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  • Architecturally… Integrated, Yet Modular Built on a Common Data Model Applications Network Architecture Runs on a Single Global Instance Functionally… Oracle E-Business Funtional Overview Automate All Business Processes All Functional Areas Some Module in FPT Project

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  • Developing a full coreference system able to run all the way from raw text to semantic interpretation is a considerable engineering effort, yet there is very limited availability of off-the shelf tools for researchers whose interests are not in coreference, or for researchers who want to concentrate on a specific aspect of the problem. We present BART, a highly modular toolkit for developing coreference applications. In the Johns Hopkins workshop on using lexical and encyclopedic knowledge for entity disambiguation, the toolkit was used to extend a reimplementation of the Soon et al. ...

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  • Expansion Joints 25.1 25.2 25.3 25.4 Introduction General Design Criteria Jointless Bridges Small Movement Range Joints Sliding Plate Joints • Compression Seal Joints • Asphaltic Plug Joints • Poured Sealant Joints • Design Example 1 25 25.5 Medium Movement Range Joints Bolt-Down Panel Joints • Strip Seal Joints • Steel Finger Joints • Design Example 2 Ralph J. Dornsife Washington State Department of Transportation 25.6 25.7 Large Movement Range Joints Modular Bridge Expansion Joints • Design Example 3 Construction and Maintenance 25.

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  • We describe a new framework for dependency grammar, with a modular decomposition of immediate dependency and linear precedence. Our approach distinguishes two orthogonal yet mutually constraining structures: a syntactic dependency tree and a topological dependency tree. The syntax tree is nonprojective and even non-ordered, while the topological tree is projective and partially ordered.

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