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  • This guide describes database features that support applications using Large Object (LOB) datatypes. The information in this guide applies to all platforms and does not include system-specific information. Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects contains information that describes the features and functionality of Oracle Database 10g.The database includes all of the resources you need to use LOBs in your application; however, there are some restrictions on how you can use LOBs as described in the following:...

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  • It seems an obvious question to ask at the beginning of an HLSL and shader book; what exactly is a shader? It’s a small program or algorithm written explicitly to run on a computer Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). It provides a way for developers to extend the rendering capabilities of the GPU. Any program that works closely with graphics will benefit from using shaders. The video game industry spins off custom shaders by the thousands, they are as vital to game projects as business entity classes are to line of business applications.

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  • Work at the Unit for Computer Research on the Eaglish Language at the University of Lancaster has been directed towards producing a grammatically snnotated version of the Lancaster-Oslo/ Bergen (LOB) Corpus of written British English texts as the prel~minary stage in developing computer programs and data files for providing a grammatical analysis of -n~estricted English text. From 1981-83, a suite of PASCAL programs was devised to automatically produce a single level of grammatical description with one word tag representing the word class or part of speech of each word token in the corpus.

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