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  • wenn Sie vorhaben, mit Webdesign Ihr Geld zu verdienen oder es bereits tun, ist Ihnen sicher klar, dass technisches Know-how allein nicht ausreicht. Denn neben HTML, CSS, Skriptsprachen & Co. müssen Sie quasi nebenbei auch noch neue Kunden gewinnen, Angebote erstellen, Rechnungen schreiben und dabei möglichst nicht die Nerven verlieren.

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  • In Vietnam, the use of the term is relative graphics, by the naming of graphics terminology is based on the meaning of its use. For example, business graphics, graphics, drawing stamps, graphics, advertising, etc. ... And graphic design is really what is still a matter of controversy. Some universities still training standpoint decorative graphics are close to the painting, a number of training centers on the use of graphics software as part of the graphics and some news again the notion of the West as a graphics and media sector....

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  • DNS architecture is a hierarchical distributed database and an associated set of protocols that define: •A mechanism for querying and updating the database. •A mechanism for replicating the information in the database among servers. •A schema of the database. DNS originated in the early days of the Internet when the Internet was a small network established by the United States Department of Defense for research purposes. The host names of the computers in this network were managed through the use of a single HOSTS file located on a centrally administered server....

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  • “A ‘formula’ is something that once applied to what it is suppose to, works in any region, country or place. It’s like the formula to make cars, the formula to make light bulbs, the formula to construct houses . . . You can always tweak or change the details but the ‘core’ formula remains the same.

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  • Enterprises have websites constructed in different web frameworks and the need for them to work together cohesively. GateIn will provide the solution to effectively integrate them into a single website. GateIn is an open source website framework that does more than a web framework by letting you use your preferred one. This GateIn Cookbook provides solutions whether you're planning to develop a new GateIn portal, migrate a portal, or only need to answer a specific query. It is filled with bite-sized recipes for quick and easy problem resolution.

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  • FRONT MATTER Preface [Preface] Who Should Read This Book? Where Else Can You Find This Information? Key Benefits of This Handbook Why This Handbook Was Written Book Website Author Note Notes about the Second Edition [new] Acknowledgments [n/a] LAYING THE FOUNDATION Welcome to Software Construction [1] 1.1 What Is Software Construction? 1.2 Why Is Software Construction Important? 1.3 How to Read This Book Metaphors for a Richer Understanding of Software Development [2] 2.1 The Importance of Metaphors 2.2 How to Use Software Metaphors 2.

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  • In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you’ll learn how to build state-of-the-art websites with Microsoft Expression Web 4 (Service Pack 2), HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery! Using this book’s straightforward, step-by-step approach, you’ll master the entire web development process, from concept through delivery.

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  • This unique book takes good ASP.NET application construction one step further by emphasizing loosely coupled and highly cohesive ASP.NET web application architectural design. Each chapter addresses a layer in an enterprise ASP.NET application and shows how proven patterns, principles, and best practices can be leveraged to solve problems and improve the design of your code. In addition, a professional-level, end-to-end case study is used to show how to use best practice design patterns and principles in a real website. Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns:...

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  • ADS Tutorial # 6 Customize MOSFET Model and Simulation 1. Circuit Construction a. From Component Pallet In component pallet, find “Device-MOS” and choose “Bsim3”, as shown in Figure 1. According to the application, different MOSFET model may be taken. Figure 1 b. Detailed parameters in “Bsim3” model are shown in Figure 2. If there is no value of any parameter, it means the default value is taken. The default value for each parameter can be found in website. 1 Figure 2 c. Above Bsim3 model, there is a MOSFET model, “NMOS”.

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  • Highcharts is a popular web charting software that produces stunning and smooth animated JavaScript and HTML5 SVG graphs. It is among the leading web charting software in the market and has been used in many different sectors — from financial to social websites. Although it is built on top of jQuery, it is so simple to construct that you need little programming skill to create a simple web chart. Highcharts works on all modern browsers and is solely based on native browser technologies and doesn't require client side plugins like Flash or Java....

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  • Target Audience Money The Future Websites cgi-bin logs public_html Other Website Files Organization and Navigation Files and Directories Page Layout Navigation Imagemaps Toggles and Accordions Tabbed Content Sections Opening New Windows Page Head Information meta Elements link Elements Other Head Elements Search Engine Optimization Avoiding Common Mistakes Designing the Presentation Before the Information Architecture Using Outdated Tools and Construction Methods Not Validating the HTML and CSS Not Testing in Different Browsers Not Putting in Enough Comments Summary 212 213 214 215 218 219...

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