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  • The Prostate Risk Indicator (www.prostatecancer-riskcalculator.com) was developed in Rotterdam and consists of 4 risk calculators, of which the first 3 predict the probability of detecting a prostate cancer (van den Bergh et al. 2008). This nomogram is based on 6288 Dutch men enrolled in the European Randomised Study of Screening for Prostate Cancer (ERSPC) (Schroder et al. 2009). The risk calculator comprises 4 risk indicators, the first 3 of which predict the possibility of a positive prostate biopsy.

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  • Each chapter is also available individually, at no cost and for unrestricted use, at www.aiga.org/design-business-and-ethics, so that designers can adapt and republish these standards as part of their own proposals and conditions for clients. AIGA’s position is consistent with practices upheld by designers around the globe.

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  • This book is directly aimed to eliminate exhausting amounts of frustration in getting to know and working with software objects in the most effective ways. It is concise and broad—and definitely not simplistic—specifically to strengthen each reader’s objectoriented mentality and to mentally solidify individual pieces of information. This is because conciseness is more compatible with memory, and broadness is more compatible with understanding.

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  • An inventory of all the chemicals including pharmaceuticals was made and a special task force was formed to advise the government on proper disposal system. Many donors were approached to provide financial assistance for the disposal but the response was until 1995 when the Netherlands government offered 1.5 million USD for the whole exercise which involved repacking, recollection in special centers and finally to remove the chemicals including pharmaceuticals to be incinerated in the UK. Rechem Company was contracted to do the job and 400 tons were removed in 1995.

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  • Generation of heating water. Cogeneration systems capture excess heat from the engine, which can be used to generate heating water that can then be utilized by local or district heating systems to cover their basic heat requirements. Peak heat demand can be covered through the combined use of a buffer and a peak boiler. Due to varying heat demands during the year, multi-engine- installations are the preferred solution for district heating systems. Steam production and drying processes.

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  • Making microsystems at a scale level of few microns is called micromachining. Micromachining is used to fabricate three-dimensional microstructures. It is the foundation of a technology called Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS). MEMS usually consist of three major parts: sensors, actuators, and an associate electronic circuitry that acts as the brain and controller of the whole system.

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  • Software engineering is about the creation of large pieces of software that consist of thousands of lines of code and involve many person months of human effort. One of the attractions of software engineering is that there is no one single best method for doing it, but instead a whole variety of different approaches. Consequently the software engineer needs a knowledge of many different techniques and tools. This diversity is one of the delights of software engineering, and this book celebrates this by presenting the range of current techniques and tools.

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  • .If the characters in a game have depth, complexity, consistency, mystery, humanity, and charm, then they are going to feel real to the player, and that helps the whole game world feel real, and allows the player to suspend his or her disbelief and get lost in the world. Everything the player does will be more exciting if they’re doing it for someone, or with someone, or in opposition to someone who feels real. Simply put, good character design helps the player to have what we all know can be an amazing, unforgettable experience. This book is not just about...

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  • While a great deal has been written about coaching individuals, there has been relatively little investigation of coaching teams at work. Yet in discussions with senior human resource and organizational development professionals, this ability is consistently cited as one of the most serious weaknesses in the capability set of managers at all levels. Even in organizations that have made considerable steps towards becoming coaching cultures, 1 the focus of attention for that coaching is the individual. However, few people in organizations work alone.

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  • For short : viết tắt Get on : tiến bộ Go through : xem xét Good for : tốt cho Make up : tạo thành On the whole : nhìn chung Consist of : bao gồm

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  • Chapter 2 Continuous Probability Densities 2.1 Simulation of Continuous Probabilities In this section we shall show how we can use computer simulations for experiments that have a whole continuum of possible outcomes. Example 2.1 We begin by constructing a spinner, which consists of a circle of unit circumference

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  • It is crucial that the teaching of writing skills is carried out in a consistent way across the whole school. In a primary setting, this means that all teachers should have reached agreement on the messages about required structure and content that they will give to learners (for example about the layout of a particular genre of writing) so that learners are not confused when they move into a class taught by someone new. In a secondary setting, as learners move between different departments as part of their learning, this is particularly important.

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  • Basically, all conservation consists of actions taken to prevent decay, and within this objective it also includes management of change and presentation of the object so that the objects’ messages are made comprehensible without distortion. Architectural conservation is more complex; first because a building must continue to stand up; secondly, economic factors usually dictate that it should remain in use; thirdly, it has to resist and use the effects of climate; and, lastly, a whole team of ‘professionals’ have to collaborate.

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  • These focus groups were triangulated with the use of a survey (see Appendix A) conducted with the entire class at the end of the semester, allow- ing several weeks for reflection on the demonstration as a whole. The survey did not seek to document audience effects, but to record the self-reported effect of enhancement and/or distraction created by the total aural/visual experience dur- ing screenings. The survey was completed anonymously and consisted of nine questions, divided into three sections for each of the three respective screenings.

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  • When asked about purchase of counterfeit goods over the last twelve months, the most commonly purchased were music (16.2 per cent of the entire sample), films (16.0 per cent of the entire sample), and fashion items (15.5 per cent of the entire sample). This is consistent with the products identified as providing the most lucrative markets for counterfeiters as outlined in the introduction. For the entire sample, downloading of pirated files was less common with 14 per cent having downloaded illegal music tracks, 6 per cent whole albums and 5 per cent films or TV programmes. ...

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  • The forced air HAC system is located off the dining area with a single return grille located in a panel of the HAC system closet. The HAC system consists of a 10.6 kW air conditioning unit and a furnace with a power input of 22.6 kW and output of 18.2 kW. The design airflow rate of the furnace fan is 470 L s -1 . A thermostat controls system operation, but the air distribution fan can be operated continuously if desired. There are local exhaust fans in the bathrooms and kitchen and a whole-house exhaust fan in the...

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  • Backup Terminology Whole Database Backup Whole database backup (also known as whole backup) refers to a backup of all datafiles and the control file of the database. Whole backups can be performed when the database is closed or open. This is the most common method of backup. The whole backup that is taken when the database is closed (after the database is shut down using the NORMAL, IMMEDIATE, or TRANSACTIONAL options) is called a consistent backup.

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  • The capital-maintenance definition of income is briefly summarized by Pigou: From the joint work of the whole mass of productive factors there comes an (annual) in-flowing stream of output. This is gross real income. When what is required to maintain capital intact is subtracted from this there is left net real income.' This definition makes absolutely no reference to financial liabilities. One could argue that, to be consistent with the accounting treatment of physical assets under this concept, the firm's short position on bonds should be handled with a LIFO-type procedure.

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  • The CAPRI model is an agricultural sector model covering the whole of EU-27, Norway and Western Balkans at regional level (250 regions) and global agricultural markets at country or country block level. CAPRI makes use of non linear mathematical programming tools to maximise regional agricultural income with explicit consideration of the CAP instruments of support in an open economy. CAPRI consists of a supply and market module which interact iteratively.

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  • But so many words just do not fit Learn the rules and then apply them. But the problem is to know when and where they apply. There are bound to be some exceptions. But there seem to be so many. Indeed the whole language seems to consist not so much of well regulated generative mechanisms as lexical chunks of varying size and variable syntactic adaptability.

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