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  • good play gives us in miniature a cross-section of life, heightened by plot and characterisation, by witty and compact dialogue. Of course we should honour first the playwright, who has given form to each well knit act and telling scene. But that worthy man, perhaps at this moment sipping his coffee at the Authors' Club, gave his drama its form only; its substance is created by the men and women who, with sympathy, intelligence and grace, embody with convincing power the hero and heroine, assassin and accomplice, lover and jilt.

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  • The appendix, “Working with ESL Issues,” discusses common challenges faced by the ESL writer, including the correct use of count and noncount nouns, articles, subjects and verbs, and adjectives. Each chapter’s grammar instruction is broken into three sections so that the students are not presented with too much at once.

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  • Validity  the extent to which it measures what it is supposed to measure & nothing else (content) Face validity Content validity Construct validity Empirical validity If a test item looks right to other testers, teachers, moderators & testees  described as having face validity In the past, regarded by test writers simply as a public relations exercise Now, designers of communicative tests: face validity- the most important of all types of validity

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  • The aim of this document is to provide guidance for teachers, and learning support assistants where appropriate, on ways to teach writing skills in order to help learners to become more effective writers. This document is designed to raise awareness of the many individual skills that a learner has to grasp (including consideration of the content of their writing, the ideas, arguments or plot) when learning to write.

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  • Over the next two years, I taught this evening course on four consecutive Wednesdays. It soon became apparent that there were many more interested in the content than the program could accommodate. At the same time, I was getting frustrated with the faceto- face didactic approach. Dennis and I agreed that I would re-purpose the course for a blended delivery; incorporating the original materials I had developed.

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  • Then again, morality begins at home. Just as the post-war German soldier was taught to obey inner fruehling, his own internal morality which must justify his disobeying manifestly illegal orders, any politician needs her own moral compass. Faced by the trap, the answer must be no. Shake the head, not the tempter’s hand. Nevertheless, power sharing inevitably involves trust, even in dangerous precincts. Dieter Gerhard, the spy in the Apartheid navy, 25 taught the present writer while in prison: “Trust your granny, after she is dead. Trust no-one else.

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  • I have lived all my life under erasure. Who I am, a lawyer, a writer, a friend, seems only a trace, the wake a boat leaves in passing. I try so hard to hold fast its shape, to remember, to preserve, but inevitably the passage of time does its work of deliverance and loss. Like Dorothea Lange’s cover image, ‘Gravestone, Utah’1 our memorial to ourselves and others has been windblasted smooth by time.

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  • The intention is to meet the need for credible source material on terrorism and other very real public health threats. The reports and images that would shape people’s view of a possible terror attack or other health crisis would have an extraordinary impact not only on the readers, listeners, and viewers but also the writers of those stories. The burden is great for those who follow, or in some cases lead, first responders into the unknown and are then asked to emerge calmly with the facts.

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