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  • "Wing Chun" is a subtle and complete system of Chinese Kung Fu. Developed over hundreds of years, its roots lie in the Shaolin Temple tradition. Legend has it that in 1645 a Buddhist nun by the name of Ng Moi devised the system and taught it to a young girl called Yim Wing Chun, who successfully used her newly learned skills to defend herself against a local bully who attempted to force himself upon her. Originally a very secret system, the sophisticated art of Wing Chun was only passed on to family members and close, trusted friends.

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  • Having read many books on Wing Chun over my 35 years in the martial arts business, it is with great pleasure that I now write the foreword for Scott Baker’s book. This book is an attempt to bring Wing Chun out of the purely physical domain and in to the internal area including such things as Chi Kung (Qigong) and Dim-Mak. There have been other books that include Dim-Mak, however, these have been sketchy to say the least. Scott attempts to delve deeper into the area of point striking, covering acupuncture points and their effects etc. This book will be a great inclusion in any Wing...

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  • The 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques í the name of a book being planned for publication ever since the death of my father, the late Grandmaster Yip Man. As the heir of the grandmaster of a style of Chinese Kung-fu, I feel it my responsibility to put intoprint, the techniques of the wooden dummy, wich form the esential part of Wing Tsun Kuen, and to allow readers and enthusiasts of martial arts.

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  • Vịnh Xuân quyền (詠春拳, Wing Chun, ving tsun, Wing Tsun, Wing Chun kuen, Wingchun-kuen) còn được biết đến dưới tên gọi là Vĩnh Xuân quyền (永春拳), Vịnh Xuân Công Phu (詠春功夫) hay Vịnh Xuân phái (詠春派), là một môn võ thuật có nguồn gốc từ Nam Thiếu Lâm tại tỉnh Phúc Kiến, Trung Quốc.

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  • 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques is finally back in print and written by Master Yip Chun the son of Master Yip Man who taught Bruce Lee. This is an awesome book for those who study the Chinese Art of Wing Tsun. 130 pages filled with easy to follow photos and as well a poster that folds out for you to follow. The techniques are performed by the Master himself Yip Man so what you will learn is the same basics as Bruce Lee learnt fom the him.

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  • Ngũ Mai, Ngũ Mai sư thái (chữ Hán: 五 枚 師 太, phiên âm Latin: Ng Mui Si Tai hay Wumei Shitai) còn gọi là Ngũ mai lão ni - dịch nghĩa tiếng Anh The Nun Ng Mui, theo thuyết của Diệp Vấn (chữ Hán: 叶 问, phiên âm Latin: Yip Man) tiên sinh tại Hồng Kông được coi là sư tổ sáng tạo ra những chiêu thức tiền khởi của Vịnh Xuân Quyền và truyền cho đồ đệ của bà là nàng Nghiêm Vịnh Xuân (chữ Hán: 嚴 詠 春, phiên âm Latin: Yim Wing Chun), con gái...

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