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  • Complete this customer review from a website by typing in the words from the box. perform word processor online download digital built-in store personal monitor data 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful: 5 out of 5 stars: The best professional laptop on the market 12 Feb 2008 By nrobinson – See all my reviews I bought a new MacBook Pro last month, and I’ve been very happy with it so far.

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  • Sales assistant: Hi there. Do you need (1) help or are you just looking? Nick: Actually, yes, you might be able to help. I’m looking (2) a new laptop. Have you (3) any that are really reliable? I’ve had loads of problems with the one I’ve got at the moment. Sales assistant: OK. Well, it’ll depend on your budget, but we’ve got two with 20% off at the moment – the Acer Aspire 4920 and the Samsung R60. Nick: Right. And what’s the difference between these two? Do they have similar (4) ? Sales assistant: Well, the Samsung’s more of...

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  • 1 RAM stands for Random Access Memory. True False 2 If memory is volatile, it means that information is lost when the computer is turned off. True False 3 RAM is non-volatile. True False 4 ROM is volatile. True False 5 DIMMs can be used to expand RAM capacity. True False

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  • Name: 1 Look at these extracts from people talking about printing jobs. Which type of printer is each person talking about? Choose from the drop-down menu. 1 “Can you order some more toner for the printer on the third floor?” 2 “The plans for the new office building on Vyner Street are almost ready. Shall I print a copy for the meeting tomorrow?” 3 “We’re almost out of bar codes. Simon, can you print some more?” 4 “I couldn’t believe it – I was in the middle of printing my report and I ran out of ink!” 5 “As soon as the client...

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  • Complete this conversation in a computer shop by typing in words or phrases from the box. storage head crash holds read/write back up don’t portable shouldn’t platters should external capacity formatted hard Sales assistant: Can I help you with anything? Anna: Yes, please. I need a new (1) drive. Sales assistant: OK. Are you looking for an internal drive or an (2) one? Anna: Well, I need it for moving files between home and work. Sales assistant: Sure. Well, you’ve basically got two options. If you need a lot of (3) for secondary (4) , then you could try this Freecom...

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  • With the 4GB Gridfire , you can back up, store, carry and offload large files with one affordable, convenient device. What’s more, means no moving parts, and therefore less chance of damage if the device is dropped. 2 The 2GB One-Tech is the best choice for high-performance results from your digital camera and other handheld devices. 3 The STM gives you the ability to carry your files AND your software on a secure USB drive, by using separate partitions to … 4 The Airlink connects your desktop PC to a network, using the latest advanced silicon chip technology....

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  • Look at the customers’ questions asked in a computer and electronics shop. Which type of game is each customer asking about? Choose from the drop-down menus. 1 A: Will this work with Windows XP? B: It will, but it’ll run faster if you have Windows Vista. 2 The graphics are incredible, considering how small the screen is. How much is it for the Nintendo version? 3 A: Is there anything else I need in order to play this game? B: No, you just use the games controller that came with your machine. 4 A: And do I need an internet connection to play this?...

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  • The following extracts come from sales assistants in computer shops describing the features and functions of various input devices. Complete the sentences by typing in words from the box and then choose which device they’re talking about from the drop-down menu. to can which allows used by features

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  • Decide which words are being defined in these extracts from an ICT dictionary. 1 One of the small units that make up an image on a computer or television screen. pixel cathode ray tube (CRT) 2 Flat-screen technology using noble gases; popular with movie fans. video projector plasma screen 3 The most common computer display technology, made of two glass plates with … liquid crystal display (LCD) cathode ray tube (CRT) 4 Card that plugs into a computer to give it display capabilities. video projector video adapter 5 Device used to show images on a wall or large screen. video projector...

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  • What kind of site is each web extract from? Choose from the drop-down menu. 1 Wednesday 20 February Happy birthday, Sam! I’m really excited because it’s Sam’s birthday today, so we’re all meeting up later to go for something to eat and then see a film. I’ll let you know what we saw in tomorrow’s post. 2 Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan Coen, known as The Coen Brothers, are internationally known American filmmakers. For over 20 years, they have written and directed award-winning films such as …...

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  • ACROSS 4 Internet : also known as 3 VoIP. 5 6 Windows Live Messenger and ICQ 4 are both examples of messaging programs. 6 7 An angry or negative comment posted online. 7 8 Many methods of online communication allow you to communicate in time – that is, instantly. 8 10 To talk to another person in a different 9 part of the world and see each other on television screens. 10 DOWN 1 The list of your friends or contacts, used in programs such as Windows Live Messenger and ICQ: a list. 2 VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet...

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  • Which piece of hardware would you need for the following tasks? Choose from the dropdown menu. 1 You need to email a copy of a letter that you received in the post. 2 You want to a make a video of a friend’s wedding. 3 You want to take some photos while on holiday.

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  • Which elements of a GUI would you need to click on to carry out the following tasks? 1 To open a letter that you’d been writing in Word. document icon program icon 2 To launch your internet browser software. folder icon program icon 3 To move up and down through a window. drop-down menu scroll bar 4 To restart or shut down your computer. menu bar hard drive icon 5 To find out how much space is left on your C: drive. program icon hard drive icon

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  • Many terms related to spreadsheets and databases are easily confused. Look at these extracts from definitions in an ICT dictionary and decide which word is being defined. 1 The vertical part of a spreadsheet. 2 The horizontal part of a spreadsheet. 3 The name of the computer program that displays data in rows and columns, and the table which displays data in rows and columns. 4 A collection of cells in one layer of an Excel file. 5 In databases, information is added to , which are grouped together into ....

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  • Complete the following wikis about graphics by typing in words from the box in the spaces (1–13). Then choose the correct forms of the words (a–m) by choosing from the drop-down menus. vector resolution CAD raster compositing rendering 3-D wireframes texturing toolbox computer animation solid modelling filters

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  • Complete the conversation between a web designer and his client by choosing from the dropdown menu. Web designer (WD): So (1) I ask what kind of (2) you want? Client (C): Well, I’m a singer in a band, and I (3) an online presence to help with promotion, that kind of thing. I don’t want anything too complicated. It’d be good if it looked nice, though. Perhaps a nice (4) and some attractive (5) . WD: OK, that doesn’t sound too complicated. Will you need (6) and (7) , too? I mean, do you want people to be able to listen to...

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  • Look at these extracts from reviews on a consumer website. Which piece of hardware is each extract describing? Choose from the drop-down menu. 1 2 3 4 5 Available in 15” or 21” models, … With both wired and wireless versions to choose from, … … you can back up over 4GB of data in minutes. … , and the pages per minute increases for black and white jobs. … surprisingly at this price, it even works in very low light conditions.

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  • Complete these descriptions of assistive technology for deaf users with the correct terms. Choose from the drop-down menu. 1 a system error. 2 3 allow deaf users to make calls by typing and reading. are used in meetings to summarize what is being said. help deaf users see when they have new email or when there has been

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  • Complete these extracts from an ICT textbook by typing in terms from Exercise 1. You may have to use the plural form. 1 Portable DVD players usually support playback; this means the user can watch a wider variety of different file types (DivX, MP4, etc.). 2 differ from magnetic ones, in terms of both internal structure and storage capacity. 3 CDs and DVDs are read using a red . In discs, however, it is blue-violet, hence the name. 4 Unlike a CD, a DVD can be and , giving it a capacity of up to 17GB. 5 DVD drives are , meaning...

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  • This instructions by typing in the words in the box. next like right first finally you what everything then then that David: Nathaniel, I’ve been asked to set up a Macro to help me edit this document on Word, but I’m not sure how to do it. Actually, I’m not even sure what Macros do. Can you give me a hand? Nathaniel: Sure. Macros are basically mini-programs that you can set up within a Word document which

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