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  • The Woman Beautiful is not a radiant creature of gorgeous plumage and artificial beauty, but a woman of wholesome health, good hard sense, sparkling vivacity and sweet lovableness. Her beauty-creed hangs not from rouge pots and bleaches, but suspends like a banner of truth from the laws of wise, hygienic living. Her cheeks are tinted with the glow that comes from good, well-circulated blood, her eyes are bright and lovely because her mind is so, and her complexion is transparent and soft and velvety for the reason that the true art is known to her. The Woman Beautiful is all sincerity.

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  • "A beautiful man" or "a handsome woman"? .Trong tiếng Anh, một số cụm từ được kết hợp với nhau theo một trình tự hoặc một tổ hợp nhất định nào đó, tương tự như thành ngữ, chứ không thể kết hợp một cách tự do với tất cả các từ khác.

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  • Exercises Sentence Building .Sentence Building with adj /adv 1. Willie had a beard and a moustache. The beard was bushy. The beard was long. The moustache was droopy. 2. The man handed me a photograph of a woman. He did this silently. The man was old. The woman was beautiful.

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  • Allusions form a colourful extension to the English language, drawing on our collective knowledge of literature, mythology, and the Bible to provide us with a literary shorthand for describing people, places, and events. So a miser is a Scrooge, a strong man is a Samson or a Hercules, a beautiful woman is a Venus or a modern-day Helen of Troy—we can suffer like Sisyphus, fail like Canute, or linger like the smile of the Cheshire Cat.

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  • The wonder of the story is explained by its extraordinary nature. Many men in private life have lost fortune and fame for the love of woman. Kings have incurred the odium of their people, and have cared nothing for it in comparison with the joys of sense that come from the lingering caresses and clinging kisses.

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  • Beauty has been extolled and made a cult object in all cultures and civilizations,whatever their geographic distribution, ethnic origin, or religion. In ancient Egypt, beauty was associated with a sacred nature and personified by Queen Nefertiti, a woman who had high brows, wide and well-delineated eyes, rich lips, a dignified countenance, and an upright bearing, the very image of subtle energy; the ancient Egyptians regarded beauty closely akin to ‘‘holiness.’’

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  • This book is for every boy and girl, every man and woman, who ever wanted to illustrate his or her very own comic strip. Whether your goal is to do it only for your own enjoyment or to publish it yourself or to work for a real publisher, large or small, great things are in this book for you to enjoy and experience. Drawing. Think about it. It has been with us as far back as the caveman era. In fact, those early cave paintings relating man’s primitive adventures likely qualify as the world’s first comic strips. The most beautiful thing...

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  • This article will discuss the interweaving of that erotic pleasure in film, its meaning, and in particular the central place of the image of woman. It is said that analysing pleasure, or beauty, destroys it. That is the intention of this article. The satisfaction and reinforcement of the ego that represent the high point of film history hitherto must be attacked. Not in favour of a reconstructed new pleasure, which cannot exist in the abstract, nor of intellectualised unpleasure, but to make way for a total negation of the ease and plenitude of the narrative fiction film.

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  • History has not been kind to Alice Perrers, the notorious mistress of King Edward III. Scholars and contemporaries alike have deemed her a manipulative woman who used her great beauty and sensuality to take advantage of…

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  • Charles Kingsley makes this point in his 1873 lecture “Nausicaa in London: Or, the Lower Education of Woman,” in which he quotes the passage in The Odyssey in which Nausicaa plays ball with her female companions on the beach(62). J. Moyr Smith makes this explicit with regard to Greek clothing in his book Ancient Greek Female Costume in 1882: “Though more fully clad in most parts of Greece than in Sparta, the costume of the young girls and women was such as allowed the body to develop its natural beauty, and permitted a graceful freedom of motion” (17)....

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  • Helen of Troy I and II, 1983, were both made out of the broken parts of Balzae. In the Greek myth, Helen was captured by the Trojans. She was said to be the most beautiful woman who ever lived, and a flotilla of 1,000 ships was launched to save her. Helen of Troy I will presumably be the first sculpture that launches a thousand ships. Helen of Troy II, while still the same shape, is painted partly white and raised on a pyramid type base. It is almost as if in this second version we are allowed to peek under her skirt. Troy finally fell after a horse...

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  • "I win the battles, Josephine wins me the hearts." These words of Napoleon are the most beautiful epitaph of the Empress Josephine, the much-loved, the much-regretted, and the much-slandered one.

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  • The following brief memoirs of a beautiful, engaging, and, in many respects, highly gifted woman require little in the way of introduction. While we may trace same little negative disingenuousness in the writer, in regard to a due admission of her own failings, sufficient of uncoloured matter of fact remains to show the exposed situation of an unprotected beauty--or, what is worse, of a female of great personal and natural attraction, exposed to the gaze of libertine rank and fashion, under the mere nominal guardianship of a neglectful and profligate husband.

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  • The most beautiful woman in Rome, Lucrezia Borgia, was born into a family—and a destiny—she could not hope to escape . . .Fifteenth-century Rome: The Borgia family is on the rise. Lucrezia’s father, Pope Alexander…

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  • The far-famed Helen, wife of King Menelaus of Sparta, was the most beautiful woman in the world. And from her beauty and faithlessness came the most celebrated of ancient wars, with death and disaster to numbers of famous heroes and the final ruin of the ancient city of Troy. The story of these striking events has been told only in poetry. We propose to tell it again in sober prose.

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  • Sentence Building Exercises Sentence Building .Sentence Building with adj /adv 1. Willie had a beard and a moustache. The beard was bushy. The beard was long. The moustache was droopy. 2. The man handed me a photograph of a woman. He did this silently. The man was old. The woman was beautiful.

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