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  • to turn off: to cause to stop functioning (also: to switch off, to shut off) (S) Turn on and turn off, as well as their related forms, are used for things that flow, such as electricity, water, gas, etc. Please turn off the light when you leave the room.

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  • to have one’s way: to arrange matters the way one wants (especially when someone else doesn’t want the same way) (also: to get one’s way. My brother always wants to have his way, but this time our parents said that we could do what I wanted. · If Sheila doesn’t get her way, she becomes very angry.

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  • In addition to describing the design of the Gamma software, a thorough performance evaluation of the iPSC/2 hypercube version of Gamma is also presented. In addition to measuring the effect of relation size and indices on the response time for selection, join, aggregation, and update queries, we also analyze the performance of Gamma relative to the number of processors employed when the sizes of the input relations are kept constant (speedup) and when the sizes of the input relations are increased proportionally to the number of processors (scaleup).

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  • Immunization Immunizations are one of the most important tools we have to protect children from a wide range of diseases, including polio, measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, tetanus, diph- theria, and pertussis. Without immunizations, a much larger number of children in North America would die each year or live with the chronic effects of these diseases. Immunization coverage can also be an indicator of access to primary health care.

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  • Moreover, earnings management proxies should be particularly responsive to the use of discretion and firms’ reporting incentives, making our tests more powerful. Finally, we can draw on prior research in constructing several measures of earnings management (e.g., Healy and Wahlen, 1999; Dechow and Skinner, 2000). Following Leuz et al. (2003), we compute four different proxies capturing a wide range of earnings management activities: i.e.

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  • The period from 2006 to 2012 saw a number of major events, a very significant one being the global meltdown in the banking and financial services industry (BFSI), which had knock-on effects on almost all business sectors. Considering that we now live in a connected world, India faced its own share of consequences although companies in the BFSI segment remained relatively unaffected by the turmoil seen in the Western world. It seemed as though the tighter regulatory regime had paid a dividend in an imploding global scenario.

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  • At the very outset, let me share the good news that a majority of media stakeholders that we interviewed across the 15 countries covered in the report thought future prospects for the media in the region were positive in spite of the impact of the economic downturn. We also noticed a growing preference for local Arabic content in countries that produce local content such as Egypt and Lebanon, indicating further maturation of the media industry and media consumers away from generalized regional or global media content....

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  • We find strong evidence against the view that childhood tele- vision viewing harms the cognitive or educational development of preschoolers. Our preferred point estimate indicates that an additional year of preschool television exposure raises average adolescent test scores by about 0.02 standard deviations. We are able to reject negative effects larger than about 0.03 standard deviations per year of television exposure.

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  • Metabolically unstable proteins are involved in a multitude of regulatory networks, including those that control cell signaling, the cell cycle and in many responses to physiological stress. In the present study, we have deter-mined the stability and characterized the degradation process of some members of the Gq class of heterotrimeric G proteins. Pulse-chase experi-ments in HEK293 cells indicated a rapid turnover of endogenously expressed Gaq and overexpressed Gaq and Ga16 subunits.

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  • When Val and I decided to collaborate and write the first edition, our goal was to produce an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, practical text- book stressing hydraulic design, that could be of hands-on use to the pump designer, student, and rotating equipment engineer. Although feed- back from readers indicates that we achieved our desired goal, we did recognize that we had omitted several important topics.

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  • This paper reports the results obtained using the osmotic stress method applied to the purified cathodic and anodic hemoglobins (Hbs) from the catfishHoplosternum littorale, a species that displays facultative accessorial air oxygen-ation. We demonstrate that water potential affects the oxy-gen affinity ofH. littoraleHbs in the presence of an inert solute (sucrose). Oxygen affinity increases when water activity increases, indicating that water molecules stabilize thehigh-affinitystateof theHb.

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  • Mitochondrial functional and structural impairment and generation of oxidative stress have been implicated in aging, various diseases and chemotherapies. This study analyzed azidothymidine (AZT)-caused failures in mitochondrial functions, in redox regulation and activation of the HIV-1 gene expression. We monitored intracellular concentrations of ATP and glutathione (GSH) as the indicators of energy production and redox conditions, respectively, during the time-course experiments with U937 and MOLT4 human lymphoid cells in the presence of AZT (0.05 mgÆmL)1) or H2O2 (0.

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