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  • Adobe ® Photoshop ® 6.0 delivers powerful, industry-standard image-editing tools for professional designers who want to produce sophisticated graphics for the Web and for print. Included with Photoshop 6.0 is ImageReady ™ 3.0 and its powerful set of Web tools for optimizing and previewing images, batch-processing images with droplets in the Actions palette, and creating GIF animations. Photoshop and ImageReady combined offer a comprehensive environment for designing graphics for the Web.

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  • Objectives: Determine IPv4 Address Subnetting, Calculate IPv4 Address Subnetting. Background/Scenario: The ability to work with IPv4 subnets and determine network and host information based on a given IP address and subnet mask is critical to understanding how IPv4 networks operate.

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  • Compliance with this document may require use of one or more features covered by proprietary rights (such as features which are the subject of a patent, patent application, copyright, mask work right or trade secret right). By publication of this document, no position is taken by NATO with respect to the validity or infringement of any patent or other proprietary right. NATO hereby expressly disclaims any liability for infringement of intellectual property rights of others by virtue of the use of this document.

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