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  • The study of the formation and early evolution of stars has been an ever growing part of astrophysical research. Traditionally, often in the shadow of its big brothers (i.e., the study of stellar structure, stellar atmospheres and the structure of galaxies), it has become evident that early stellar evolution research contributes essentially to these classical fields. There are a few new items on the list of traditional astrophysical studies, some of which are more related to features known from the extreme late stages of stellar evolution.

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  • I"What do I do for a living?" repeated the slim dark-skinned young man in the next seat of the Earth-Moon liner. "I'm a witch doctor," he answered with complete sincerity. "What do you do? I mean, what do they hire you for?" asked Donahue with understandable confusion and a touch of nervousness. "I'm registered as a psychotherapist," said the dark-skinned

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  • To anyone who glanced casually inside the detention room the young man sitting there did not seem very formidable. In height he might have been a little above average, but not enough to make him noticeable. His brown hair was cropped conservatively; his unlined boy's face was not one to be remembered—unless one was observant enough to note those light-gray eyes and catch a chilling, measuring expression showing now and then for an instant in their depths.

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  • The butler made an instinctive movement to detain him, but he flung him aside and entered the drawing-room, the servant recovering his equilibrium and following on a run. Light from great crystal chandeliers dazzled him for a moment; the butler again confronted him but hesitated under the wicked glare from his eyes. Then through the brilliant vista, the young fellow caught a glimpse of a dining-room, a table where silver and crystal glimmered, and a great gray man just lowering a glass of wine from his lips to gaze at him with quiet curiosity.

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  • On the brink of the twentieth century, baseball was still quite young. Legend has it that the game was invented by a man called Abner Doubleday in Cooperstown, New York. Doubleday was credited with naming baseball and creating its rules, although no proof has ever existed to back the story. In reality, the game that would become America’s pastime evolved over time from similar games like cricket and rounders, which had their origins in the United Kingdom.

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  • "Others better may mould the life-breathing brass of the image, And living features, I ween, draw from the marble, and better Argue their cause in the court; may mete out the span of the heavens, Mark out the bounds of the poles, and name all the stars in their turnings. Thine 'tis the peoples to rule with dominion--this, Roman, remember!-- These for thee are the arts, to hand down the laws of the treaty, The weak in mercy to spare, to fling from their high seats the haughty."

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  • Talk of heat—or better not—on Xecho. This water-logged world combined all the most unattractive features of a steam bath and one could only dream of coolness, greenness—more land than a stingy string of islands. The young man on the promontory above the crash of the waves wore the winged cap of a spaceman with the insignia of a cargo-master and not much else, save a pair of very short shorts. He wiped one hand absently across his bare chest and brought it away damp as he studied, through protective sun goggles, the treacherous promise of the bright sea.

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  • Nguyen Van Hoa, Southern Fruit Res. Inst. VIETNAM Longan Lychee M ango Banana Avocado Pummelo Sweet orange M andarin M angosteen Rambutan Durian Sweetsop Soursop Sapodilla Grape Papaya Jackfruit Langsat Pineapple Guava Watermelon Dragon fruit Young coconut Passionfruit Plum Lime Star apple Babados cherry DT (x1000 ha) Area (x1000ha) 800 700 600 500 400 346.4 300 200 100 0 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 384.8 426.1 384.4 496.0 544.0 609.6 747.8 677.5 692.

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  • If from the 1920s to the 1940s, it was individual films, taken more or less out of context, which typified the German cinema, at least for an international public, the inverse was the case some thirty years later: at first the Young German Film, then the New German Cinema made headlines as national film movements, where a generational or film-political identity imposed themselves more strikingly than individual film titles.

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  • Internationally recognized psychic and star of A&E’s hit show Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal, Chip Coffey shares his personal story of discovering his gift at a young age and offers valuable advice for nurturing and

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  • As a result of researches in the field of Babylonian-Assyrian divination, now extending over a number of years[1], it may be definitely said that apart from the large class of miscellaneous omens[2], the Babylonians and Assyrians developed chiefly three methods of divination into more or less elaborate systems--divination through the inspection of the liver of a sacrificial animal or Hepatoscopy, through the observation of the movements in the heavens or Astrology, (chiefly directed to the moon and the planets but also to the sun and the prominent stars and constellations), and through...

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  • Football in the new media age can often appear ubiquitous. The month of October 2003 saw football related stories dominate much of the mainstream UK news and current affairs agenda. The stories of alleged sexual and criminal misdemeanours involving young, wealthy professional football stars merged with poor behaviour by players on the pitch. While the failure of the Manchester United and England player Rio Ferdinand to turn up for a drugs test resulted in his subsequent omission from the England national squad on the eve of a major international fixture.

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