Words with different stress

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  • ĐỀ CƯƠNG KIỂM TRA HỌC KÌ II MÔN : ANH VĂN —NĂM HỌC 2010- 2011 LỚP : 10 ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN THI HỌC KÌ II LỚP 10 -TEST 1 Choose the word with the different pronunciation of the underlined part 1. A. desert B. preserve C. entertain D. expedition 2. A. reach B. beach C. head D. seat 3. A. pale B. damage C. camel D. plan Choose the word with the different stress pattern

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  • Tham khảo tài liệu này hệ thống lại những kiến thức cơ bản nhất trong chương trình Tiếng Anh trung học cơ sở dưới dạng bài tập: Pick out the word with the position of stressed syllable different from that of the others, Verb form, Correct grammar mistakes.

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  • Câu 1: Because of people’s……...with the environment, many kinds of plants and animals are becoming rare. A. interference B.supply C. survival D. influence Câu 2: The Titanic, …………....sank in 1922, was supposed to be unsinkable. A. that B. which C. who D. whose Câu 3: Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest A. courteous B. subscribe C. influence D. spacious Câu 4: The music…………...I am listening is very good. A. to which B. that C....

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  • I. PHONETICS. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others. 1. A. weather B. unique C. highland D. ladder 2. A. experience B. hurricane C. volcano D. material 3. A. dependence B. prepare C. prediction D. forecast 4. A. tidal B. ancient C. amount D. heavy 5. A. tropical B. commercial C. disatrous D. extensive II. VOCABULARY. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) which can best replace the underlined word / words. 6. Germination of seeds begins with the absorption of water, the swelling of the whole seed, and the cracking...

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  • The fundamental objects that we deal with in calculus are functions. This chapter prepares the way for calculus by discussing the basic ideas concerning functions, their graphs, and ways of transforming and combining them. We stress that a function can be represented in different ways: by an equation, in a table, by a graph, or in words.

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