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  • Given Tracy’s credit history, she felt that car ownership was impossible. Once she heard about Vehicles for Change, however, she was able to purchase a reliable used car that carried certain guarantees and receive a low-interest loan to help rebuild her credit. “This car right here probably would have been about $2,000 or more if I had went to a car dealer. [Vehicles for Change] gave me the true value, the book value, of this car,” Tracy said.

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  • I would like to thank Prof. Min Wu and Prof. Rama Chellappa for not only serving on my thesis committes and reviewing my thesis but also serving as references for my faculty application. I am also grateful to Prof. Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya and Prof. Lawrence C. Washington for their time and e®ort serving on my committees and reviewing my thesis. I would also like to thank Prof. Oscar Au, Prof. Andre L. Tits, and Prof. Peter Cramton for serving as references for my faculty application.

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  • Although listening has played a crucial role in foreign language learning, it has often been neglected by instructors (Osada, 2004). Nevertheless, listening examination has been included in most English proficiency examinations, such as TOFEL, TOEIC and GEPT, which implies the importance of listening. Listening comprehension is a difficult task for foreign language learners to master due to the interference of first language and the limitation of listening...

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  • As I noted, the financial crisis has created an increasingly global outlook among policymakers. More and more, national regulators are influenced by policies fashioned abroad, and international bodies are stepping up policy coordination. At the same time, the extraordinary worldwide rise of as- set managers as financial intermediaries has created new opportunities for funds. Responding to these and other trends, the Institute readied a new initiative —ICI Global— launched early in fiscal year 2012.

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  • There are many ways for an adviser to organize the risk management function. Approaches vary depending on a variety of factors, including the adviser’s size and resources; the nature of the adviser’s (and its affiliates’) business; the complexity of the funds’ structures and investment strategies; and the size and breadth of the fund complex.

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  • We take pride in continuing our association with the CII Mutual Fund Summit. This document presents the perspective of industry stakeholders, along with our points of view, on the current scenario in the mutual fund industry. While a lot has been said about distribution, we have attempted to take an all-encompassing view of the issues and have focussed on looking for the hidden opportunities. We have tried to examine the business structure and its operations in order to find ways of stimulating redesign and innovation.

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  • The anthropology of aesthetics as I see it, then, consists in the comparative study of valued perceptual experience in different societies. While our common human physiology no doubt results in our having universal, generalized responses to certain stimuli, perception is an active and cognitive process in which cultural factors play a dominant role. Perceptions are cultural phenomena.

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  • You would turn to your spectator and announce, or write down on a bit of paper, “I’ve got as many matches as you, then an extra 3 more. And then just enough left to make your number up to 14.” With the prediction made, it’s time for the spectator to count their matches. You then count yours out and your prediction is proven true. Say they have seven matches. From your pile, you count out seven matches and put them aside. Part one of your prediction is true: you have as many matches as them. You then count off your...

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  • Yes, there were tragic and painful events during this period of great progress, and these are also described in Bob’s report. Certainly, the assassination of President Kennedy on 22 November 1963, only six days after he had visited the launch facilities and walked around the Saturn I launch vehicle, was devastat- ing to the entire United States, including all of us who had been involved in fulfilling his commitment to spaceflight goals.

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  • The 1991 Standards require one van accessible space for every eight accessible spaces. The 2010 Standards require one van accessible space for every six accessible spaces. If you have complied with the 1991 Standards, you are not required to add additional van accessible spaces to meet the 2010 Standards. The 2010 Standards contain new requirements for the input, numeric, and function keys (e.g. “enter,” “clear,” and “correct”) on automatic teller machine (ATM) keypads.

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  • The second argument is related to proprietary information and specific human capital. By concentrating ownership, decision rights can be given to individuals who possess specific knowledge (Jensen and Meckling, 1992; Christie, Joye, and Watts, 1993). One benefit of co-locating decision rights with specific knowledge is that the leakage of the specific knowledge to competitors is prevented and the transferring cost of the specific knowledge is avoided. This benefit is great in East Asia where political lobbying activities are common and lucrative.

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  • After the state identified a nutrient problem (nitrogen and phosphorous) in the basin, it recommended a strategy to limit nutrient discharges from a group of point source dischargers. Subsequently, some of the dischargers formed an association and proposed an alternative strategy that included pollutant trading. The strategy, approved by the state, contains a total, allowable discharge level for the association that, in turn, allocates individual discharge limits among its members. If ...

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  • Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the leading national construction trade association representing both the public and private sectors, for each dollar spent on new construction, a total of $11 in economic activity is generated across all industries and other services. Since December 2003, the cumulative increase in the prices of inputs used in construction (45%) has been more than double the increase in the consumer price index (19%), as shown in Figure 1.1.

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  • Witasek was born in Vienna on the 17th of May 1870. Little is known of his background, though the name `Witasek' suggests Croatian origins. He studied in Graz, obtaining his Ph.D. in 1895 and his habilitation - on the nature of optical illusions - in 1899. In the following years, during which he worked selflessly as an unpaid assistant in Meinong's laboratory of experimental psychology, he was employed as a librarian in the University of Graz.

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  • Traditionally,


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  • As regional leaders grapple with these design questions, they learn to become more trusting of one another. As these relationships grow, leaders’ capacity to think and act quickly on complex strategic issues can increase dramatically. Stronger, more focused leadership networks emerge that are capable of taking on the challenges of transforming a regional economy. Successful regions build stable, pragmatic partnerships composed of people who share important qualities. These individuals possess the personal integrity needed to strengthen the bonds of trust within the team.

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  • A specific example in which the theory developed here is quite crucial is the analysis of locomotion for the snakeboard, which we study in some detail in Section 8.4. The snakeboard is a modified version of a skateboard in which locomotion is achieved by using a coupling of the nonholonomic constraints with the symmetry properties of the system. For that system, traditional analysis of the complete dynamics of the system does not readily explain the mechanism of locomotion.

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  • he explains that loss of the fluid-attaining proteoglycans (Pg) inside the cartilage collagen network is the earliest indicator of osteoarthritis. loss of Pgs increases the water permeability of cartilage and decreases the tissue stiffness, leading researchers to propose proteoglycans as an important marker for the early detection of osteoarthritis. To precisely determine the Pg content in cartilage, lu is investigating a mechanical testing approach with the aid of advanced theoretical modeling.

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  • The structure of the Standards is divided between Attribute and Performance Standards. Attribute Standards address the attributes of organizations and individuals performing internal auditing. The Performance Standards describe the nature of internal auditing and provide quality criteria against which the performance of these services can be measured. The Attribute and Performance Standards are also provided to apply to all internal audit services.

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  • The creeks are comparatively less along Tamil Nadu coast and the analysis of LandSat and Thematic Mapper data of April 1983 and December 1983 shows that the 'creeks are dynamically changing due to the seasonal variations. The study of Ennore and Kovalam creeks are also dynamically changing during the southwest monsoon and suffer excessive sedimentation during this period. The already exiting Jetties near Kalpakkam and Madras harbour cause excessive sedimentation near the Kovalam creeks and Ennore creeks.

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