RGO-Pt) hybrid materials were synthesized by simultaneous coreduction of graphene oxide (GO) and chloroplatinic acid with sodium citrate in water at 80°C, of pH 7 and 10.

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  • Acute Diarrhea More than 90% of cases of acute diarrhea are caused by infectious agents; these cases are often accompanied by vomiting, fever, and abdominal pain. The remaining 10% or so are caused by medications, toxic ingestions, ischemia, and other conditions. INFECTIOUS AGENTS Most infectious diarrheas are acquired by fecal-oral transmission or, more commonly, via ingestion of food or water contaminated with pathogens from human or animal feces.

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  • Al-MSU mesoporous materials were successfully synthesized by hydrothermal treatment using water glass as a Si-sources. The obtained samples were characterized by different techniques such as x-ray diffraction (XRD), infrared resonance (IR) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The specific surface area (SBET) and mesopore volume, pore size distribution were determined by BET method. The results showed that the Al-MSU mesoporous materials were hexagonal p6mm structure.

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