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  • XML 1.0 and Namespaces in XML provide a tag-based syntax for structuring data and applying markups to documents. Documents that conform to XML 1.0 and Namespaces in XML specifications may be made up of a variety of syntactic constructs such as elements, namespace declarations, attributes, processing instructions, comments, and text. This chapter provides a description of each of the structural elements in XML along with their syntax.

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  • Updated and better than ever, this more focused revision provides comprehensive coverage of XML to anyone with a basic understanding of HTML and Web servers Featuring all–new examples, this book contains everything readers need to know to incorporate XML in their Web site plans, designs, and implementations Continues expert Elliotte Rusty Harold′s

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  • Dedication Preface Audience Organization Conventions Used in This Book How to Contact Us Acknowledgments 1. Python and XML 1.1 Key Advantages of XML 1.2 The XML Specifications 1.3 The Power of Python and XML 1.4 What Can We Do with It? 2. XML Fundamentals 2.1 XML Structure in a Nutshell 2.2 Document Types and Schemas 2.3 Types of Conformance 2.4 Physical Structures 2.5 Constructing

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  • Phụ lục A Ý nghĩa: tagLen chỉ định chiều dài thực sự của thẻ trong trường hợp này là 3 byte (ffffff). tagSetBackgroundColor thiết lập màu nền là màu trắng tagLen 2: tagDoAction action code 7 stop action code 0 Ý nghĩa: Dừng khung hình (hành động được thực hiện là Stop. Mã hành động là 0 có nghĩa là không còn hành động nào cần được thực hiện.) 3. VRML Một ví dụ về tập tin VRML: Hình A.1.

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  •  Là mot ngôn ng non-XML đưc dùng cùng vi XSLT.  S dng câu trúc, bieu th c ch n, hàm … Là một ngôn ngữ cho phép chọn ra các elements, các nodes trong một tài liệu XML. XPath 1.0 specification.Xpath xem một tài liệu XML như là một tập các node thuộc 7 kiểu sau

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  • The different criteria defined in the document do not consider the technology deployed in the projector. One has to remain free to use any technology as long as it meets the requirements as stated in the ISO standard. Historically, the recommendations and standards were fixed to a certain number of criteria aimed at defining the quality of digital projection as the minimum equivalent to the one in...

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  • One of transformation's most primitive forms is the transformation of character sequences otherwise known as strings. Unlike the ancient language SNOBOL or the relatively modern Perl, XSLT was not specifically designed with string manipulation in mind. However, Chapter 1 shows that almost anything one wants to do with strings can be done within the confines of XSLT.

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  • After years of anticipation and delay, the W3C finally released the XSLT 2.0 standard in January 2007. The revised edition of this classic book offers practical, real-world examples that demonstrate how you can apply XSLT stylesheets to XML data using either the new specification, or the older XSLT 1.0 standard. XSLT is a critical language for converting XML documents into other formats, such as HTML code or a PDF file.

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  • Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Object-Relational Features describes how to use the object-relational features of the Oracle Server, 10g Release 1 (10.1). Information in this guide applies to versions of the Oracle Server that run on all platforms, and does not include system-specific information. Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Object-Relational Features is intended for programmers developing new applications or converting existing applications to run in the Oracle environment.

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