Xây dựng ứng dụng Windows phone 8 với 20 bài học cực hay bằng tiếng anh

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Xây dựng ứng dụng Windows phone 8 với 20 bài học cực hay bằng tiếng anh
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Tổng hợp tài liệu xây dựng các ứng dụng trên windows phone 8, các ứng dụng thiết thực dành cho các thiết bị di dộng. Bộ sưu tập hay dành cho các lập trình viên smart phone


Tài liệu trong BST: Xây dựng ứng dụng Windows phone 8 với 20 bài học cực hay bằng tiếng anh

  1. Building Apps for Windows Phone 8 Jump Start

    pdf 96p 72 9

    OS components such as the kernel, networking, graphics support, file system and multimedia are the same on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Hardware manufacturers work with the same driver model on both platforms

  2. M2: Designing Windows Phone Applications

    pdf 74p 54 6

    The Windows Phone team have taken a lot of trouble over the look and feel of the phone. They have created a design style, inspired by metropolitan signage, to express this. Programs on the phone should reflect this style

  3. M3: Building Windows Phone Applications

    pdf 68p 50 7

    Design your app navigation strategy carefully! if you navigate from ‘third page’ to ‘main page’ and your user then presses the Back key, what happens? User expects app to exit App actually navigates back to Third Page

  4. M4: Files and Storage in Windows Phone 8

    pdf 46p 52 6

    The IsolatedStorage classes are all in the System.IO.IsolatedStorage namespace. IsolatedStorageFile. Represents an isolated storage area containing files and directories. IsolatedFileStream. Exposes a file stream access to a file stored within isolated storage

  5. M5: Windows Phone 8 Application Lifecycle

    pdf 45p 55 3

    Windows Phone apps transition between different application states •Apps are launched from Start Screen icon, apps menu or from deep link. User may close apps. The OS will suspend your app if it loses focus Suspended apps may be tombstoned

  6. M6: Background Agents

    pdf 28p 52 2

    A Windows Phone application can start a “background agent” to work for it. It is a PeriodicTask, ResourceIntensiveTask or both at the same time.There is only one agent allowed per application. The agent can run when the main application is not in the foreground

  7. M7: Tiles and Lock Screen Notifications

    pdf 40p 45 3

    •Windows phone has the unique ability to provide the end user glanceable access to the information they care most about, via Live Tiles •Push Notifications offer developers a way to send timely information to their applications even when they are not running

  8. M8: Push Notifications

    pdf 21p 51 2

    •Push Notifications offer developers a way to send timely information relating to their applications even when they are not running •Windows phone has the unique ability to provide the end user glanceable access to the information they care most about, via Live Tiles

  9. M9: Using Phone Resources

    pdf 81p 53 2

    •Before an application uses contact data in an application you must inform the user and request their permission •It would be completely unacceptable for your application to make a copy of the contact list and upload this or use it for spamming

  10. M10: App to App Communication

    pdf 31p 46 2

    When a user launches a file or protocol from an app •If there is only one app on the phone registered for that file or protocol, the app is automatically launched •If there is more than one app registered for that file or protocol, the user is asked which app they want to use

  11. M11: Network Communication in Windows Phone 8

    pdf 63p 71 4

    C# 5.0 includes the async and await keywords to ease writing of asynchronous code. In desktop .NET 4.5, and in Windows 8 .NET for Windows Store Apps, new Task-based methods allow networking calls as an asynchronous operation using a Task object

  12. M12: Near Field Communications and Bluetooth

    pdf 58p 48 3

    Local Communication is new to Windows Phone 8 In Windows Phone 7 processes had to communicate using network connections This was difficult because programs had to determine the required IP address In Windows Phone 8 there are two new local communication methods available

  13. M13: Using Speech

    pdf 39p 49 2

    Windows 8 builds on this to allow applications to make use of speech Applications can speak messages using the Speech Synthesis feature Applications can be started and given commands Applications can accept commands using voice inpu

  14. M14: Location and Maps

    pdf 47p 45 2

    You can set the DesiredAccuracy property of the Geolocator object: PositionAccuracy.High – if you want the most accurate data available, but at the cost of increased battery usage, network bandwidth and possibly monetary charges from wireless network operators. Often this causes the GPS to be activated

  15. M15: Wallet Support in Windows Phone 8

    pdf 45p 39 3

    The Wallet is supplied as part of the Windows Phone Users can store details of membership cards in the wallet The membership cards can be credit or debit cards, or any form of membership tracking that you wish to add to your application

  16. M16: In App Purchasing in Windows Phone 8

    pdf 27p 47 3

    In Windows Phone 7.x it was only possible to sell an application at a fixed price through the Windows Phone Marketplace (now the Windows Phone Store) This was the only way you could get paid for the application

  17. M17: The Windows Phone Store

    pdf 65p 47 2

    The Simulation Dashboard is a tool which is present in the Visual Studio SDK It allows you to configure the environment that the emulator runs in You can test how an application responds to poor/no network or cellular access

  18. M18: Enterprise Applications

    pdf 38p 53 2

    Productivity and efficiencies are gained by letting employees work anytime from anywhere Real-time vs. batch-mode speeds up the cadence of decision-making to gain a competitive advantage Timely information allows employees to make better decisions at the point of activity

  19. M19: Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Cross Platform Development

    pdf 51p 47 2

    Exposing data through bindable properties of your VM is only part of the answer The ViewModel needs to do more than simply manage data properties What about logic executed as a result of user action such as clicking a button?

  20. M20: Mobile Web

    pdf 47p 63 2

    It’s growing faster than the desktop web and will surpass it by 2015 It can reach more than half the world’s population The web browser is the #1 app used on most smartphones and tablets accounting for 50% of data traffic and 13% of user face time

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