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Tuyển tập nghệ thuật nói trước công chúng – phần 3
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Nghệ thuật của giai thoại công cộng Phát biểu đúng đã tiết kiệm được nhiều bài phát biểu từ thất bại. "Không có cơ hội tốt hơn cho màn hình hiển thị khéo léo hơn trong việc giới thiệu những câu chuyện dí dỏm, hài hước vào luận một Wit muốn và giống như một thanh kiếm, xuyên sâu sắc, đôi khi ngay cả trái tim.. Hài hước là tốt bụng, và không vết thương


Tài liệu trong BST: Tuyển tập nghệ thuật nói trước công chúng – phần 3

  1. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 28

    pdf 5p 77 17

    The Art of Public Speaking an apposite anecdote has saved many a speech from failure. "There is no finer opportunity for the display of tact than in the introduction of witty or humorous stories into a discourse. Wit is keen and like a rapier, piercing deeply, sometimes even to the heart. Humor is good−natured, and does not wound. Wit is founded upon the sudden discovery of an unsuspected relation existing between two ideas. Humor deals with things out of relation−−with the incongruous. It was wit in Douglass Jerrold to retort upon the scowl of a stranger whose shoulder he had...

  2. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 29

    pdf 5p 67 5

    The Art of Public Speaking with a message to Hancock and Adams, was riding over the Neck to Roxbury, and Paul Revere was rowing over the river to Charlestown, having agreed with his friend, Robert Newman, to show lanterns from the belfry of the Old North Church−−"One if by land, and two if by sea"−−as a signal of the march of the British. The following, from the same oration, beautifully mingles description with narration: It was a brilliant night. The winter had been unusually mild, and the spring very forward. The hills were already green. The early grain waved in...

  3. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 30

    pdf 5p 159 7

    The Art of Public Speaking in the home of Phillips and of Sumner. But, Mr. President, if a purpose to speak in perfect frankness and sincerity; if earnest understanding of the vast interests involved; if a consecrating sense of what disaster may follow further misunderstanding and estrangement; if these may be counted to steady undisciplined speech and to strengthen an untried arm−−then, sir, I shall find the courage to proceed. Note also Mr. Bryan's attempt to secure the confidence of his audience in the following introduction to his "Cross of Gold" speech delivered before the National Democratic Convention in Chicago,...

  4. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 31

    pdf 5p 52 5

    The Art of Public Speaking that he makes, but a rubbish heap. It will not stand for twelve centuries, to lodge a hundred and eighty millions; it will fall straightway. A man must conform himself to Nature's laws, be verily in communion with Nature and the truth of things, or Nature will answer him, No, not at all! Observe how the picture that Webster draws here is much more emphatic and forceful than any mere assertion could be: Sir, I know not how others may feel, but as for myself when I see my alma mater surrounded, like Caesar in...

  5. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 32

    pdf 5p 60 5

    The Art of Public Speaking with appeals to the people, attributing the decline of the birth rate and increase in the death rate to the widespread use of alcoholic beverages. The experience of the German Government has been the same. The German Emperor has clearly stated that leadership in war and in peace will be held by the nation that roots out alcohol. He has undertaken to eliminate even the drinking of beer, so far as possible, from the German Army and Navy. −−RICHMOND PEARSON HOBSON, Before the U.S. Congress. 4. Since the burden of proof lies on him who...

  6. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 33

    pdf 5p 57 7

    The Art of Public Speaking "Statesman's Year Book" (for statistics). A. Minister Drago's appeal to the United States, in Foreign Relations of United States, 1903. President Roosevelt's Message, 1905, pp. 33−37. And articles in the following magazines (among many others): "Journal of Political Economy," December, 1906. "Atlantic Monthly," October, 1906. "North American Review," Vol. 183, p. 602. All of these contain material valuable for both sides, except those marked "N" and "A," which are useful only for the negative and affirmative, respectively. NOTE:−−Practise in debating is most helpful to the public speaker, but if possible each debate should be under...

  7. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 34

    pdf 5p 62 5

    The Art of Public Speaking of six weeks ago are dead. We have but one interest now, and that touches the naked heart of every man in this island and in the empire. If we are to win the right for ourselves and for freedom to exist on earth, every man must offer himself for that service and that sacrifice. From these examples it will be seen that the particular way in which the speakers appealed to their hearers was by coming close home to their interests, and by themselves showing emotion−−two very important principles which you must keep constantly...

  8. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 35

    pdf 5p 65 5

    The Art of Public Speaking unified the individuals. The psychology of the crowd is far different from the psychology of the personal members that compose it. The crowd is a distinct entity. Individuals restrain and subdue many of their impulses at the dictates of reason. The crowd never reasons. It only feels. As persons there is a sense of responsibility attached to our actions which checks many of our incitements, but the sense of responsibility is lost in the crowd because of its numbers. The crowd is exceedingly suggestible and will act upon the wildest and most extreme ideas. The...

  9. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 36

    pdf 5p 77 10

    The Art of Public Speaking They that have done this deed are honorable: What private griefs they have, alas! I know not, That made them do it; they are wise, and honorable, And will, no doubt, with reasons answer you. I come not, friends, to steal away your hearts; I am no orator, as Brutus is; But as you know me all, a plain blunt man, That love my friend, and that they know full well That gave me public leave to speak of him: For I have neither wit, nor words, nor worth, Action, nor utterance, nor the power...

  10. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 37

    pdf 5p 59 6

    The Art of Public Speaking or less consciously invented the unreal on the basis of the real. And just here the fictionist, the poet, and the public speaker will see the value of productive imagery. True, the feet of the idol you build are on the ground, but its head pierces the clouds, it is a son of both earth and heaven. One fact it is important to note here: Imagery is a valuable mental asset in proportion as it is controlled by the higher intellectual power of pure reason. The untutored child of nature thinks largely in images and...

  11. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 38

    pdf 5p 61 6

    The Art of Public Speaking try as he please, he is still sure of failure; and it is an old and very true saying that failure is the only highroad to success. Form the Reference−Book Habit Do not be content with your general knowledge of a word−−press your study until you have mastered its individual shades of meaning and usage. Mere fluency is sure to become despicable, but accuracy never. The dictionary contains the crystallized usage of intellectual giants. No one who would write effectively dare despise its definitions and discriminations. Think, for example, of the different meanings of mantle,...

  12. The Art of Public Speaking Dale Carnagey 39

    pdf 5p 56 4

    The Art of Public Speaking Again, it is hurtful to force the memory in hours of physical weakness or mental weariness. Health is the basis of the best mental action and the operation of memory is no exception. Finally, do not become a slave to a system. Knowledge of a few simple facts of mind and memory will set you to work at the right end of the operation. Use these principles, whether included in a system or not, but do not bind yourself to a method that tends to lay more stress on the way to remember than on...



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