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  • Building a Mailing List Manager CHAPTER 28 675 LISTING 28.3 Continued else { echo “Sorry, that email address is already registered here.”; echo “You will need to log in with that address to change “ .” Web settings.”; return false; } } else // new account { $query = “insert into subscribers values (‘$details[email]’, ‘$details[realname]’, ‘$details[mimetype]’, password(‘$details[new_password]’), 0)”; if(db_connect() && mysql_query($query)) { return true; } else { echo “Could not store new account.

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  • Khái niệm cookie: Là những mẩu thông tin nhỏ được lưu trên máy của người sử dụng thường dùng để lưu trữ thông tin về người sử dụng; Khả năng tạo cookie phụ thuộc vào trình duyệt và sự cho phép của người sử dụng; Trong IE, để xem các cookies đã được tạo thì vào: Tools/Internet Options/Setting…/View Files

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  • Artisteer the automated web designer first and only product that instantly creates fantastic looking website and blog templates. This is powerful software that makes YOU a professional web designer of your site, WordPress blog themes and templates. It allows you to create great web page design and templates in minutes, without having to know anything about editing graphics or HTML.

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  • Nhiều người băn khoăn bởi cùng một bức ảnh nhưng khi xem bằng ACDSee, PictureViewer hay bằng Photoshop, PaintshopPro hay trên trình duyệt Web như IE hay Netscape lại cho màu sắc, độ sâu, tương phản…khác hẳn nhau. Nhiều bác cố cày Photoshop để ảnh thật nuột, nhưng để rồi lại vò đầu bứt tai khi nhìn kết quả khá thê thảm khi hiển thị trên Website. Tại sao vậy? Bài viết này trình bày một cách xử lí vấn đề trên từ góc độ một người sử dụng Photoshop.

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  • When you’re setting color properties in a data access page, you normally enter a hexa- decimal value that represents the red-green-blue (RGB) color value that your browser can understand. However, data access pages must run in Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Internet Explorer also understands a wide variety of color names that you can enter instead. The following table lists those color names and their corresponding hexadecimal color code values.

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  • GETTING READY TO WORK WITH PHP Figure 2-7. Changing the Apache and MySQL ports 4. Click Set to default Apache and MySQL ports, as shown in Figure 2-7. The numbers change to the standard ports: 80 for Apache and 3306 for MySQL. Click OK, and enter your Mac password when prompted. MAMP restarts both servers. 5. If any other program is using port 80, Apache won't restart. If you can't find what's preventing Apache from using port 80, open the MAMP preference panel, and click Reset MAMP ports. 6. When both lights are green again, click Open start page in the MAMP Control Panel. This...

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  • PHP & MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is kind of one-stop shopping for the information you need to get up and running with these tools and put them to good use. It’s divided into six handy minibooks that cover setting up your environment, PHP programming, using MySQL, security, PHP extensions, and PHP Web applications. They make it easy to create a Web site where visitors can sign on, use shopping carts, complete forms, and do business with your business.

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  • BRINGING FORMS TO LIFE This sets a new condition that takes priority over the original warning message by being considered first. It checks if the $_POST array contains any elements—in other words, the form has been submitted—and if $suspect is true. The warning is deliberately neutral in tone. There s no point in provoking attackers. More important, it avoids offending anyone who may have innocently used a suspect phrase. 6. Save contact.php, and test the form by typing one of the suspect phrases in one of the fields. You should see the second warning message, but your input won t be...

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  • Hello and welcome to the third edition of Learning Web Design! When I first started writing it, I figured, “It’s just an update... I’ll just make a few tweaks and it will be done in a jiffy.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. As it turns out, pretty much everything about web design changed since I wrote the second edition four years ago. Most significantly, web designers as well as browser developers are finally abiding by the standards for writing and styling web pages set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

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  • In the nearly 15 years that we’ve written about Web design, we’ve seen many changes — from the early days when you could create only simple pages with HTML 1.0, to the elaborate interactive designs you can create today.

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  • Why choose Erlang for web applications? Discover the answer hands-on by building a simple web service with this book. If you’re an experienced web developer who knows basic Erlang, you’ll learn how to work with REST, dynamic content, web sockets, and concurrency through several examples. In the process, you’ll see first-hand that Erlang is ideal for building business-critical services. Erlang was designed for fault-tolerant, non-stop telecom systems, and building applications with it requires a large set of skills.

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  • Adobe GoLive comes with an easy-to-use front end for WebObjects 3.5, the object-oriented environment from Apple Computer, Inc., for developing high-end World Wide Web applications. Adobe GoLive makes creating dynamic content for WebObjects easy. It lets Web designers and application developers share the workload involved in producing dynamic, interactive applications for the Web. Adobe GoLive allows Web designers and application developers to work together efficiently: While the designer creates the page layout, the developer can set up the logic acting behind the scenes.

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  • PHP and MySQL Web Development All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is kind of one-stop shopping for the information you need to get up and running with these tools and put them to good use. It’s divided into six handy minibooks that cover setting up your environment, PHP programming, using MySQL, security, PHP extensions, and PHP Web applications. They make it easy to create a Web site where visitors can sign on, use shopping carts, complete forms, and do business with your business.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 7.3 Binding Data to a Web Forms DataList Problem You need to bind the result set from a query to a DataList control. Solution Set the DataList's advanced properties as demonstrated by this solution. The schema of table TBL0703 that is used in the solution is shown in Table 7-2. Table 7-2.

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  • Accessing Your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP CHAPTER 10 235 Bear in mind that there is a limit to the number of MySQL connections that can exist at the same time. The MySQL parameter max_connections determines what this limit is. The purpose of this parameter and the related Apache parameter MaxClients is to tell the server to reject new connection requests rather than allowing machine resources to be all used at busy times or when software has crashed. You can alter both of these parameters from their default values by editing the configuration files.

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  • Chèn thêm image vào mục setting của skin .... Show hình demo : Các bước thực hiện đơn giải như sau : Chia mục setting ra thành 2 phần, mỗi phần 1 bức ảnh, như hình trên Cần chuẩn bị 2 bức ảnh có size

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  • USING PHP TO MANAGE FILES PHP Solution 7-5. If the hosting company refuses, you should consider moving to one with a better understanding of PHP. Configuration settings that affect local file access If the Local Value column for open_basedir or safe_mode_include_dir displays no value, you can ignore this section. However, if it does have a value, the meaning depends on whether the value ends with a trailing slash, like this: /home/includes/ In this example, you can open or include files only from the includes directory or any of its subdirectories.

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  • Although most of this book can be seen as an attempt to navigate through a landscape of potential and opportunity for a future World Wide Web, it is prudent, as in any navigational exercise, to start by determining one’s present location. To this end, the first chapter is a descriptive walkabout in the current technology of the Web – its concepts and protocols. It sets out first principles relevant to the following exploration, and it explains the terms encountered.

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  • PHP Crash Course CHAPTER 1 25 One important difference between constants and variables is that when you refer to a constant, it does not have a dollar sign in front of it. If you want to use the value of a constant, use its name only. For example, to use one of the constants we have just created, we could type: echo TIREPRICE; 1 PHP CRASH COURSE As well as the constants you define, PHP sets a large number of its own. An easy way to get an overview of these is to run the phpinfo() command: phpinfo(); This will provide a list of PHP’s predefined variables and...

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  • GENERATING THUMBNAIL IMAGES • • imagepng() imagegif() Each function takes as its first two arguments: the image resource and the path to where you want to save it. The imagejpeg() and imagepng() functions take an optional third argument to set the image quality. For imagejpeg(), you set quality by specifying a number in the range of 0 (worst) to 100 (best). If you omit the argument, the default is 75. For imagepng(), the range is 0 to 9. Confusingly, 0 produces the best quality (no compression).

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