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  • Imagine you’re invisible. When others make decisions or offer services, they don’t acknowledge you. Your voice isn’t heard. This invisibility confers upon you two things: an existence where those around you don’t acknowledge your presence or your contributions, and an exis- tence where you can’t find help to solve your challenges and become “un-invisible.”

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  • Policy governs many aspects of the professional lives of educators. It is also central to their and the sector’s response to crises such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic. As such policy can contribute directly to curtailing the attrition of educators, by encouraging and providing protection against threats such as HIV/AIDS, and by creating a positive and supportive working environment. This study examines workplace and HIV/AIDS policies from the Department of Education (DoE) and the HIV/AIDS policies of two trade unions, as part of a broader study looking at the attrition of educators.

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  • Having worked in and traveled to many countries, most recently as the Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Thailand to the United Nations, I have seen people in different societies react to trauma in various ways. While experts contributed to this important book, Trauma Psychology: Issues in Violence, Disaster, Health, and Illness, I share my perspectives from serving the people of Thailand and other nations and from my experiences in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami that struck the cities and towns in the Indian Ocean rim, including Thailand.

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  • Writing development, then, is not complete at the end of university or even post- graduate work. An individual who writes on the job as a professional, even if it is but a part of his or her work, is preoccupied with what the text says in relation to what the writer already knows. Scientific writers, for example, must know “what problems the discipline has addressed, what the discipline has learned, where it is going, who the major actors are, and how all these things contribute” to the writer’s own project (Bazerman, 1988).

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  • Shifting demographics, rapidly evolving technology, and generational and multicultural issues in the workplace are demanding new leadership styles and management skills. In FY 2013, CPB will support professional development in diversity, leadership, content creation and station capacity.

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  • Each modeler has a local copy of the NCI Thésaurus. This prevents problems where one modeler may make a change that impacts changes made by another. Once each modeler makes changes to their local copies of the nomenclature (3), a Change Set that captures the editing performed in their local copy is sent back to the workflow manager (4). The changes are analyzed to identify any conflicts that may have arisen in the process. If any corrections are needed, new assignments are...

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  • Insurance Exchange openings will have a strong impact on retiree medical plans The availability of insurance Exchanges coupled with changes to Medicare will lead many employers to exit sponsorship of retiree medical programs. However, many companies will provide a softer landing for current retirees by offering them account-based dei ned contribution alternatives that will make it easier to purchase insurance in the individual marketplace.

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  • With more than 5 million test takers per year, the TOEIC test is the global standard for workplace English-language profi ciency. We are confi dent that the TOEIC test will continue to contribute to the advancement of English-communication skills. Now more than ever, you can rely on TOEIC test scores to guide your most important decisions, which can help set your organization apart from the others.

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  • Managing people effectively, so they contribute to an organisation while being able to satisfy their own needs, is vital for any organisation wanting to retain a competitive edge. With the HRM BBS you’ll look at how employees are recruited and selected, and how work is designed and measured, so an organisation can create value from its employees.

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  • Addressing diet and physical activity in the workplace has the potential to improve the health status of workers; contribute to a positive and caring image of the company; improve staff morale; reduce staff turnover and absenteeism; enhance productivity; and reduce sick leave, health plan costs and workers' compensation and disability payments.

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  • Without net new jobs, however, the process is short-circuited. The painful results are most evident today in some European countries and in developing countries where an initial burst of technical-industrial growth has stagnated. In these situations, high unemployment has become so chronic that even many graduates of universities and technical schools cannot get a foothold in the workplace. The chance for these young people to develop their skills and contribute their ideas is deferred and, in many cases, lost.

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  • However, women who play multiple roles in the family and the workplace appear to acquire self-confidence and economic and social independence that may outweigh the additional stress that comes from their heavy responsibilities (Barnett and Marshall, 1992; Pugliesi, 1995; Romito, 1994). On the other hand, women’s changing roles have also contributed to more role conflicts among certain groups of women such as managers (Kolk et al., 1999; Lundberg, 2002).

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  • Rural residents have higher rates of age-adjusted mortality, disability, and chronic disease than their urban counterparts. Contributing negatively to the health status of rural residents are their lower socioeconomic status, higher incidence of both smoking and obesity, and lower levels of physical activity. Contributing negatively to the health status of farmers are the high risks from workplace hazards; contributing positively are farmers¿ higher socioeconomic status, lower incidence of smoking, and more active lifestyle.

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  • Only a decade ago, information and communication technologies (ICT) were drivers of growth. ME was regarded as a high- to medium-tech industry and considered to be lagging behind. This has changed markedly in the era of globalization. In contrast to ICT, which since its early days has been strong in the exploitation of advantages from global production networks, ME has turned out to be a less mobile industry. The relocation of manufacturing production has been less pronounced and has contributed to a better track record in workplaces in developed countries.

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  • Given the prevalence of mental health and substance-dependence problems in adults and children, it is not surprising that there is an enormous emotional as well as financial burden on individuals, their families and society as a whole. The economic impacts of mental illness affect personal income, the ability of ill persons – and often their caregivers – to work, productivity in the workplace and contributions to the national economy, as well as the utilization of treatment and support services.

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  • We noted factors such as a habitual face tilt or the presentation of anatomical dissociation (prominent nasal septum iso- lated or combined with small pupillary distance/endophthalmus) when present. There were, however, no clear trends or patterns providing support that anatomi- cal factors significantly contributed to the problem of working with a tilted gaze. Further investigation of the relation- ship between monocular signs and symp- toms, binocular function and ergonomics within the workplace is clearly needed. Others have proposed different variables to be considered.

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