Zero order reactions

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  • In general, the subject of reaction kinetics includes analysis of how fast reactions occur, the predictions of concentrations of reactants and products and how reactions can be altered by changing conditions. The study of kinetics is fundamental in any modern Bioscience and Pharmacology degree programme worldwide, however, in my experience undergraduate students often find this topic rather difficult.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Define rate constant, first order reaction, second order reaction and zero order reaction; define Vmax; define Km ; Michaelis-Menton equation defines the hyperbolic curve when [S] is plotted against initial velocity; know what the initial velocity and steady state assumptions mean;...

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  • What happens if debt securities are bought for an amount other than par value, for exam- ple, at 98 or 104? The investment is recorded at its cost, which is greater or less than the face amount of the debt. Any premium or discount should be amortized in order to bring the carrying value up (or down) to par value at maturity. Otherwise, a substantial gain or loss will be recognized at maturity. This is particularly true when the investment is a so- called “zero coupon” bond that carries little or no annual cash interest payment.

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