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  • Design for WebApps encompasses technical and nontechnical activities that include: establishing the look and feel of the WebApp, creating the aesthetic layout of the user interface, defining the overall architectural structure, developing the content and functionality that reside within the architecture, and planning the navigation that occurs within the WebApp. In this chapter will provides knowledge of WebApp design.

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  • After my discussion of use cases, data modeling, and class-based models in Chapter 6, it’s reasonable to ask, “Aren’t those requirements modeling representations enough?” The only reasonable answer is, “That depends.” For some types of software, the use case may be the only requirements modeling representation that is required. For others, an object-oriented approach is chosen and class-based models may be developed. Chapter 7 provides knowledge of requirements modeling: Flow, behavior, patterns, and webapps.

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  • The Web Application Developer’s Guide presents some of the technologies available for developing web-based multi-tier applications. A web application is a collection of HTML/XML documents, web components servlets and JavaServer Pages), and other resources in either a directory structure or archived format known as a web archive (WAR) file. A web application is located on a central server and provides service to a variety of clients.

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  • Hãy viết phần còn lại của các mã cần thiết để tạo ra một xem có hiển thị một hình thức nhập dữ liệu cho webapp HFWWG của bạn. Ngoài ra mã phần header của trang web của bạn (đã tồn tại và được cung cấp cho bạn), bạn cần phải viết mã bắt đầu một hình thức mới, hiển thị các lĩnh vực hình thức, chấm dứt hình thức với một nút gửi, và sau đó kết thúc ra ngoài trang web .

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  • Chapter 20: Testing web applications. WebApp testing is a collection of related activities with a single goal: to uncover errors in WebApp content, function, usability, navigability, performance, capacity, and security. To accomplish this, a testing strategy that encompasses both reviews and executable testing is applied.

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