Vocabulary in Use

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Vocabulary in Use
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Tài liệu trong BST: Vocabulary in Use

  1. Test your english vocabulary in use - pre-intermedia & intermedia

    pdf 142p 7195 6567

    Test your english vocabulary in use is designed to help students assess their vocabulary learning. It can be used independently as a testiing book, or by learners who are using english vocabulary in use and want to assess their progress. This book can help readers understand better grammar and writing correct English grammar

  2. Test your english vocabulary in use - upper-intermediate

    pdf 153p 1882 1170

    Research has shown that you need to meet a word at least 7 times before you know it properly. Doing exercises like these, that pratise words and expressions that you have already encountered, is a useful way of helping yourself to fix the vocabulary you are working on in your long-term memory. This book provides a series of rests on different aspects of english vocabulary at upper-intermediate.

  3. Business Vocabulary In Use

    pdf 173p 2421 1700

    Business Vocabulary In Use í designed to help intermediate and upper- intermediate learner of business English improve their business vocabulary. It is for people studying English before they start work and for those already working who need English in their job. Apart from improving your business vocabulary, the book also hepls you ro develop the language needed for important business communication skills...

  4. English Vocabulary In Use_advanced

    pdf 291p 3472 3019

    Learning materials, reference English vocabulary English Vocabulary In Use_ advanced.English grammar is the grammatical structure of English sentences just the place orderly, proper and harmonious relations between the word elements to form a complete sentence and regulations in order to communicate a correctly



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